Darken the Sun to cool the Earth. Is the risk worth it?

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Scientists are thinking of dimming the sun to control rising global temperatures. Read to find out how plausible this is and if it’s worth all the risk.

Dimming the Sun: how is it possible?

Dimming the sun by blocking its beam with a shield of man-made particles is the technological solution of last resort to control global temperatures. However, a group of more than 60 experts and scientists opposes it. Their open letter and article explore and explain the risk and the need to stop this. Amitav Ghosh, award-winning author and chairman of Dirk Messner, the German Environment Agency, is one of the lead authors. Other notable experts include Cambridge University climatologist Mike Hulme and Åsa Persson, director of the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Through this open letter, the group calls for immediate political action to stop the normalization of solar geoengineering as climate policy. Their main concerns include the poor understanding at this stage, its impact in various regions, the effect on weather conditions and the availability of basic needs such as food and water.

What is the International Solar Geoengineering Non-Use Agreement?

Experts believe this can cause the sky to change color and forever alter the chemical layer of ozone and the oceans. Sun obscuration can also have adverse effects on photosynthesis, affecting food and water availability. The letter describes the need to implement five urgent measures. There are no patents, no outdoor experts, no public funding, no implementation and no support from international institutions. “Some things we should just restrict initially. It may be possible, but it’s too risky,” said Aarti Gupta. Gupta is Professor of Global Environmental Governance at Wageningen University. “Despite the potential dangers, no mechanism exists today to prevent an individual, company or country from launching a solo mission,” she added.

Previous studies have found that aerosol particles can help cool the earth’s surface. However, the effects are temporary. Moreover, to bring about a huge change, the artificial aerosol particle shield must be continuously replenished for several decades. Obscuring the sun with such methods also goes against the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to prevent “dangerous human interference with the climate system”.

Why is it risky?

In addition to the environmental repercussions of obscuring the sun, stopping projects abruptly can push any accumulated greenhouse gases back into the earth. This can lead to a sudden spike in the earth’s temperature four to six times. Moreover, political experts believe that an international coalition spanning several generations is not democratically possible. Gupta also thinks dimming the Sun is a high-risk technology like chemical weapons and human cloning.

Recently, these technologies have made their way into mainstream climate talks as the last option. Several countries, including the United States, have funded geoengineering research. “It is difficult to justify a permanent agreement not to use the technology which, according to literature and abstracts from the IPCC and the United States National Academy of Sciences, could significantly reduce climate risks,” David said. Keith. Keith leads the solar engineering team at Harvard and is a professor of applied physics. He believes that a permanent ban is not necessary.

Unfortunately, the implementation of such technology is not as simple as in movies or science fiction literature. Experts believe that it is vital to solve the problems that arise. Nations need to achieve decarbonization because it can help solve more problems.


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