History for Law Students An in-depth study of capital punishment that law students need to know.

A Brief History of Capital Punishment

The meaning of the death penalty is simple. It is a state-sanctioned form of punishment for killing a person convicted of a serious crime. The practice is known as execution.

In all countries, law students take courses and courses to study in circumstances where a person can be sentenced to death. But here we are writing a brief history of capital punishment.

The death penalty is the oldest way of punishing a criminal, a traitor to the state or a mortal criminal. In each ancient civilization, capital punishment was practiced differently and for different crimes. But the methods used to execute a convict were not up to par today. Previously, the procedures were much more cruel and nerve-wracking than today. Methods and tools such as impaling, live boiling, sawing, keel hauling, flaying, slow slicing, blood eagle and a brazen bull were used.

It is hard to believe but true that a person has often been sentenced to death, even for very minor crimes. But things have changed. In some countries, capital punishment is completely prohibited. While in others where the death penalty is still in force, the method used for execution is less painful and more humane. The cruel practice of using the guillotine where a person is beheaded for capital punishment already existed fifty years ago in many developed countries. But now hanging is the most common way to do it.

Moreover, the death penalty is only imposed on a person when they are convicted of a heartbreaking crime. The death penalty is reserved for murder, rape, espionage, treason, terrorism, war crimes and drug trafficking.

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3 most famous cases of the death penalty in India

  • The death sentence for four (out of six) convicts in the horrific 2021 gang rape case in New Delhi. Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta, Akshay Kumar Singh and Vinay Sharma were hanged.
  • On February 8, 2013, Muhammad Afzal was hanged and found guilty of planning an attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001.
  • The execution of terrorist Mohammad Amir Ajmal Qasab on November 21, 2012. He was among those terrorists who attacked the city of Mumbai in 2008.

Advantages and disadvantages of the death penalty

Now this is an essential part of the article. There is an eternal debate that prevails on this subject. Many books are written for or against it. Some argue in favor of capital punishment, and some are fiercely against it.

Benefits of the death penalty

  • It induces fear in people to commit horrible crimes like murder, rape, terrorism etc.
  • Without capital punishment, it will incite ferocious criminals to continue committing terrible crimes.
  • The death penalty has become much more humane over the years. The judicial systems of many countries are looking for even more humane techniques to prosecute. Therefore, capital punishment is no longer as cruel as it used to be.

Disadvantages of the death penalty

  • The ultimate form of punishment could not prevent terrible crimes from happening. Nor is there any valid evidence to assert that the death penalty deters criminals from committing crimes.
  • The death penalty as a solution to stop dangerous crimes is obscure. It also shows the ignorant side of a country’s judicial system. Without any attempt to bring about a change in society to reduce the crime rate, killing a criminal would not solve the problem.
  • As humane as the technique of prosecuting capital punishment is, we still cannot denounce the fact that it is the most cruel system in the name of justice.

Last words

Whether or not capital punishment should exist in the modern age is a long-standing debate. Many countries have already abolished it, but the death penalty still exists in various other parts of the world. We believe that law students in particular should know this subject inside and out. And in every law school and university campus, a debate about this topic is rampant.

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