Bear Mauls Trainer To Death During Stunt, Terrifying Video Resurfaces

A staged animal act went horribly wrong when a bear named Rocky killed his handler by ripping his neck out. The incident took place in 2008 and was captured in chilling video. Now the clip has resurfaced on the 14th anniversary of the accident. According to an article in The Sun, trainer Stephen Miller was preparing to shoot for a commercial with the grizzly bear when the attack happened. The filming involved a staged wrestling match between the duo at the Predators in Action facility in West Virginia.

Although Rocky was a trained animal, he was reportedly disoriented during the act and attacked Stephen. The bear bit the trainer in the neck and pinned him to the ground.

Here is the video:

Warning: the content of this video may disturb some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Witnessing the horrific incident, onlookers rushed to help Stephen and tried to distract the bear. Stephen’s cousin, Randy Miller, who was also present at the scene, hit Rocky with a cane in an attempt to save him from the attack. Other crew members doused Rocky with pepper spray to stop him.

According to the video, Stephen managed to break free and then stumbled out of frame. However, he died just minutes after the attack due to a punctured jugular artery and vein.

Having seen his close cousin mauled to death by a bear, Randy was shocked after the accident. “It happened so fast. We did what we had to do to stop the bear,” Randy had said. He added that they quickly got rid of Stephen but it was still too late. . We were brothers,” Randy added.

Amazingly, even after the horrific attack, Randy didn’t resent Rocky and said he was a “loving, affectionate, friendly and safe bear”.

Being a trained bear, this wasn’t Rocky’s first performance on camera. He had previously starred in Will Ferell’s film Semi-Pro as “Dewey the Killer Bear”.

An investigation has been launched by the California Department of Fish and Game into the accident. He concluded that Stephen’s death was just an accident. Later, Rocky was spared euthanasia but was sent to live under strict restriction and without any human contact for the rest of his life.

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