10 sci-fi shows for those who don’t like sci-fi series

The golden age of television continues to reign supreme, and it’s remarkable what is now possible across the medium and the types of storytelling being told. The abundance of streaming services and niche distribution channels has helped auteur-driven programming and genre fare connect in ways that were previously impossible. Revolutionary and inspiring television is now the norm, not the exception.

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This boom has also helped some genres, like science fiction shows, find new audiences. Science fiction is a genre that is sometimes considered sterile, serious, and devoid of emotion, but now there is an endless range of what is possible in science fiction. Some series, while technically sci-fi, deconstruct the genre in surprising ways and are gateway programs for those who generally avoid science fiction.

ten Fringe usurps the X-Files as quintessential sci-fi storytelling

There is a wide range of serialized sci-fi television series that are indebted to X files and his approach to storytelling throughout the season. That being said, there are definitely some growing pains throughout the race. X files and of questionable quality in its later years. Fringe, on the other hand, offers 100 episodes over five seasons without compromise. The clever sci-fi fever dream effortlessly blends episodic madness with a continuous narrative that delves into multiverse shenanigans well ahead of the curve. Fringe has such respect for its science and traditions, but the chemistry between the actors is impossible to deny.

9 Futurama turns a fascination with the future into clever critiques of the premise

Futurama did the impossible and survived multiple cancellations on multiple networks and even now there are more episodes on the way on Hulu. Futurama is primarily a comedy, but it’s also one of the most brilliant sci-fi series on television. There are real scientists on the writing staff, and one of the TV movies even helped establish a theorem. Futurama passionately subverts classic sci-fi tropes, but it also works hard to subvert expectations and reimagine what’s possible in both sci-fi and animated comedy.

8 Orphan Black combines heady sci-fi with a masterclass in acting and character

black orphan is a dark sci-fi series that relentlessly explores human cloning and a cataclysmic plot tied to this volatile science. Each season of black orphan loses itself in dense sci-fi, but the heart of the series is the tender bond that forms between each member of the “Clone Club”.

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Certainly one of the main reasons to watch black orphan is Tatiana Maslany’s tour de force performance where she plays, at a minimum, five distinct characters and really makes them feel like they’re being played by different performers.

seven Stranger Things subverts its sci-fi thanks to the cast’s comfortable chemistry

stranger things fans had to wait three years between the show’s third and fourth seasons, but the overwhelming response to the show’s most recent and mature episodes is proof that it’s still regarded as top storytelling. stranger things leans into his Amblin sensibility as the quaint community of Hawkins, Indiana becomes a hotbed of supernatural happenings and a deadly dimension that lurks beneath the surface of reality. The supernatural creatures and happenings in Hawkins are what initially made audiences wonder. strange things, but the show’s endlessly affable cast of teenage actors became its secret weapon.

6 3rd Rock From The Sun is the ultimate fish-out-of-water story as aliens acclimate to Earth

A sitcom that focuses on a group of aliens who need to moonlight as humans to properly study Earth’s population is an ambitious premise even by modern television standards, but it was particularly groundbreaking. in the 1990s. Nevertheless, 3rd rock from the sun delivered nearly 150 episodes over six seasons, and it was one of NBC’s biggest hits of the decade. The subject of science fiction is normal for the course since the Solomon family are ignorant aliens, but 3rd rock shines with his comedy. John Lithgow, Jane Curtain and French Stewart give iconic performances and the jokes still work decades later. 3rd rock from the sun is the perfect soft sci-fi series for newcomers.

5 Dismissal skillfully turns the workplace into a mental maze with no way out

AppleTV+ is still one of the newer streaming services, but it’s already established an impressive library of programs and it’s series like Breakup which could easily become the crown jewel of the service. Breakup only has one season so far, but it’s a well-constructed mystery that trusts its audience to put the pieces of its puzzle together.

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Adam Scott stars as one of many Lumen employees who have chosen to become “separated,” a process that separates their personal lives from their work. Breakup has only scratched the surface of its larger ideas, but audiences are already hooked for the long haul.

4 The man from the future turns an overwhelmed outcast into a savior of society

future man it is as if The Terminator and The Last Starfighter had a slacker little brother and, against all odds, it’s one of the smartest and most ambitious sci-fi comedies on television. Josh Futturman becomes an unlikely savior to society when he’s forced to team up with two futuristic loose cannons. future man is absolutely hilarious, and it proudly wears its influences on its robotic sleeve. future man is a tight 34-episode storytelling spanning three brief seasons, but it tells a full story, sticks its landing, and manages to triumph creatively where the majority of time travel narratives fail.

3 Raised by Wolves is a no-frills examination of humanity by calculating machines

Ridley Scott has become an iconic name in science fiction thanks to cinematic contributions like blade runner and Extraterrestrial. Raised by wolves is produced by Scott, who also directs the first two episodes, and it elegantly translates its lofty questions about artificial intelligence and television identity. Raised by wolves watches the uphill battle of two androids to revive humanity after their extinction following a devastating war. Raised by wolves is hard science fiction that doesn’t hold back, but the questions it raises about religion and politics will resonate with anyone. It’s a strong reminder of how science fiction can be the ultimate parable of society’s current problems.

The third season of solar opposites is set to premiere this summer on Hulu, and the series has already proven itself as a strong counterpart to rick and morty, the quirky sci-fi animated comedy where the show’s creators hail from. solar opposites heavily adopts sitcom tropes but uses complex sci-fi logic to turn simple obstacles into seismic dilemmas. rick and morty got into some sort of identity crisis about what kind of show he wants to be, but solar opposites never waver. The hilarious show only gains confidence in its comedy and character development.

1 Black Mirror has become this generation’s definitive anthology series

For the vast majority of television history, it was hard to top The twilight zone in terms of consistent science fiction anthology programming, but black mirror gradually became the voice of a generation and a constant reminder of society’s growing reliance on technology. black mirror only has two dozen episodes, but each season focuses on quality over quantity and tries to deliver a cinema-level experience. black mirror covers such eclectic subject matter, as well as frequent tonal shifts between romance, comedy, mystery, and beyond, making it the perfect series for those who are typically left cold by sci-fi.

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