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If you’re a dog lover with some spare time and a dog-friendly home, then the local charity, PTSD Dogs Australia would love to hear from you.

The organization, which rescues dogs from pounds and shelters and trains them to become loyal and supportive service dogs, is looking for foster dog trainers to provide a home for their dogs during their training.

You can help the organization carry out its great work by saving dogs who in turn save our veterans and first responders who are struggling with the very real and debilitating effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) .

The dogs they rescue end up abandoned and homeless placed in cold and unwelcoming metal cages and kept in alien surroundings that are loud, scary and totally alien to any home environment.

Through no fault of their own or through unfortunate circumstances, these often once-beloved and often well-behaved dogs end up on death row in pounds and shelters, hoping for a second chance at life.

PTSD Dogs Australia has been in the field since 2018, rescuing dogs and leading the way in training rescue dogs to become psychiatric service dogs for PTSD, instead of using puppy breeding programs, reducing dog euthanasia rates and reducing service dog wait times.

Getting an assistance dog can be life changing and in some cases even life saving.

Their service dogs are provided free of charge to their clients (handlers), who have provided a lifetime of service, in addition, they provide lifetime support to each PTSD service dog and their handler.

They currently need more foster dog trainers to help care for the dogs, until they are ready to be placed with a handler. Educators are required to attend a weekly training session. PTSD Dogs Australia provides all the equipment needed to care for the dogs.

If there are individuals or families in the area who would like to welcome a dog into their home for the duration of their training, they would be making an incredible contribution to such a worthy cause.

CEO Angie Weeks said the need for these service dogs is immense.

“The number of ex-military personnel who have dutifully served our community, who suffer from PTSD, is huge, and unfortunately we cannot train the dogs fast enough to keep up with the demand,” she said.

“We need the help of dog lovers in the community to help us educate the dogs and start the training process.”

The organization will shortly hold an information session for those interested.

To register your interest, complete the application form available on their website at

The time and place of the information session must be communicated. Volunteer now to help save two lives at once.

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