The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra continues to delight audiences.

In response to academic “expert” opinions that Melissa Lucio’s capital murder and death sentence conviction resulted from a coerced confession and insufficient evidence of the cause of death, Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz, would have replied: “It is up to the courts of appeal to weigh such cases.

Subsequently, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed the enforcement and sent the case back to the trial court to resolve four arguments raised by Lucio’s attorneys. Even though Saenz has the discretion to withdraw the warrant of execution and accept a new trial, he was right to defer to the courts and observe that “our system of criminal jurisprudence . . . work.”

Regardless of his principled stance on the merits of capital punishment or the validity of its imposition in the Lucio case, Saenz should be commended for his loyalty to the system and his allegiance to the rule of law despite the harassment he he endured in his office, publicly opposed by politicians and celebrities, and received critical media coverage.

Bob Barton

Well done, Lang Lessing

In April, my son and I attended the San Antonio Symphony’s first string quartet at the Josephine Theater. It was exceptional and inspiring. On May 13, my other son and I attended a performance by the full symphony orchestra conducted by Sebastian Lang-Lessing at the First Baptist Church in San Antonio. I can’t tell you how amazing it was. The audience response was overwhelming! Maestro Lang-Lessing was brilliant, as was the special performance by Ukrainian clarinetist Ilya Shterenberg. Our great city absolutely needs to showcase the incredible musicians and strive to keep them as a jewel in our crown.

Judy Rector

Fear and Loathing on Fox

Tucker Carlson, one of Fox News’ biggest stars and biggest money-makers, gives us doses of fear and loathing five nights a week. On several occasions, it presents an image of whites from the United States being overwhelmed by a tide of non-whites from other countries. It promotes racism, fear and hatred. In 2021, he had the largest audience of any television commentator. If millions of Carlons viewers agree with him and practice fear and loathing, where will our nation end up?

Leslie E. Ellison, Presbyterian minister, retired

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