Two X-Men villains have grown powerful enough to end the Age of Krakoa

The X-Men’s worst enemies, Orchis, have just gained enough power to end the era of Krakoa, and possibly mutants, forever, thanks to Moira X.

Warning: Contains spoilers for x-men #ten

The age of Krakoa brought prosperity and unity to the mutant race, which is more united and powerful than ever, with the x-men at the forefront, however, with power also come enemies and none are more dangerous than Orchis and Moira MacTaggert. Orchis is an organization created by top scientific minds with the sole purpose of eradicating mutants to preserve humanity. So far, Orchis’ efforts have mostly been tied to developing new Sentinels, and they’ve achieved their greatest success by creating Nimrod, the ultimate mutant hunter. A little teaser in x-men #10 (by Gerry Duggan and Javier Pina), however, shows that the worst is yet to come, as Orchis is about to forge an alliance with mutantkind’s most dangerous enemy, Moira MacTaggert.

Moira has a complicated history, or rather stories. He’s a classic X-Men character, created by Chris Claremont for his legendary Weird X-Men run, as a romantic interest of Charles Xavier and a leading geneticist and expert in mutant affairs. It wasn’t until Jonathan Hickman’s 2019 relaunch of the X-books, however, that Moira became such a prominent character. It has been revealed that she is a mutant with fearsome power: each time she dies, her timeline resets to the moment of her birth and Moira is reborn with full knowledge of her past lives. This has two very dangerous implications. First of all, Moira has known many futures in which the conflict between mutants and humans has led to dire consequences, and retains this dangerous knowledge. Second, if Moira dies again, all of the progress and accomplishments that came with the creation of the nation of Krakoa will be instantly undone, putting the mutants back to square one.

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In Moira’s current life (and timeline), Mystique used a weapon created by Forge to disable Moira, which would allow her to be safely killed and lock this timeline as the last. During this confrontation, Moira confessed that she had lost faith in this timeline, believing that mutant kind would inevitably be destroyed again, as she has seen happen many times. She planned to use the “mutant cure” she had developed in her third life to incapacitate all mutants, hoping it would save them. Due to Cypher’s interference, Mystique didn’t kill Moira, who is now on the run, but that might have been the biggest mistake in X-Men history, as shown. x-men #ten.

Communication between Doctor Stasis and Moira X from X-Men 10

The last page of the issue shows a very brief exchange between Dr. Stasis, Orchis’ human resources manager, and a mysterious person, signing “Mr.”, who was able to penetrate Orchis’ internal communication relays to contact Stasis and Feilong. , the businessman who colonized Phobos, the moon of Arakko. Considering the reference to “past lives,” and the initial “M”, it’s pretty clear that this person is Moira, reaching out to Orchis with an offer of “discuss some proposals.“It’s a chilling scenario, as Moira has all the knowledge (and desire) to eradicate mutantkind, something Orchis is committed to. With Orchis’ vast financial and technological resources at Moira’s disposal, they might just achieve it.

Recently, Mister Sinister showed that it was in fact possible to harness and weaponize Moira’s dangerous mutant gift, which he did by cloning her and downloading knowledge to and from the clone’s brain. Sinister – who is supposed to be an ally of Krakoa – creates and kills entire timelines in secret just to find out about future events. Which could Orchis if they had access to this power, and for At Moira’s mutant remedy? It is quite possible that the x-menthe worst enemies have just acquired enough power to end the age of Krakoa, and maybe mutantkind, forever.

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