Dog Day Adoption Event Friday at the Visalia Fox Theater features some of the available dogs

Bailey is the nicest girl you will ever meet. She is very affectionate and likes to be loved. Her owners moved out and left her in the vacant property to fend for herself. The neighbors realized she had stayed and started feeding and watering her as they thought the owners might be returning for a family member. They never came back. We’ve been called and now Bailey is ready for her homecoming!

Dewey is a nice boy who’s had a tough life, so he starts out scared, but never aggressive. He and two of his furry family members found themselves handed over to the CCSPCA in Fresno. We saw an article about them being put on the euthanasia list and we weren’t going to let that happen, so we brought them to our rescue. His two fur family members were adopted and he is the only dog ​​standing. He has waited so patiently for his family forever.

Poor Amy was found in a dumpster at the new Fresno Humane site while they were still building it. Fresno Humane acted quickly and gave her all the care she needed. They treated, chipped and vaccinated her and sent her for adoption. We heard her story and wanted to help Fresno Humane, so we brought her to our rescue so they could focus on other dogs. Amy is a sweet girl who loves to play and can keep up with big dogs, pun intended. She will be your best friend forever if you give her a fierce chance.

Bonita was found alone in a park, so the Good Samaritan picked her up and brought her home. They called us to help, and we said sure. It’s a little ball of sweetness. She knows how to play and relax when the time comes. She is known to play hide and seek with her foster families, so she will need someone to watch her closely. She’s a wonderful dog.

Meet Mash! A German Shepherd puppy ready to play with you or relax with you. He is an extremely sweet boy who has all the energy a puppy should have. Mash will hang out with you on the couch or go out and run and play. Mash was found in a box in the orchards with his sister and a sign that read “free”. There was no food or water nearby.

Bruno is probably one of the best dogs you will ever meet. He is friendly with dogs, children, crate trained, playful and calm when needed and above all very affectionate. Bruno is anxious at night and needs to be inside with his owners or inside in his crate, not outside wandering in the garden. If anyone out there can understand that this is how Bruno behaves, then he will make the perfect companion in any household.

Meet Sammy and Stanley, two brothers looking for their forever homes. Sammy and Stanley love each other so much. They play together all day. They sleep together. They love being together. They are the sweetest pair and are very affectionate.

About PAW Estate Rescue & Shelter, Inc.

Both licensed realtors by trade, but avid dog lovers by nature, Gil and Lana founded and incorporated PAW Estate Rescue & Shelter, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dog rescue, in 2020. However, their mission to help dogs in need and “give them crazy luck” began four years ago when they helped local rescuers save the life of a dog named Cooper who was on the list. of euthanasia from a local shelter.

With the help of the community and volunteer foster families, we strive to rescue and protect as many dogs as possible (strays, abandoned dogs, owner abandonments, special needs) from homelessness, abuse and neglect. We are strongly committed to our mission.

Gil and Lana are here for the long haul. Rest assured that as long as there are homeless, abused, and unwanted animals, they will continue to seek to “give them a damn chance!” »

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