‘Broken and in tears’ Briton faces death penalty in Russia parade on state TV – Reuters

Andrew Hill, 35, from Plymouth, was in footage that showed when he was held by Russian troops in April after being captured – the father-of-four previously served with the British Army’s Lancaster Regiment

Andrew Hill, from Plymouth, is being held by Russian forces

Chilling footage of a third British soldier captured by pro-Putin forces appeared on Russian state television today.

Andrew Hill, 35, from Plymouth, was in footage showing when he was detained by Russian troops in April.

Since then, he has been detained and “faces the death penalty”.

Russian propaganda outlets previously paraded fellow British inmates Aiden Aslin, 28, and fellow inmate Shaun Pinner, 48, who were both sentenced to death.

The clip also showed the Brit talking to his grandmother in the UK, saying: “I’m being held here as a suspected mercenary.

Aiden Aslin was captured by Russian troops in Mariupol


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“The penalty for that here is death.”

Andrew was arrested while fighting for Ukrainian forces. He previously served in the Lancaster Regiment of the British Army.

He was detained in the Russian-occupied Mykolaiv region, we learned.

Now it seems he is parroted on Russian TV for propaganda.

In a video that appears to be from a hospital, he says: “I want to go home, to my homeland, to my family, to my children. I just want to go home. I will tell them the truth.

Shaun Pinner, 48, was recently sentenced to death by a pro-Russian proxy court


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“I’ll tell them how it really is here. I will tell them about the DPR and how it was formed. And I’ll tell them what’s going on here.

Gazprom-owned NTV broadcast the report with the headline: “Exclusive – before execution.”

The report also uses the words: “Mercenaries sentenced to death”.

It claims to highlight Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s “international guys” telling viewers they are watching “a confession before the execution”.

UK prisons marched around pro-Putin state TV


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A reporter said: ‘Mr Hill realizes that Boris Johnson doesn’t care about him, and Zelensky cares even less.’

Separately, Andrew is seen being held by Russians in footage that has been delayed for two months.

Andrew, who is clearly hurt, is told by Putin’s forces: “Don’t worry man, don’t worry man. We are Russians.

“Don’t be afraid, okay? Alright, say something? »

Andrew asks for water and receives it from the kidnappers.

It is not known if a verdict has yet been rendered.

In contrast, Aiden and Shaun are now appealing against the DPR death sentences.

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