Snoop Dogg Rips Music From Spotify, Plans New Death Row Records App

Snoop Dogg moves.

In February, the acclaimed rapper bought legendary, if sometimes controversial, rap label Death Row Records. Now, he said in a recent interview on Drink championsthat he has new plans for the imprint.

Namely, Death Row’s own streaming app.

“The first thing I did was to remove all the music from these platforms that people traditionally know about because these platforms don’t pay. These platforms get millions upon millions of streams, and nobody gets paid except the record companies. So what I wanted to do is rip off my music, make a platform like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu. It’s going to be a Death Row app, and music, meanwhile, will live in the metaverse.

Snoop recently upgraded his NFT game and digital assets. And it continues to invest in digital domains like the Metaverse. For example, two months ago, the artist announced that he was jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and releasing his new album, BODR (Bacc on death row), available through the blockchain.

“I want to create an avenue where I can show people how to not always have to go through the slave trade, but create our own business where we engage with our own fans who buy our music, who make money from it. music, and then making us money from the music by trading it and selling it,” Snoop continued in the Drink champions conversation.

Now big albums like doggy style and The dog’s fatherwith Dr Dr The Chronicle, are no longer on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon. Although they are still on the TIDAL owned by Jay-Z, which is known to pay higher royalties.

See more of the Beverage Champions interview below.

Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for RMG

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