The 10 Smartest Characters In The Franchise, Ranked

the Extraterrestrial The franchise began largely as a “truckers in space” story, focusing on the crew of a commercial tow vehicle who come into contact with a horrifying alien lifeform. Early on, it became clear that some characters excel at brain power, but this showed up in different ways.

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Some smart characters were street smart, while others were gifted or studied hard to become proficient in their particular career choice. Either way, these characters stand head and shoulders above the rest, as some of the brightest and sharpest characters in the set Extraterrestrial saga.

ten dallas

Dallas aboard the Nostromo in Alien

Dallas was the gruff, no-nonsense captain of the ill-fated Nostromo, and what he lacked in technical knowledge he more than made up for in street smarts. When the original Xenomorph broke away from the Nostromo, it was Dallas who formulated the first set of plans designed to attempt to trap him.

Unfortunately, Dallas underestimated the creature’s cunning when he attempted to flush it out of the ship’s ventilation ducts in one of the scariest scenes ever. aliens saga. Nevertheless, his death was not in vain, although his loss as a noble and intelligent leader was felt afterwards.

9 Elizabeth Shaw

Shaw on the surface of the planet in Prometheus.

Elizabeth Shaw was an intelligent woman, with degrees in archaeology, paleontology and ancient myths. With his partner and lover Charlie Holloway by his side, Shaw was part of a force that eventually pushed humanity into the farthest reaches of space, to discover their own origins.

However, she got more than she bargained for when she faced off against the dreaded engineers and their horrific bioweapons technology. Eventually, she was killed by the android David, who then conducted a series of experiments that led to the creation of the praetomorph, a precursor to the deadly xenomorph.


8 Triton

Despite being just a little girl, Newt possessed an intelligence factor that seemed to rival those of adults living in the colony of Hadley’s Hope on LV-426. When the initial infestation broke out, Newt managed to hide inside the facility’s ventilation ducts, avoiding detection.

She managed to do this for weeks, until the Colonial Navy salvage team arrived to assess the damage. Ellen Ripley was so impressed with Newt’s intelligence and resilience that she cited her as a role model for survival when the operation went wrong. The two forged a mother/daughter relationship that helped aliens stand the test of time like a movie.

seven Dwayne Hicks

Michael Biehn as Hicks in Aliens

He may have been just a corporal, but Dwayne Hicks thought much differently than the rest of his Colonial Navy squad. He was much more mature and practical, and avoided much of the brashness that plagued his team.

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As such, Hicks was a natural fit for leader when the rescue operation went awry. Along with Ripley, he helped devise a series of logical and practical plans to leave the planet in one piece. Hicks was far from a typical grunt, instead possessing all the qualities that would have made him a high-ranking officer, had things turned out differently.

6 Dillon

Dillon gives a speech in Alien 3

On a planet populated by criminals and reckless, barely controlled convicts, Dillon stood apart. It took an enormous amount of smarts, especially when Ellen Ripley showed up on Fury 161. Overnight, many of these hardened, wicked criminals suddenly began to succumb to temptation at the mere sight of her.

Dillon not only managed to keep them in line and maintain order, but he was also instrumental in the fight against the rogue xenomorph who was terrorizing the colony. Dillon was good at planning and he was able to adapt when circumstances changed. He is one of the most understated intellectuals in the entire franchise.

5 Bishop

aliens 1986 bishop lance henriksen

Bishop was a successor model android who possessed even more realistic programming and abilities, making him almost indistinguishable from a regular human. His ability to fit right into a group dynamic was a net positive, but it was his intellect that really counted.

He had a keen scientific mind, and a curiosity to match it. Still, he didn’t possess the same ruthlessness and ambition as previous android models, which made him something of an anomaly. He was considered one of the most intelligent characters in the Extraterrestrial franchise.

4 Ellen Ripley

Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Alien

Ripley was, for all intents and purposes, a space trucker, but she was as smart as they come. Her Weyland-Yutani service profile revealed that she had incredible potential to rise to the highest ranks of the company, which is one of the reasons they tolerated her rebellious behavior.

Although she was not skilled in any particular trade, Ripley made many smart decisions within the Extraterrestrial franchise. She was able to formulate plans with the snap of her fingers and change them dynamically at any time. She was also a master strategist, especially when it came to warding off xenomorph attacks.

3 Gediman

Gediman talks to Ripley in Alien Resurrection

Gediman represented a leap forward in medical technology, particularly with regard to genetic cloning. He was one of the leading authorities on the subject, and his intelligence led to the creation of Ripley’s clone, which they used to procure a xenomorph queen.

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Even after the operation ended, Gediman continued his research, making Ripley his personal project. He was able to quickly determine that Ripley’s DNA had crossed with that of a xenomorph, creating a very deadly hybrid.

2 David

Michael Fassbender as David in Alien Covenant.

David is perhaps the most insidious android ever built by the sinister and mysterious Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and his machinations have taken their toll on both the Prometheus and Covenant crews. The latter ship had picked up a distress beacon tuned to lure them to its location, where it could harvest more material for its experiments.

For all his scientific wizardry and nefarious purposes, David was remarkably reckless. His plans were nearly canceled by Walter, an android identical to himself. His determination to create the supposed “perfect life form” was a testament to his own madness.

1 Ash

Ash looking through a microscope in Alien

Androids are a particularly prevalent trope in Extraterrestrial movies, but it was Ash who got the ball rolling He remains the smartest character of all Extraterrestrial frankness, mainly due to his ability to remain patient and discreet. He was virtually immune to impatience, but he was also quick to seize opportunities that he believed would advance his mission.

He also possessed an incredibly scientific mind, enhanced by his status as an android. He could manipulate others, distract from himself, and keep people in the dark, all while orchestrating events in the background. He nearly succeeded in his goal of bringing a xenomorph back to Earth, but was stopped by Ellen Ripley’s keen instincts and suspicions.

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