A Dangerous X-Men Ally Is Secretly One Of Their Diabolical Villains

The X-Men will have a hard time coming to terms with the revelation that one of their most dangerous allies is also one of their worst villains: Dr. Stasis.

Warning: Contains spoilers for x-men #11

The identity of one of x-menThe most dangerous enemies of the group have finally been revealed, and in a shocking twist, Dr. Stasis is revealed to be a longtime enemy of the group who has recently become an unlikely citizen of Krakoan.

Featured in the first issue of the most recent x-men ongoing series, Dr. Stasis is the mysterious president of the Oblivion Institute and director of the sixth petal of ORCHIS, the anti-mutant organization that brings together some of the most advanced scientific minds on the planet in order to ensure the survival of humanity against invading mutant supremacy. Stasis is an advanced geneticist capable of creating various human-animal hybrids. Very little is known about the character except that he was one of the first to deduce the existence of the Mutant Resurrection Protocols and attempted to expose them to the world by killing Cyclops very publicly and then disclosing the information to the reporter. Ben Urich.


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After Cyclops was forced to assume the identity of Captain Krakoa to hide his resurrection from the public, he was hot on the trail of Stasis and his hybrids. Enlisting the aid of Synch, who has borrowed Wolverine’s sense-enhanced powers, Cyclops follows Stasis’ base into the sewers and confronts the villain, who takes this opportunity to once again express his hatred for mutantkind. In x-men #11 by Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia, Stasis is easily defeated by Cyclops, who blows off his mask eventually revealing his identity as Nathaniel Essex, the villain known as Mr. Sinister, who is currently a resident of Krakoa and even member of the Silent Council. Essex is also a brilliant geneticist born in the 19th century who predicted the rise of mutants and caught the attention of Apocalypse, who genetically mutated him into his first Prelate, Mr. Sinister.

Over the years, Essex continued to experiment with genetics, becoming adept at cloning, creating new life, and even manipulating mutant DNA to enhance his powers. He eventually incorporated the mutant DNA into his own and was recognized as a de facto homo superior when he was granted Cracoan citizenship and a seat on the Silent Council, as his work cataloging the genome of all mutants went wrong. proved crucial to the Resurrection Protocols. It’s very likely that Dr Stasis is “just” one of many Essex clones, perhaps gone rogue or forgotten by his creator, but there are also more sinister implications behind this revelation.

It was recently revealed in Immortal X-Men #1 that Essex is hiding many secrets from her fellow Krakoans. Sinister managed to clone Moira McTaggert and uses her reality bending power to reset the timeline each time she dies to learn about future events. It could very well be that Sinister sent one of his clones to infiltrate ORCHIS, as he has used similar tactics many times in the past. His clones are also known to stray from his original personality, often acting very dramatic or flamboyant, like Dr. Stasis does. Whatever the truth behind Dr. Stasis’ origins, the x-men will surely struggle to cope with the revelation that one of their most dangerous allies is also one of their worst villains.

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