Delaware bill would legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia

“Don’t let the Delaware General Assembly make you or your loved ones sitting ducks facing predators.”

DOVER, DELAWARE, USA, February 15, 2022 / — Attorney Margaret Dore, president of Choice is an Illusion, which has fought against the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia in the United States and internationally, released the following statement regarding the proposed Bill 140, currently pending in the Delaware General Assembly, calling for legalizing physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, both voluntary and involuntary. The Act, misleadingly titled End-of-Life Options, refers to these practices as medically assisted dying.

“Aid in Dying is an understatement for physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia since at least 1992“, Dore said. “According to the American Medical Association, ‘physician-assisted suicide’ occurs when a physician facilitates the death of a patient by providing the means or information for a patient to accomplish the act that ends his life. “Euthanasia” is the administration of a lethal agent by another person.

Dore added, “The proposed law is based on similar acts in Oregon and Washington State. All three laws apply to people with a life expectancy of six months or less. These people may actually have years or decades to live. A well-known example is Jeanette Hall. In 2000, she made the final decision to use Oregon law. Her doctor convinced her to be treated for cancer instead, so she is alive today, twenty-two years later.

“I am a guardianship and elder law attorney, licensed to practice in the state of Washington,” Dore said. “In this capacity, I have seen the terrible things people do to each other for money, especially in the context of inheritance. According to the Delaware Department of Justice, this same or similar issue is already a problem in Delaware. Allowing the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia will only make a bad situation worse.

Dore explained, “The proposed law provides for a formal application process to obtain the lethal dose. Once the lethal dose has been delivered by the pharmacy, there is no longer any monitoring. No witness, not even a doctor, is required to attend the death.

Dore explained: “The drugs used are soluble in water or in alcohol. This is important because the drugs can be injected into a sleeping or immobilized person without their consent. Even if the patient was struggling, who would know? »

“Specifically,” Dore said, “the law allows two people to be present. One comes out alive and the other dead. What happened?”

Dore said: “Going back to the issue of inheritance, current Delaware law prevents a person who kills another person, that is, commits homicide, from inheriting the person that she killed. The reasoning is that a criminal should not be allowed to profit from his crime.

Dore added: “Under the proposed law, however, a person who intentionally kills another person will be entitled to inherit. This is because deaths that occur under the law will be treated as natural, as if the person had died of natural causes as opposed to a lethal dose. »

“Specifically,” Dore said, “if the law passes, Delaware residents with money, i.e. middle class and above, will become sitting ducks for their heirs and other financial predators Passing the law will create a perfect crime.

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