LACS hosts a Sterilization and Sterilization Clinic

The Laredo Animal Care Service Department will host the first free spay/neuter clinic for the first 100 pets on Saturday, February 26 at the LACS Department at 5202 Maher Ave.

The clinic is the result of several city council meetings that focused on providing affordable services to pet owners to help respond to the large stray animal population.

In August, City Council approved a $50,000 allocation to the neutering and neutering program, which would bolster the $50,000 already allocated by LACS in a previously unused program. The program will collaborate with local veterinarians, but the ultimate goal is to avoid relying on third-party support to create and maintain a stand-alone veterinary facility.

Pet owners will need to make preparations to ensure a quick process, including the need to pre-register, as LACS has mentioned that only the first 100 pets will be serviced. Additionally, the center has set out several requirements for pet owners and their pets, including that only two pets per household will be accepted.

They also include:

The cat or dog must be over 12 weeks old.

Proof of residence.

ID photo.

Current utility bill.

The animal must have its rabies vaccine and its microchip.

If the animal does not have its vaccine or its microchip, LACS will offer it. For a rabies vaccine, the price will be $12 and $10 for a microchip. Registration is $2.

Spaying and Neutering Clinic has been advocated by pet owners who hope to see an affordable way to help pets and tackle the stray animal population. Ahead of the city council meeting that approved the program, animal rights activists demonstrated outside City Hall to rally support for the program.

In August, protest participant and representative Edna Gonzalez said the group of protesters were asking the city to move from euthanasia to affordable spaying and neutering vouchers for pet owners across the city. .

She told LMT that city-supported vouchers could help reduce animal overpopulation and can be paid for through fines incurred by pet owners who violate city ordinances. They also advocate for tougher penalties for those who commit animal cruelty.

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