Oxfordshire: Firefighters rush to the scene of a ‘large pile of mud’ fire

Firefighters rushed to the scene of a large mudpile fire this afternoon.

Crews from Eynsham Fire Station and Wheatley Fire Station rushed to the scene of the blaze to discover a large pile of burning mud.

Firefighters acted quickly on the blaze, which was in the open air in Charlton on Otmoor, using hose reel jets.

Image: Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue

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The teams’ action prevented the fire from spreading to surrounding fields and straw bales.

A spokesperson for Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue said: “With this heat and dry conditions, please remain alert for signs of fire during this higher risk period.”

Oxford Mail: Photo: Oxfordshire Fire and RescueImage: Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue

Today the Met Office issued an amber warning for ‘extreme heat’ in Oxfordshire, with impacts to people and infrastructure due to the expected heat wave.

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