The Alien Franchise Role Written For Bill Murray (And Why It Didn’t Happen)

Dr. Wren’s role in Alien: Resurrection was written with Bill Murray in mind, which would have reunited him with Ghostbusters’ Sigourney Weaver.

Alien: Resurrection the villainous Dr. Wren was written with Bill Murray in mind. 30 years after its initial release, Alien 3 has been widely re-evaluated as a flawed but compelling entry in the series. While audiences were probably expecting another crowd-pleasing action movie like 1986’s aliens, what they got instead was a relentlessly dark and desperate “final” chapter in the Ripley saga. The sequel also suffered from horrible production, as the script was constantly in flux and first-time director David Fincher clashed with producers and the studio, and was ultimately disowned. Alien 3. The film’s decision to kill off Hicks and Newt also remains controversial.


Fox then decided to bring the series back for the proper title. Alien: Resurrection. The studio hired Joss Whedon to develop the story, centering on a clone of Newt, as it was assumed that Sigourney Weaver had no interest in returning. The studio finally won the actor over with an interesting deal, and it was revamped to focus on a Ripley clone 200 years after the events of Alien 3. Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s sequel has slick direction and creative sequences, but it’s considered the weakest outing involving Weaver’s Ripley and it remains his final appearance on the show.

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Whedon himself would later disparage Alien: Resurrection – who killed his Alien 5 plans – blaming its problems on the making and poor cast, not its own script. While writing the script, he wrote certain characters with specific actors in mind. The role of Christie was written for Hong Kong legend Chow Yun-fat – as seen by the two-gun character – but ITUC Gary Dourdan held the role, while Winona Ryder’s Call was planned for Angelina Jolie. Dr. Wren serves as Alien: Resurrection human villain, and was written with comedy icon Bill Murray.

alien resurrection dr wren villain

JE Freeman was eventually cast as Dr. Wren in Alien: Resurrection, who is openly villainous from the start of the story. According to Whedon, the character was meant to be more mysterious, with her true nature not being revealed until later in the story. If Bill Murray had been thrown in Alien: Resurrectionit would also have served as a reunion between him and ghost hunters‘ co-star Sigourney Weaver (who has directed many sci-fi films) which would have been another selling point.

In the end, Fox wasn’t keen on paying a movie star money for what he considered a supporting role, so Bill Murray wasn’t offered. Alien: Resurrection Dr Wren. Another criticism Whedon leveled at the sequel is that it was cast poorly, but considering the cast included Winona Ryder, Ron Perlman, Leland Orser, Michael Wincott, and many other talented performers, this feels like an odd review. . Since Dr. Wren was directing the cloning experiments in Alien: Resurrection Plus, it seems doubtful that Bill Murray’s character being a villain would be the surprise Whedon envisioned.

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