Tarragona Gunman will receive euthanasia on August 23

Tarragona shooter Eugen Sabau will receive euthanasia next Tuesday, August 23. This was reported by the Center of the Terrassa Peninsula to the Court of Inquiry No. 5 of Tarragona, after the Provincial Court rejected the appeals of the victims.

In a statement to the ACN agency, lawyer Gérard Amigo explained that it was a “firm” decision. However, it is possible that the Constitutional Court will admit the last appeals filed by the victims and again paralyze the process, which Amigo called “highly unlikely”. The lawyer was satisfied with the jurisprudence representing the case in which the fundamental right of honorable death prevails over any criminal case.

Regarding the victims’ latest appeals to the Constitutional Court, Amigo said he had no official record and believes it would be a ‘remote’ possibility that the Constitutional Court or Provincial Court would admit them. and review the process. will stop. Sabau euthanasia.

“We have created jurisprudence, two judicial bodies – an instructor and the Provincial Court of Tarragona – have argued for a new position in Spain. We are very happy with the resolution, it can be used for future cases,” Amigo explained. The decision comes just a year after the euthanasia law was approved. In that line, the shooter’s attorney remarks that in these circumstances, the right to die with dignity prevailed over the criminal cases Sabau faces.

In the event that Sabau finally obtains euthanasia on August 23, the penal code provides for the filing of a file. According to Amigo, victims will be able to recover and receive financial compensation.

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