10 Wild Wrestlers You Can Unlock In WWE Video Games

Finding hidden characters and unlockables was one of the most exciting aspects of WWE video games since before the Internet. As WWE began to expand beyond the world of wrestling and became a major part of popular culture, WWE video game content evolved with the company. Being able to play with characters that weren’t just “wrestling stars” or even “humans” helped WWE video games establish themselves as staples in the gaming world.

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Long before fans could download Spider-Man or Homer Simpson from an online WWE database, the closest they could get to “weird characters” came from gaming. This list looks at ten of the wrestlers to unlock the craziest WWE video games.

ten Manager – WWF Attitude

Al Snow’s “head” helped him become a major WWE star in the 90s. Not only did Snow talk to the mannequin head he carried, but it was also sometimes his tag team partner. . It was also unlockable in the WWF attitude Game.

The game character was clearly a regular avatar with no body, but it was one of the funniest characters ever featured in a WWE video game.

9 Golden AJ Styles – WWE 2K19

This version of WWE fan favorite AJ Styles is one of the weirdest additions to any WWE video game. If you complete AJ’s “million dollar challenge” in tower mode, you unlock a golden AJ Styles that looks like the former world champion dipped in gold.

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It’s supposed to be some kind of trophy, but it looks more like an in-game glitch. His total was 100 and had a crazy look that made him look like a smaller Goldust from certain angles.


8 Crash Test Dummy – WrestleMania 2000

“Dummy” is one of the weirdest playable characters ever introduced in a WWE video game. There was no backstory as to why he was playable and Dummy even entered the ring without an entrance.

Dummy looked like a crash test dummy and had an extremely basic moveset. This was a hidden character only available to players with access to a cheat code and also required a clone process in Create a Wrestler mode.

seven Ring Girls – WWF Warzone

WWF War Zone revolutionized what a wrestling game could be. It was also the precursor to the modern “create a wrestler” mode. The game also included two generic ring girls named Sue and Pamela.

There is no story as to why they exist, and it is assumed that they were meant to be Sable and Chyna, but ended up being random women for some reason.

6 Colonel Sanders – WWE 2K18

Promotion between WWE and KFC led to this addition to WWE 2K18. The Colonel Sanders model can be accessed as a model in Create Player mode.

It’s a good thing these cross-promotions with video games are rare, who knows what WWE would have done if their Girls Gone Wild cross-promotion in the 90s landed on a video game.

5 Linda McMahon – WWF No Mercy

Although she made a few appearances on WWE television, Linda McMahon was the least active member of the McMahon family in terms of wrestling.

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She was featured on the wwf no mercy game as a playable character, along with the rest of the McMahons. It was a rare addition to WWE content and the last time she made an in-game appearance.

4 The Terminator – WWE 2K16

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only a movie star and a former governor, but he is also a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. In WWE 2K16 both the original Terminator and the hero of Terminator 2: Judgment Day were available by pre-ordering the game.

His inclusion is completely random, although there are a few celebrities in the WWE Hall of Fame that fans would love to see, such as Snoop Dogg and Ozzy Osbourne.

3 Fred Durst – WWF SmackDown! just bring it

Fred Durst and his band Limp Bizkit are no strangers to WWE. their song To roll was used by The Undertaker when he began adapting his American Badass gimmick.

It was a polarizing development for The Deadman, but the addition of To roll helped sell the gimmick as his old organ music would have been as out of place as ‘Taker on a motorcycle in the early 90s. Somehow Durst ended up being an unlockable character on WWF Smackdown! just bring it with its own unique entrance.

2 Howard Finkel – WWF No Mercy

For $10,000 in-game, Howard Finkel can be unlocked to play on wwf no mercy. The game is actually full of announcers, including Earl Hebner.

While Finkel is definitely a WWE legend, he’s not the most desirable non-wrestler to use in the ring and is a pretty wild addition to the game. He was one of those random stars that took forever to unlock and was then rarely used by players.

1 The Godfather’s Daughters – WWF WrestleMania 2000

If you want to see how much WWE has improved its content beyond TV shows, look no further than Godfather’s Girls. Not only has his “pimp” gimmick aged badly, it’s also been featured amid controversy on WWF Wrestle Mania 2000.

A gamehark a device was required to access it, but teens could play with a secret female character named “Ho”.

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