Fantastic Four #39: The Reunion of Father and Clone

The court suspends the hearing for the custody of Bentley 23, the clone of the evil wizard. The Torch is inflamed with impatience for Reed to find a way to reverse what Dr. Doom did to Johnny’s powers. Reed’s face disappears into that damn shabby beard. Sue in fact slapping his brother for getting mad at Reed, and Johnny flies off, hurt, angry, and scared. Yes, it’s bustle as usual for the Fantastic Four.

However, when the hearing resumes, it is with the assurance of lawyer She-Hulk that any legal attempt to keep Franklin and Valeria away from Reed and Sue (the cliffhanger on which the ending of the last issue hung) will not. won’t have a leg to stand on. . The FF’s only real challenge is to prove that Bentley is better off with them and Dragon Man than his “father”. It would be a much easier task if She-Hulk and the FF knew that the wizard tricked Bentley’s eyes with nano-fiber optics, better for him to spy on the FF and learn Reed’s science super secrets , which the villain really was after all.

Testimony resumes with Judge Payne hearing stories about the Thing teaching Jo-Venn not to hide her identity from human children with an image inducer, Valeria recalling a time when Reed saved her from a antigravity experiment that spun out of control, and Franklin recounting a session with mutant therapist Terry Ward, aka Trauma, in which Reed and Sue joined them and reassured Franklin through his insecurities and fears. Meanwhile, the torch tries to extinguish itself in the ocean and angers the submarine, then tries to extinguish its flame by flying out of the atmosphere and learns that its powers continue to work at full speed even in absolute vacuum. from space. Is Johnny’s situation really desperate?

Finally, a surprise witness enters the court: a man announcing that he is the original, the real Bentley Wittman, and that the man pursuing the Fantastic Four is actually his clone! When the ID scanner confirms the request of the new witness, the plaintiff in the trial gets angry and flies out of the courtroom, through the wall! Judge Payne, a superhuman who hates to hear superhuman cases, is fed up; she rejects the costume and throws everyone outside!

However, there is a twist in the matter. Young Bentley discovered what his “father” did to his optic nerves and reverse-engineered him to hijack all of the wizard’s technology. It was Bentley 23 himself who created the surprise witness using the wizard’s own cloning technology, making him such a superior clone that the ID scanner was fooled, and thus allowing the clone to ensure the legal emancipation of Bentley! It is now the young Bentley who assumes the role of the wizard, but will it be for better or for worse? Only time will tell.

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