The most devastating deaths in the Star Trek franchise

Following the sixth season of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” series mainstay Terry Farrell — who played science officer and joined Trill symbiote Jadzia Dax — was up for contract renewal. According to the actress, producers told her to take any offer because if she wasn’t in ‘Deep Space Nine,’ she would “work at K-Mart.” Understandably frustrated, Farrell declined their offer. But rather than write her off the show to allow for guest appearances, the producers instead opted to kill off Jadzia Dax in a devastating season finale.

In the days leading up to social media, most viewers who were unaware of the behind-the-scenes drama were taken by surprise when Gul Dukat, the evil Cardassian – now possessed by the spirit of the infamous Pah Wraiths – assassinates Dax during his visit. a Bajoran shrine to pray. With Daz recently married to longtime fan favorite Worf, the couple were hoping for a baby. The release of one of the show’s greatest characters, in the midst of such an emotional story, was a brutal heartbreak for fans.

Through sci-fi magic of course, the Trill symbiote within her was given a new body, and actress Nicole De Boer replaced Farrell as a new version of Dax named Ezri. Still, the sudden loss of Jadzia was felt not only by Sisko and Worf, but by longtime fans as well.

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