Isekai Anime’s 10 Smartest Dads, Ranked

While the main characters of isekai anime often hold impressive knowledge of the worlds they inhabit, the isekai parents have equally clever plans. The isekai fathers’ role as leaders, guides, and mentors allows them to influence their respective worlds through intelligence and experience. The more cunning isekai fathers pose significant threats to their societies that the protagonists must outwit and defeat.

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The fathers of isekai families become valuable allies in the struggle of the protagonists against rival communities. Decades of practice and battle define the lifestyle of an isekai father and his ability to influence the fate of his world. The fathers legacy lives on for years through their children, associates and careful planning.

ten Wilhelm Van Astrea is a clever swordsman (Re:Zero)

Wilhelm Van Astrea demonstrates exceptional combat intelligence thanks to his position as captain of the royal guard. His incredible swordsmanship skills during the Demi-Human War earned him infamy and a respectable reputation in the military and high society. Wilhelm’s noble upbringing and obsession with the sword gave him analytical skills and an understanding of social conduct.

As Wilhelm’s long-term goal of avenging his wife’s death leads him to neglect his family, he strives to mend his relationships. His battle life gives him the wisdom to balance his private life with his military duties.

9 Aultcray Melromarc is a wise but flawed king (Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Aultcray’s reputation as a staff hero and wise king proves his intelligence and ability to rule the affairs of a kingdom. While Aultracy’s hatred of demi-humans and inaction towards his daughter Malty’s wickedness cloud his judgment, his past decisions as king earn him the respect of other nations. His talent for military strategy and his past victory against Siltvelt bring temporary peace to Melromarc and the surrounding nations.

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Aultcray suffers from a fall in his country’s opinion of his intelligence but manages to regain his wisdom after making mistakes. Despite his flaws, Aultcray holds the knowledge a leader needs.

8 Rigurd holds valuable political knowledge (that time I was reincarnated as a slime)

Rigurd has vast political and social knowledge and expertise as Goblin King and Prime Minister of the Jura Tempest Federation. Rigurd’s skillful organization of Jura Tempest Federation affairs proves his worth as one of Rimuru’s most valuable allies. His leadership and judgment of Rimuru’s character saves his village from destruction at the hands of werewolves.

Rigurd makes careful decisions for the benefit of his remaining son Rigur and the survival of other monsters allied with Rimuru. Although he rarely participates in combat, he frequently offers advice on the federation’s relations with other nations.

seven Cliff Foschurose is a diligent feudal lord (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear)

Cliff Foschurose uses his political expertise to make righteous decisions as the feudal lord of Crimonia. Cliff reacts quickly and intelligently to Crimonia’s conflicts without being influenced by greed or overconfidence. His knowledge of the signs of political corruption allows him to eliminate nobles, like Enz Roland, who threaten the peace of Crimonia.

Cliff works actively to give his daughters a comfortable life and to act in the best interests of his land. He succeeds without resorting to shady tactics or backing down from threats from other influential political figures who ally themselves with Crimonia’s enemies.

6 Cian Tuatha Dé has the knowledge of a master assassin (The best assassin in the world)

Cian Tuatha Dé shows off his title as a legendary assassin through his array of cunning skills. Cian’s knowledge of the family creed and his guidance allow his son Lugh to become his family’s greatest assassin. He holds an understanding of the value of human life that other assassins lack, which he imparts to Lugh despite the hardships of the job.

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Cian’s success in training Lugh proves his effectiveness as a teacher and his mastery of combat skills and stealth. He holds the wisdom of years of experience to survive the demands of professional assassins and understand when breaking the rules is necessary.

5 Günter Von Christ provides sound advice (Kyou Kara Maou)

Günter von Christ holds deep political knowledge as the teacher of the protagonist Yuuri and a member of the ruling clan. Günter possesses an equally impressive understanding of swordsmanship and elemental magic that allows him to help with both advice and physical power. His understanding of the country’s history Shin Makoku and the responsibilities behind Maou’s position allow Yuuri to survive as a political leader.

Günter treats his adopted daughter Gisela with the same attention as his duties as a counsellor. His time in Yuuri’s company grants him an expansive worldview that leads him to cherish the peace between humans and the citizens of Shin Makoku.

4 Dillan Tahg Lalatoya is a former sharp elf (skeleton knight in another world)

Dillan Lalatoya holds immense wisdom as an ancient elf and frequent ambassador of his kind among humanity. Dillan’s role in several successful attempts to rescue Elvish prisoners proves his ingenuity in securing the freedom of his kind. His efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully and cooperate with humans make him less reckless than other community leaders.

Dillan doesn’t agree with her daughter Ariane’s quick temper in dealing with situations, but actively works alongside her to protect members of her community. He considers all possible outcomes before making decisions that affect the future of the Elves and their ability to defend themselves.

3 Adul Klarus reigns as a wise leader (Arifuerta: From Commonplace to Strongest in the World)

Adul Klarus is the wise king of the Dragonmen who is responsible for saving his people from destruction by the other kingdoms of Tortus. Adul’s hundreds of years of rule make him adept at analyzing the intentions of potential enemies and effectively protecting his citizens. Her expertise in her family’s secrets allows her granddaughter Tio to gain the strength to oppose divine beings.

Adul uses his intellect to ensure Tio’s success and honor his son Kharga’s sacrifice in the war against Ehit. His clever methods earn him the worldwide respect of dragonmen and the humans who ally with them.

2 Toga is a brilliant demon strategist (Inuyasha)

The dog-demon Toga’s brilliant combat expertise makes it one of the most influential and powerful demons in Japan. Toga’s mastery of his demonic abilities and strategy guides him to victory against many rival demons, such as the ambitious Lord Hyoga. Her ability to plan for the future allows her to pass on her power and guide her sons Inuyasha and Sesshomaru after they die.

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Toga displays considerable knowledge of magical artifacts through his use of the Fire Rat Robe to protect his lover Izayoi and Inuyasha from sudden death. His legendary exploits and intelligence carry the memory of his legacy for centuries.

1 Potimas is a scientific genius (so I’m a spider, so what?)

Potimas’ creation of the Elves reveals the depth of his scientific knowledge and his potential as a leader and antagonist. His obsession and experiences with immortality make him a cunning manipulator who uses those around him for his own benefit. Although Potimas’ determination drives him to act recklessly, his perseverance keeps his goal alive.

Potimas cares little for his daughter Filimes or the elven species and only appreciates her progress towards true immortality. His genius intellect in multiple fields leads to many advancements, such as creating vampires, self-cloning, and building powerful cyborgs.

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