Johnny Depp’s Old Speech About What He Learned From A Death Row Inmate Has Fans Quitting It

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard lawsuit has sharply divided the internet and the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star has found huge support among netizens. After the verdict was handed down in his favour, Johnny Depp supporters are now sharing a clip from his inspirational speech at the San Sebastian Film Festival last year. In the video, Depp tells the story of Damien Echols, who was falsely accused of murdering three boys in West Memphis in the United States in 1993. For 18 years, Damien spent his life in prison for a crime he did not not committed. However, he did not give up. Telling his story, Depp said, “Damien taught me something amazing. When there is this Goliath, this monolith, this massive enemy in front of you, and everything seems too much or everything seems too impossible… no. it’s not.”

“When there’s this massive enemy and everything seems too much or everything seems impossible…no. it’s not.”

Her fans showed her a little more love.

“Never forget the good that #JohnnyDepp has done and all the charity work too. He is a good soul and I will never believe otherwise.

“#ThePowerOfTheSmall… Anything is possible.”

“What a powerful message.”

“A positive attitude towards goal achievement is to believe that anything is possible. ”

“Why do I love this man so much…”

“Very inspiring and happy speech.”

“Listen to JD about the lessons he learned from being on death row…”

“In the 90’s #JohnnyDepp funded the legal fees to appeal and released them and helped make a documentary about it The West Memphis Three.”

At the same festival in Spain, Depp had spoken about losing favor in Hollywood for new roles since his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, went public with domestic abuse allegations against her. He had also spoken out against cancel culture. It’s a very complex situation, this cancel culture, or this instantaneous rush to judgment based essentially on what amounts to polluted air, the actor said.

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