Every Hero in the Franchise, Ranked by Xenomorph Kills

While the Extraterrestrial franchise is filled with some memorable heroes, there are a few who stand out for their ability to survive the various xenomorph infestations that have appeared over the years. However, there are also a few heroes who have made a name for themselves among fans because they are skinny, mean machines that hunt aliens.

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the Extraterrestrial the franchise has introduced a few different stages of xenomorphs through the many sequels, continuations, and spinoffs that include the Aliens vs Franchise series as well as the prequel series which launched with Prometheus. The increasingly deadly versions of xenomorphs across the franchise required even stronger heroes to deal with them.

ten The Prometheus crew sacrificed themselves to destroy the xenomorph-creating egg fluid

Idris Elba and the crew of the Prometheus

While the years 2012 Prometheus from director Ridley Scott took place early in the franchise’s timeline and actually didn’t feature any xenomorphs beyond the development of the very first neomorph in the film’s final moments, there are still a few heroes who should be recognized.

The boat Prometheus was commanded by Idris Elba’s Janek, who made the decision to sacrifice his ship in order to destroy the engineer-launched alien craft. As the Engineer planned to destroy Earth with a payload of Mutative Eggs containing black liquid that led to the birth of the Xenomorphs, their sacrifice almost completely ended the Xenomorph threat.

9 Fiorina “Fury” 161 prisoners worked with Ripley to kill a single xenomorph

Prisoners of Fury 161 versus an Alien 3 Xenomorph

David Fincher directed the years 1992 Alien 3who took the franchise in a new direction after the events of 1986 alienswhich saw Ellen Ripley’s damaged ship crash land on the foundry planet Fiorina 161 with a lone alien.

The planet was known as “Fury” by the prisoners who now inhabited the foundry, who soon found themselves hunted by a xenomorph that had developed inside the prison dog. The prisoners teamed up with Ripley to destroy the xenomorph using molten metal from the smelter, which ultimately cost Ripley his life as well.

8 Betty’s mercenaries worked together to kill 3 xenomorphs and a nest

Alien Resurrection Betty Crew

It can be hard to tell who the hero was in 1997 Alien: Resurrection, as the corrupt government worked with corrupt mercenaries to recreate the deadly xenomorphs through cloning and genetic modification. This resulted in the creation of a more deadly clone of Ripley whose DNA had been mixed with the Xenomorph Queen implanted within her.

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General Martin Perez was in charge of the science outpost being attacked by the fleeing cloned xenomorphs, and he managed to kill one with a grenade before being killed. The mercenaries of Betty who were trapped on the outpost worked together to kill three xenomorphs, and they also eradicated a nest of facehugger eggs before dying.

7 Rosenthal and Oram each killed a Neomorph while Tennessee and Daniels killed two Protomorphs

The Covenant Crew from Alien Covenant

A ship full of galactic colonists tragically discovered the engineer’s home planet after the android David unleashed his own weapons of extinction against them in 2017. Alien: Pact. They were soon infected with the deadly mutagen that remained on the planet after the engineers died, leading to the birth of two neomorphs.

As the Settlers’ Security Team fired on the Neomorphs as they were attacked, Private Sarah Rosenthal was killed. Captain Oram also brought out a neomorph before being used as a host for David’s first protomorph. Commitment pilot Tennessee and terraformer Daniels then worked together to kill two protomorphs before they escaped.

6 Pvt. William Hudson has recovered from a nervous breakdown to declare at least 6 victims

Private Hudson from the Aliens

The first sequel from 1979 Extraterrestrial featured the franchise’s highest xenomorph death toll, as Ripley and a team of Colonial Marines return to the planet LV-226 to investigate an entire colony that had been used as host material to spawn an army of xenomorphs. Bill Paxton pvt. William Hudson was a young marine who had a memorable depression.

Hudson claimed at least six xenomorph kills after rallying to the failure, though he was likely responsible for more due to the various machine guns he set up around the settlement before their final confrontation. Hudson outlived many of his Colonial Navy comrades and suffered more casualties than most, but still fell to the xenomorphs in aliens.

5 Scar had 5+ kills before teaming up with Lex Woods to kill another Xeno and a queen

Lex Woods and Scar in Alien vs. Predator

After the main Extraterrestrial franchise, the fan-favorite Dark Horse comic series Alien vs Predator was adapted in 2004 to bring Hollywood’s alien stars back to the big screen. Alien predators hoping to test themselves against the xenomorphs lured the humans to an ancient underground temple to become hosts for the xenomorphs which they could then hunt.

While two of the predators were taken out by the xenomorphs, the one who became known as Scar managed to take out five of the aliens on his own. He also teamed up with a human ice survivor named Alexa “Lex” Woods, who managed to kill a xenomorph on her own during the battle. They then worked together to take down a giant xenomorph queen to further increase their kill count.

4 Wolf took out a Predalian and several Xenomorphs with the help of the 3 Dallas Murders

Wolf and Dallas from the Alien vs. Predator Requiem split image

Unfortunately, Scar was impregnated with an alien queen during the events of Alien vs Predator which led to the growth of a Predator-based xenomorph that became known as Predalien in 2007 Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. The Predalien crash-landed on Earth and began implanting aliens into hosts to create a small xenomorph army.

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A skilled predator named Wolf traveled to Earth to hunt down the Predalien, single-handedly eliminating at least five on-screen xenomorphs and giving up his life to eliminate the enhanced xenomorph. A freed prisoner named Dallas was using one of the Predators’ plasma launchers that had been converted into a pistol to take out at least three xenomorphs during his escape.

3 Cpl. Dwayne Hicks killed at least 8 xenomorphs as leader of the Colonial Marines

Michael Biehn was one of the leaders of the Colonial Marines who stormed the infested colony on LV-426, and one of the few xenomorph survivors in aliens. Hicks was armed with his trusted shotgun, which served him well when the team was ordered to sheathe their firearms at the risk of piercing the colony’s explosive core.

Hicks killed at least eight xenomorphs during the encounter, mostly during the colony crew’s initial escape to their armored APC. However, he’s probably responsible for more due to the sentry turrets he helped Hudson set up around their fortified control room. He was injured by the acidic blood of a dying Xenomorph and sedated, otherwise he probably would have continued to increase the number of victims.

2 Pvt. Jenette Vasquez embarrassed the rest of her Colonial Marines with over 13 kills

Pvt Vasquez Aliens

One of the most badass heroes of the Extraterrestrial The franchise appeared in the first sequel as one of the Colonial Marines’ top gunners, Jenette Goldstein’s Pvt. Jenette Vasquez. She used one of the deadly smart rifles and was one of the last Colonial Marines standing, taking out at least 13 xenomorphs (but likely more off-screen) before going out with a bang.

His fire team partner Pvt. Mark Drake only had one confirmed on-screen kill, which he shared with other Marines like Sgt. Apone, Cpl. Dietrich and cap. Ferro. Inexperienced Lieutenant Scott Gorman managed to take out two xenomorphs before joining Vasquez for a final fight that ensured they wouldn’t be used as hosts for the xenomorphs.

1 Ellen Ripley has killed over 12 Xenomorphs as well as 2 queens and a newborn hybrid

Sigourney Weaver Ripley Alien

Sigourney Weaver guest-starred as Ellen Ripley, a former Company warrant officer who was also a Lieutenant First Class in the Colonial Marines and made her first appearance in the original. Extraterrestrialwhere she claimed her first xenomorph kill after a single alien tore the entire crew of the Nostromo.

She showed the Colonial Marines how it’s done in aliens with over 9 xenomorphs killed while eliminating a nest and a xenomorph queen. His death in Alien 3 took out another xenomorph, while her clone further increased the kill count with a few more xenomorphs and yet another queen, though she had help from the alien/human hybrid Newborn, who she then also killed.

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