New York Puppy Bowl Dogs Awaiting Spotlight, Adoption

The Rams and Bengals aren’t the only animals competing on Sunday.

Before Joe Burrow and Matt Stafford face off in the superbowlfans can cheer on their favorite rescue dogs and scout for potential new family members when Puppy Bowl XVIII kicks off hours before the football game.

The game will be streamed on Animal Planet and streamed on discovery+. The fun starts at 2:00 PM EST and lasts three hours, giving you plenty of time to grab some snacks before the game starts.

These dogs, playing for Team Ruff and Team Fluff, are disciplined and ready to put on a great show for their teams, so we won’t see any flags, but we’re sure to see a few wags. And although there will be no losers, the winners will receive the “Lombarky” trophy. But the real winners will be those who give these dogs their forever home.

The game is famous for the smiles it puts on people’s faces, but it also serves as a coverall for the pooches and kittens that perform in the halftime show. They are all looking for their forever home, and they always get it. In 17 previous bowls, the adoption rate was 100% for all participants.

This year’s Puppy Bowl will feature puppies from 67 shelters and rescues and 33 states. There will be 118 adoptable puppies competing for the trophy.

New York will be well represented with dogs and rescues, and we’re going to introduce them to you now so you know which hometown heroes to cheer on.

Here is a preview of the New York canines that will be on display on Sunday:


Paw House, Utica

Paws house rescue is a non-profit organization that, according to its website, provides care, medical attention, and love to animals in need while working to place them in forever homes. The hope is to eventually add felines to the rescue, but for now he’s only accepting dogs until their chat room is complete.

In the Puppy Bowl, they will be represented by Dazzle.


Crossed Legs, Elmsford

Based in Westchester County, cross legged mission is to “save one by one until there are none left”. They celebrated its grand opening in 2016 and have since found pets in their forever home.

On Sunday, Chorizo ​​will carry the Paws Crossed banner during the Puppy Bowl.


Muddy Legs, New York

Based in the city, the mission of the association “is to build and support a thriving community of dog-loving humans who are dedicated to ending the unnecessary euthanasia of companion dogs. We do this through shared learning and education, direct rescue and continuous innovation.”

Jackson will represent Muddy Paws in the big game!


Rescue City, New York

Also based in town, Rescue City “commits to save the lives of dogs in need in underserved shelters. Our dedicated and loving foster network helps us provide temporary and safe homes for these dogs while we find fantastic matches that result in a permanent adoption placement. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional education and support throughout the process, ensuring a wonderful experience for both dog and human.”

Rescue City will have plenty to celebrate on Sunday. Lucy, Banjo, Mallorie, Ziggy and cheerleader Tara will participate in the Puppy Bowl.


Rescue Dogs Rock, New York

Rescue Dogs Rock isn’t about easy saves. According to its website, rescue dog rockfocuses “on rescuing the most difficult, urgent, seriously injured and expensive dogs. Why ? Because there are too many pets with medical and emotional needs who have been victims of cruelty, abuse and neglect who will only leave too often because of the funding and long-term commitment needed to save them. Shelters simply do not have the funds to address these concerns.

And boy, they’ve got some good dogs for Sunday, with Olive and S’mores playing in the game.

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SATO Project, New York

Based in Brooklyn, The Sato project is dedicated to Rescue of abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. On its site, it says “There are approximately 500,000 stray dogs roaming the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico. One dog at a time, we are saving lives, fighting back, and building permanent change.”

Once SATO Project gets a dog, they take care of it until it gets a home. Apparently, they’re also turning them into top-notch athletes as they’ll have Mario, Gal, Irwin, Wasabi, Wes, and cheerleader Brady.

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