Killing Eve: 6 shows to watch after Season 4 ends – from Little Drummer Girl to Thirteen

A spy drama, a conspiratorial thriller and Jodie Comer’s first big role – here’s what you need to watch next now that Killing Eve is over

You’re probably looking for your new TV obsession now – maybe another show with a great performance from Jodie Comer, or another drama that makes the perfect binge watch, or another romance where the protagonists have magnetic chemistry. together.

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Here are six shows you might want to watch now that Killing Eve is over, from sci-fi conspiracy thrillers to ’60s spy dramas to psychological character study.

black orphan

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah with Tatiana Maslany as Helena in Orphan Black (BBC America)

What is it about? Orphan Black is a conspiracy thriller with a sci-fi twist. Con artist Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) sees a woman who looks like her doppelganger commit suicide and decides to steal her identity; it quickly becomes clear however that Sarah has more than one doppelganger, each part of an illegal human cloning experiment.

Why would I like it? There’s a lot about Orphan Black that feels like Killing Eve – the Dyad Institute is a dark organization much like The Twelve, and assassin clone Helena has shades of Villanelle going for it – and both shows, all two from BBC America, have a lot in common tonally too. Tatiana Maslany, who plays each clone, gives a truly virtuoso performance, playing five different characters at once, as memorable if not more so than Comer and Oh in Killing Eve.

Where can I watch it? You can watch Orphan Black on Netflix in the UK.


Jodie Comer as Ivy in Thirteen (Credit: BBC Three)

What is it about? Thirteen is a five-part miniseries about Ivy Moxam (Jodie Comer), a young woman who recently escaped after being kidnapped as a child and imprisoned for thirteen years. A criminal investigation unfolds as Ivy attempts to reconnect with family and friends, sifting through the remnants of her old life as she tries to forge a new one.

Why would I like it? It was one of Jodie Comer’s first starring roles, and one that was widely acclaimed. It’s the kind of show that tends to go unnoticed – the kind of thing that a friend recommends at length and you never go to, even if you really should have listened to it – but that’s not worth it. no less worth watching.

Where can I watch it? You can watch Thirteen on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Little Thresher Girl

Florence Pugh, dressed in yellow, as Charlie in The Little Drummer Girl. (Jonathan Olley/AMC/Ink Factory)

What is it about? A lavish adaptation of John le Carré’s novel of the same name, this spy drama stars Florence Pugh as Charlie, an aspiring actress recruited by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad to infiltrate a Palestinian resistance group. Park Chan-wook (The Handmaiden, Oldboy) is directing.

Why would I like it? More likely than not, if you love Jodie Comer, you probably love Florence Pugh too – this 2018 series arrived as it made its first break into the mainstream, before its Oscar nomination or Marvel hero days.

Where can I watch it? You can watch The Little Drummer Girl on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, but you’ll need to buy it through the Starz add-on subscription channel.

Mr Jack

Suranne Jones returns as Anne Lister in Gentleman Jack season 2

What is it about? Gentleman Jack is a period drama based on a true story – it adapts the diary of Anne Lister, played here by Suranne Jones – about a wealthy landowner who defied convention to marry another woman named Ann. (Society had more of a problem with the fact that they were both female rather than the fact that they were both named Anne, just to be clear.)

Why would I like it? Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle (who plays Ann Walker) have great chemistry together, and there’s an irreverent streak that feels like a jolt of energy for period drama, not quite unlike Killing’s approach. Eve when it comes to spy drama. The fourth wall breaks are also somewhat reminiscent of Fleabag, which was of course written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Killing Eve’s first showrunner.

Where can I watch it? You can watch the first series of Gentleman Jack on BBC iPlayer now. The second series begins on BBC One on April 10.


Bill Hader as Barry Berkman as Barry Block in Barry (Credit: HBO)

What is it about? Hitman Barry Berkman (Bill Hader) feels detached and estranged from his life of violence and enrolls in an amateur acting class to try to reinvent himself as actor Barry Block. Being an assassin, however, proves harder to pull off than he had hoped, leaving Barry caught between two worlds.

Why would I like it? There’s a lot of similar themes there – Killing Eve season 4 saw Villanelle seek forgiveness, which Barry also struggles with, wondering if anyone can really change – it might be worth watching checked. The show is smart and funny and so full of empathy.

Where can I watch it? Barry’s first two series can be shown on Sky and NOWTV in the UK, with the third series due to start on April 24.


Krysta Rodriguez, Austin Crute, Alyvia Alyn Lind and Colin Ford in Daybreak (Credit: Netflix)

What is it about? Daybreak is your classic post-zombie-apocalypse teen drama: Josh enjoys a new lease of life in a world without schools, parents, or adults, but he’s desperate to find his ex-girlfriend in the dangerous new world.

Why would I like it? While it sounds pretty cliché from the description, Daybreak subverts a lot of those tropes with real flair and panache – it’s often clunky and weird and experimental, something with a much more distinct and idiosyncratic identity than most releases. from Netflix. Killing Eve Series 4 showrunner Laura Neal wrote a few episodes for Daybreak’s only season before it was prematurely canceled.

Where can I watch it? You can watch Daybreak on Netflix internationally.

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