10 Craziest Pieces Of Halo Lore You Never Knew

The recent debut and conclusion of the first season of the Halo The TV show had a mixed reception with significant ups and downs. One of the most recent episodes aired, episode 8, had many questionable decisions. However, with fans protesting many recent decisions made by the show’s creators, many seem to forget just how Halo lore really is and has been for a long time.

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Since Halo the series started with Halo: Combat Evolved’s released in 2001, it has had a checkered history. An initially isolated video game series was quickly expanded with books, comics, augmented reality events, and later even small-screen projects. While the main line Halo The lore has remained fairly tame, the extended lore is actually quite complex and really wild.

ten The Marine who proved himself equal to the Master Chief

The library is a Halo: EC level burned in any Halo the player’s memory. Fighting knee-deep in Flood through massive corridors, praying for a reprieve is almost a rite of passage. In the video game, Master Chief fights through this level entirely unaided. However, in the accompanying novelization, the Chief actually finds a sailor deep within the library.

Unlike the superhuman Master Chief, this Marine managed to make his way to the deepest depths of the Library without any of the Master Chief’s augmentations. Unfortunately, the Marine is long dead when the Chief finds him. Considering how many players struggle at this level, this unknown marine should have the respect of all players.

9 Halsey not only kidnapped the Spartans, but cloned them

It is well known that Dr. Catherine Halsey is the creator of the Spartans and that she kidnapped them as children in order to make them the soldiers they are today. However, a lesser known fact is that the children were replaced by rapidly produced clones.

In a rather dark part of Halo lore, flash clones quickly depreciated due to their rapid cloning, and all died within months of being replaced. The brutality of the Spartan’s creation shines a light on a part of the UNSC that is rarely talked about: the dark measures they would have taken to maintain power, even before the Covenant attack.

8 The Forerunner Saga Was So Weird

100,000 years before John-117 discovered the first Halo, there was the Forerunner. The builders of the many megastructures that form the heart of Halo plot, they are entirely wiped out before the events of the Halo series. The precursor saga is a trilogy of books set in the twilight years of the Forerunner Empire. Despite the fact that this saga was an incredible read and very much world-building, many Halo fans haven’t read the trilogy. As a result, many missed the wilder aspects of the story.

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For example, one of the base plots of The precursor saga involves the protagonist, Bornstellar, being taken under the Didact’s wing. The Didact later becomes the villain of Halo 4. Throughout their journey together, the Didact and Bornstellar witness the fall of the Forerunner Empire, the corruption of their ideals in a desperate bid for survival, and near ultimate victory over the Flood and Extinction. of the Forerunner. Throughout this, the Didact would slowly turn Bornstellar into his successor.

7 The events of Halo 4 are 100,000 years in the making

All along The precursor saga, the Didact experiments on Bornstellar, altering his genetics, imprinting his own memories on Bornstellar, and augmenting him to become the Iso-Didact. The Iso-Didact would later fire the Halo Rings, killing the Flood and Forerunner and obliterating them.

The Iso-Didact would also clash heavily with the original Didact as they pursued different ways to save the Forerunner and defeat the Flood. Ultimately, through the actions of the Iso-Didact, Librarian, and other notable Forerunner characters that recur throughout the video games, the Didact is imprisoned on Requiem. Master Chief would go on to find Requiem in Halo 4 and release the Didact over 100,000 years later, the last of his race.

6 The Precursors are the gods of the Halo universe and its plague

The Precursors were the closest thing Halo never had to divine beings. They created the Forerunner, mankind and all other races within the Halo universe. Long before the events of The precursor sagathe Precursor almost completely annihilates the Precursors.

The remnants of the Precursors fled the galaxy and after millennia in the vacuum of space crumbled into dust. This dust would reenter the galaxy and become the Flood, one of the most iconic threats to Halo. Thus, these ancient gods would return as a vengeful plague, ultimately leading to the extinction of the Forerunner.

5 The Primordial is a power beyond comprehension

A Precursor survived the fall of his race and returned to the galaxy alongside his former brethren. Imprisoned by humanity, this being was named The Captive, The Timeless One, The Primordial, and a whole host of other names to reflect the fear he inspired in his captors. Being of incomprehensible power and intelligence, the humans who discovered the Primordial imprisoned it deep beneath the surface of a distant planet.

When the Flood arrived, humanity interrogated the Primordial to find a way to defeat them. The Primal’s response drove them mad, and most of those who heard it died soon after. The Primordial then escaped and led the Flood to defeat the Forerunner before the Halo Rings were finally sent back. Being of formidable power, almost nothing is known of this enigmatic and all-powerful being who brought about the downfall of the Forerunner.

4 The Corruption of Mendicant Prejudice

The Primordial was, for a time, imprisoned by Forerunner. An incredibly advanced AI, Mendicant Bias, has been tasked with studying the Primordial and figuring out how to beat the Flood. After conversing with the being for 43 years, Mendicant Bias has gone completely insane.

The consequences were far-reaching, with Mendicant Bias attacking the Forerunner capital, leading a Flood assault on the Ark, and arguably bringing about the end of the species that created it. The craziest part is that the Primordial drove Beggar Bias completely frantic with nothing but a conversation.

3 There were two arches and we only saw the small

Half way through Halo 3, Master Chief lands on The Ark, a gigantic Forerunner space structure that builds new Halo rings. Players are sure to remember its impressive scale, as even the titanic rings of Halo are completely eclipsed by this arch.

However, many would be shocked to discover that this space station is actually the smaller of the two arks. In the final days of the Forerunner Empire, the Ark featured in Halo 3 was known as the Lesser Ark, used as a back-up station for a Grand Ark that was several times larger than even already titanic Ark players see in Halo.

2 This time Halsey kidnapped a Spartan and hid inside a planet

Dr. Halsey, the creator of the Spartans, goes to great lengths to protect them because she considers them her children. This single-minded will eventually leads him to make more than one questionable decision, and many of those decisions are evident in the larger Halo lore.

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At the end of the Human-Covenant War, the Halos are discovered and Halsey is convinced that they indicate humanity has lost. As a result, she chooses to drug and kidnap Spartan Kelly in hopes of saving her from Halos’ shooting. She takes the Spartan to the heart of a shield world, a Forerunner fortress, where they await the final days of war.

In a lighter part of Halo lore, a sect of Sangheili, better known as the Elites, fled the Covenant in their early years and eventually founded a colony on a distant shield world. In a desperate attempt to survive the vengeful Covenant attack that follows soon after, these elites shatter their shield worlds and are deemed dead.

In truth, this sect of Sangheili survives and lives to develop a unique and fascinating culture that functions very differently from the traditional elite culture. They would remain unknown for a very long time, only reconnecting with the wider galaxy after the fall of the Alliance and the rebuilding of the shield world.

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