What the Netflix Series Timeline Reveals

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden Horizon West.

Upcoming Netflix Horizon Zero Dawn the adaptation would have the title Horizon: 2047, suggesting a lot about the plot of the show based on the existing timeline established in the games. The series, which will be based on the popular Horizon video games, would switch between Aloy’s timeline, established in Horizon Zero Dawn like the distant future, and a time when humanity is falling. Originally the title was reported as Skyline: 2074but since Earth is mostly barren rock at this point in the established timeline, the title is now reported as Horizon: 2047linking it to a year with much more potential importance in the Horizon chronology.


A large part of the specificities of this past in Horizon are still shrouded in mystery. Big reveals about significant events come through the games’ main storyline, and smaller events tend to be revealed through in-game collectibles and data points. The rough timeline is clear: circa 2048 , Faro Automated Solutions (FAS) concluded its first military contracts and began producing robots for war purposes. This would eventually lead to the destruction of all the biomass on the planet.

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None of the decisions of the FAS would have been taken overnight. If the leak on Netflix’s title of their Horizon Zero Dawn series being Horizon: 2047 is legit, then its plot will likely focus on the circumstances that led to the Plague of Faro of the 2060s. well-known characters from the games that audiences might like to see more of, including Ted Faro and Elisabet Sobeck.

What will Horizon: 2047 be made of?

Horizon 3 Forbidden West Sequel Machine Army Ability

The plot of Netflix Horizon The series could depict the circumstances that led to Ted Faro breaking up, the falling out between Elisabet Sobeck and Ted Faro, and FAS’s descent from the saviors of the world through their green robot initiative to its ultimate destroyer through their defense systems automated. Adaptation Horizon Zero Dawn is challenging due to its immersive gameplay and expansive world. Taking a piece of gaming history and expanding it could be the key to telling compelling stories and engaging audiences without trying to reinvent the wheel.

If the Horizon: 2047 title leak is accurate, viewers might also see a new storyline with Aloy that parallels the past. Maybe she’ll delve into more FAS ruins and discover data points that would then lead to the plot of Horizon: 2047 deployment. Perhaps this is the way to give audiences the best of both worlds: a new Aloy story and some deep world-building to flesh out the story of Horizon Zero Dawn even more. Given Aloy’s desire to know her origins, it makes perfect sense that she would seek out more information about Elisabet Sobeck.

Who is Elizabeth Sobeck?

Before Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy learns about her genetic donor, Elisabet Sobeck, and her work on Project Zero Dawn.

Expressed in Horizon Zero Dawn by Ashly Burch (best known for her role as Rachel in Apple’s mythical quest) and inspired by Hannah Hoekstra, Elisabet Sobeck was the most brilliant mind of her age. Born in 2020, Elisabet was a science prodigy, earning her doctorate of philosophy in robotics and artificial intelligence design from Carnegie Mellon University at the age of 20. She was hired by FAS the following year and was soon named chief scientist, as her green robot designs were responsible for turning the tide of climate change.

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Elisabet strongly opposed FAS making automated defense systems and left the company in protest when she signed her first military contract. She believed in doing things right and is as empathetic as she is intelligent. When Ted Faro reveals the mistake that led to the Plague of Faro, she begins to act immediately and her plans ultimately lead to the salvation of mankind. Its creation of the AI ​​GAIA allows Horizon present dinosaurs (without jurassic park science), as GAIA is able to design and create robots to meet its various needs, some of which apparently work better like dinosaurs.

Elisabet is the one GAIA cloned to create Aloy. When the world needed saving and GAIA feared her own destruction, she essentially called her mother, making a copy of her to be raised by the Nora tribe. Aloy spends much of Horizon Zero Dawn trying to find the connection between Elisabet and herself.

Who is Ted Faro?

A hologram of Ted Faro looking at the camera in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Ted Faro founded Faro Automated Solutions after dropping out of business school. They got off to a slow start, but when FAS started focusing on personal minions and Focus devices (augmented reality supercomputers), the company took off. Faro’s true fame comes after hiring Elisabet and taking credit for her green robots. FAS is able to significantly turn back the clock on climate change and save the world.

Focusing on Faro in 2047 could solve a past Netflix villain mistake of not giving enough screen time to a character who gets hyped over the course of a season or series. The plot of the Horizon A series showing his downfall and the decisions that led him to become the author of the extinction of humanity would be even more interesting than his portrayal in the Horizon Games. Whether Horizon: 2047 focuses on the events leading up to FAS’s decision to take on military contracts and ultimately build the world-eating line of robots, audiences might get a chance to understand Ted Faro’s intricacies in more detail.

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What happens in 2047 in the Horizon timeline?

Few consequences occur in 2047 in the establishment Horizon Zero Dawn chronology. The big events tend to happen in 2048, with the FAS starting its military contracts, Elisabet leaving the company, and something called the Raleigh Accords, which has something to do with genetics and cloning, being adopted. The Netflix adaptation of Horizon Zero Dawn could do a lot with this period, however, as it is largely untapped. Granted, none of the events of 2048 happened overnight, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore the circumstances leading up to them. Whether Horizon: 2047 really delves into the year leading up to the first great domino that will topple the human race, it’s sure to be some good television. Regardless of how the Horizon Zero Dawn arrives on Netflix, it’s obvious there’s a lot of material that could be adapted to make a good, interesting story.

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