Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

The first true comedy for the action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in 1998’s “Twins” alongside Danny DeVito, who had already established himself as a comic book superstar on TV (“Taxi”) and the big screen. screen (“Throw Mama From the Train”). Using his size and strength to good effect, Arnold was the polar opposite of the diminutive DeVito, who served the film’s absurd premise perfectly. A big hit in theaters, the faded dark comedy classic was directed by Ivan Reitman and also starred Kelly Preston and Zoe Webb.

Schwarzenegger plays in the film the role of Jules Benedict, the model of a man physically, mentally and even morally. Raised on a remote island, Jules learns that he was the product of a scientific experiment to create the perfect human specimen, but as part of his creation a sibling brother was born who was his exact opposite in every way. Enter Danny DeVito as Vincent Benedict, a slimy, sarcastic, and morally questionable petty criminal, whom Jules sets out to track down. Although Vincent initially tries to use Jules to aid him in his plans, they soon form an unlikely brotherly bond and set off to discover the truth about their origins.

While there’s fun action and a story with real heart, the real appeal of “Twins” is the perfect chemistry between Schwarzenegger and DeVito, one of the era’s most underrated comic book duos. . The pair would reunite nearly a decade later for the spiritual successor, “Junior,” while a true sequel, with the inspired title “Triplets,” has long been in development.

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