Rupesh Pandey’s mother calls for the death penalty for her son’s killers

The distraught mother of Rupesh Pandey, a 17-year-old Hindu boy who was killed by an Islamist mob during the Saraswati Puja Visarjan procession in Jharkhand, has sought justice for the brutal murder of her underage son. She demanded that the culprits be hanged. Rupesh Pandey was lynched by a mob of Islamists amid a ruckus that emerged as a motorcade of Saraswati Visarjan passed from Lakhna Dulmaha Imambada of Nai Taand village to Hazaribagh on February 6.

In one video, the devastated mother, who lost her young son to a bloodthirsty Islamist mob through no fault of her own, is heard saying: ‘I don’t want anything else, just give my son back to me . They took away the apple of our eye. We can’t bear the loss, we’re going crazy. So far, no concrete action has been taken by the police. I am alone. My son was my only hope. I don’t hold up well. One way or another, we managed to make ends meet”.

Rupesh’s mother remembers receiving a call from a doctor the day of the incident, informing her that her son was lying unconscious. When she arrived, the cops refused to let her see Rupesh, she claimed.

Remembering her minor son, Rupesh’s mother said abruptly, “Either hang the culprits or give them to me.” I will kill them. Just as they tortured and brutally hacked my son to death, I would kill them too.

Another family member said the police were bribed, so no action was taken in the case. She said that if Rupesh’s killers were not arrested and sentenced to death within the next 24 hours, all the women would take to the streets to protest. “Seek them out and bring them before us. A family member of the culprit should also be executed, just like my son was,” lamented another lady from Rupesh’s family.

Lynching of Rupesh Pandey discussed in Parliament

Sanjay Seth, a BJP MP from Ranchi, addressed the issue in parliament, describing the heinous murder of the young minor as a case of mob lynching.

“The incidents of mob lynching are continuously increasing in Jharkhand,” he told parliament. “The whole state is filled with a sense of doom and sadness. Intellectuals protesting and burning candles are deafeningly silent. Rupesh Pandey, victim of mob lynching, deserves compensation. In Accordingly, the matter should be investigated by the CBI,” the BJP MP added.

Demanding justice for Rupesh Kumar Pandey in the Jharkhand Assembly, BJP MP Manish Jaiswal said:

MP Manish Jaiswal further said, “Hooliganism has been encouraged in such a way that internet services had to be disrupted in Hazaribagh and adjoining areas of Giridih, Chatra and Ramgarh, only to be restored yesterday. Through this platform, I would like to ask the Ministry of the Interior whether those who constitute the majority of the country have the freedom to practice their religion or not. Because the way the horrible executions in Jharkhand are carried out is based on communalism. Mr President, I am also stating this because people with such dual character, who seek to get votes by wearing a janeu and visiting various temples in Uttar Pradesh and traveling to the banks of the Ganges, are making a front cruel by sitting in power in Jharkhand. It must end.

In Giridih, Jharkhand, a procession was also held to seek justice from Rupesh Kumar Pandey. Slogans “Hemant Soren Gaddi Chhod” (Hemant Soren resigns) were hoisted throughout the procession. There was also a demand that the killers be hanged.

Candlelight march organized in several cities to protest against the murder of an underage Hindu boy by Islamists

Earlier today, OpIndia reported how candlelight marches were held in various cities in Jharkhand to protest the killing of Rupesh Pandey by Islamists during Saraswati Visarjan. Additionally, hundreds of Hindus took to the streets to demand capital punishment for Rupesh Pandey’s killers. In Jamua of Giridih, Vishwa Hindu Parishad protested against the murder of Rupesh Pandey in Barhi by organizing a candlelight march on Thursday evening.

People held up slogans for Rupesh Pandey and demanded justice. They questioned the government about law and order in the state. A tribute meeting was held at Jamua Chowk. People offered flowers to Rupesh’s photograph and prayed for his soul to reach Sadgati.

People have warned that if strict action is not taken against the culprits, the protests will be more aggressive.

Social media users also demanded justice for the deceased miner using the hashtag #JusticeForRupeshPanday.

A crime report was filed against 27 Muslim defendants and 100 other unknowns and several leaders came to the front lines to support the boy’s family. On February 10, 2022, various cities and towns in Jharkhand witnessed the outrage of the Hindu community over this incident of lynching by Islamists.

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