Star Wars: 10 Unmistakable Traits Every Sith Possess

As Yoda would say, fear leads to anger, anger then leads to hate, hate leads to pain, this is the path to the dark side. The antithesis of everything the Jedi Order represents, the dark lords of the Sith seek only power and dominance over the galaxy far, far away. Through corrupted use of the Force, characters like Darth Vader, Palpatine, and Kylo Ren have sought to rule and possess the known universe.

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There are many ways to become a master of the Sith, but there are more than a few similar tropes that prevail on the dark side. From the color red to the desire for “unlimited power”, the Sith have often fallen in certain tropic territories.


Black and red patterns

Evil wears many masks, and that can certainly be said for members of the dark side of the force. The Sith have evolved from the Separatists of the Trade Federation to the Galactic Empire to the infamous First Order, but they all apparently have one visual in common. The use of red and black in their designs never changes.

Black clothes, black capes and black military gear are often accompanied by red highlights, red accents and red armored guards, it’s all there. Even characters like Darth Maul were saturated in the color pattern.

Red Lightsabers

Perhaps one of the biggest and most obvious indicators of a Sith Lord was his red lightsabers. Created by a red Kyber Crystal, this iconic dark side-facing Jedi weapon was one of the biggest things that separated them from other force users in the galaxy.

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Whether created synthetically or by unfiltered rage corrupting the crystal itself, the furious red glow of a Sith lightsaber is one of the most intimidating elements in the galaxy. Simply put, it’s a weapon designed to make a statement and instill fear across the stars.

Nature and aggressive techniques

The Grand Inquisitor with a lightsaber.

Anger and hatred are two of the pillars of the Sith path. By letting their uncapped aggression flow through them like fiery energy, the Sith create a more aggressive and violent fighting style that can either be their greatest advantage or the source of their downfall.

Where most Jedi are defensive and calculating, many Sith Lords immediately go on the attack and attempt to force their way through their opponents. Good examples of this violent technique include Asajj Ventress and Kylo Ren, warriors who often let their emotions drive their attacks. Sometimes it works, but it can have disastrous consequences.

quick to anger

Kylo Ren confronts his former mentor on Crait in Star Wars The Last Jedi

With a few notable exceptions like the regal and robed Palpatine and the distinguished Count Dooku, many Sith Lords are short-tempered and prone to fits of rage. While Kylo Ren might be the most extreme example, even characters like Ventress and Vader have their less than professional moments.

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Reminiscent of the phrase about fear leading to anger, anger leading to hate, and hate leading to suffering, it is used as an illustration of the effects of the dark side. It is the use of rage, anger, and hatred that makes the Sith so reckless in their quest for power.

technology addiction

Darth Vader Costume Helmet Cartoon

If there’s one advantage the Sith have over the Jedi, it’s their technological abilities. Aside from things like blasters, cloning techniques on Kamino, and forms of medicine, the Jedi don’t rely on the use of technology as much as the Sith do in the series.

The Sith’s use and reliance on technology makes them a bigger threat on a more galactic scale. From alternate lightsaber styles to space stations large enough to destroy entire planets, the dark side certainly has a soft spot for tech warfare.

Non-natural sciences


“The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities that some consider to be… unnatural.” What some might call dark magic or mad science in other genres, the Sith use to a great extent to secure victory, especially in the Expanded Universe.

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The arts of Sith alchemy are a dark and dangerous subject in the star wars universe, and these dark arts can range from manipulating Midi-chlorians to even raising the dead. Spanning the realms of necromancy to human experimentation, nothing was sacred in the Sith’s quest for absolute power.

Dark Force Powers

Darth Vader strangles Admiral Motti

Like the Jedi, the Sith have a deep understanding of Force powers, however, their abilities differ greatly. Where Jedi can commune with the cosmos and explore the potential of the spirit, their evil counterparts can summon lightning, manipulate life force, and frequently choke their victims to death.

In a sense, the Sith have the same range of abilities as the Jedi, only their powers are corrupted by a dark and sinister nature. That being said, different doesn’t always equal better.

Desire for control

Like so many tyrannical despots, Palpatine’s, and by extension the Sith’s, ultimate goal was absolute power. Conquering the galaxy has always been at the forefront of their agenda. While the Jedi strove to maintain order and justice, the Sith desired control and obedience from the other systems.

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Given that the Empire was inspired by fascist regimes, the Sith taking a totalitarian stance really isn’t that much of a stretch. Considering the Sith are responsible for crimes like genocide and human experimentation, the desire for control and power might put him lightly.

Signs of corruption

While not as common among all Sith, most bear some sort of physical sign of Corruption. It can be something as subtle as a scar or a war wound, but it can also be something as obvious as yellow eyes or facial mutilation. Either way, the corruption of the Force running through them is evident.

As quoted by Master Yoda, hatred leads to suffering, and all Sith Lords suffer to some degree. The pain keeps them in power and allows the darker energies to flow. That’s why characters like Vader and Kylo Ren are so tragic at the end of the day.

Use of force but no connection

The Sith might be able to use the Force, they might be able to manipulate its abilities, and they might even be able to alter the forces of nature with it, but they’re still separate from being one with the universe. It is this separation from being completely whole with the Force that keeps them in the dark.

Seeking to control the Force rather than understand it and dwell in it, the Sith have turned away from the essence that binds the universe. Through their unnatural ways, they corrupted the Force and themselves in the process.

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