Big Mom’s 10 Worst Enemies In One Piece

Big Mom was one of the most terrifying emperors of A play. Responsible for controlling an entire island and pirates across the world, few were bold enough to stand in his way and incur his wrath. When Luffy first challenged her on Fishman Island, its inhabitants immediately feared for their lives.

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Nonetheless, Big Mom’s treachery and tyranny have attracted a number of dangerous enemies over the years. By identifying them, it becomes easier to appreciate those who stood up to the Emperor, their motivations, and what resulted from their great acts of courage.

ten The Law Defied Big Mom on Onigashima

Although Kaido’s connection to Doflamingo made Law more personally attached to him, he ended up facing Big Mom in the battle for Onigashima. Fighting alongside Kid, he did remarkably well, especially considering the mobility afforded him by his Devil Fruit.

Law and Big Mom may not have an official rivalry, though her role in his defeat automatically makes them one of the Emperor’s greatest enemies. Given Law’s tenacity, however, it’s unlikely that any of Big Mom’s children will ever succeed in avenging her.

9 Marco and Big Mom are timeless enemies

As one of the last active Whitebeard Pirates, Marco and Big Mom harbor animosity for each other. She sees him as a relic of a bygone era that refuses to fade into the night. Marco assured that he would not be underestimated in the battle of Onigashima.

By attacking Big Mom’s children as they attempted to scale a large cliff, he ensured that Kaido’s pirates would never be reinforced. Marco and Perospero even briefly worked together so they could break into the fortress, though the partnership ended once Big Mom heard about it.

8 Jimbei betrayed Big Mom

At one point, Jimbei served as an ambassador between Big Mom and the people of Fish-Man Island. This made him an unofficial member of her crew and bound him to her will. When Jimbei asked to leave, Big Mom told him that he would have to sacrifice limbs to do so.

This caused him to betray the Emperor, freeing Luffy and enabling the destruction of the Tea Party. Since Jimbei’s allies were directly responsible for the Straw Hats’ escape, Big Mom especially despises him and will try to get revenge as soon as possible.

seven Lola is Big Mom’s thug daughter

Lola “the Proposer” was a thug girl. She abandoned her mother to sail the seas in search of love, soliciting hundreds of people and being rejected each time.

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When the Straw Hats rescued her from Gecko Moria, she gratefully gave them Big Mom’s Life Card. This greatly helped Nami control the Enchanted Forest homies and saved Luffy’s life. Big Mom personally views Lola as an enemy who must be killed because she walked away from her children to live her own life. Fortunately, Bege provided him with the necessary protection.

6 Big Mom was betrayed and tried to kill Judge Vinsmoke

Vinsmoke Judge was the leader of Germa 66. At first, he attempted to marry Sanji to Charlotte Pudding so he could benefit from Big Mom’s military power and business. However, she intended to betray him all along and attacked Germa 66 directly.

Luckily, Luffy and Sanji foiled Big Mom’s treacherous ambush and allowed Judge to escape. Since then, the Germa Kingdom has remained one of Big Mom’s highest priority targets for its vast technology and advances in human cloning.

5 Kaido is just a convenience ally for Big Mom

It is true that Kaido and Big Mom formed an alliance towards the end of the Wano arc. However, both factions attempted to manipulate each other through this partnership, with a reality so obvious that Perospero mentioned it directly.

Considering Big Mom’s treacherous nature, it’s inevitable that she will betray Kaido sooner or later by trying to take over One Piece. Considering Kaido’s first instinct was to fight her, the second queen brought her to him, he probably shared the same feelings. Their “partnership” was based on mutual exploitation.

4 Almost Drowned Child Big Mom

Kid was arguably an even bigger threat to Big Mom than Law. Shortly after they started fighting, he attacked her with metal projectiles and nearly drowned her. Since he imprisoned Zeus in iron and Kaido was already busy, he almost single-handedly killed Big Mom himself.

This gave her a personal grudge for the thief, especially since he seemed the person most capable of defeating her at the time. Considering Kid’s disrespectful and rude ways, Big Mom also saw him as an arrogant kid who needed to be taught a lesson.

3 Bege betrayed Big Mom to her enemies

Considering his performance as an enforcer, “Big Gang” Bege received a position of honor. He was meant to keep Big Mom’s tea party safe, pitting him against some of his worst enemies across the seas. This put Bege in an opportune position to betray her.

Working alongside the Straw Hat Pirates, he hatched a plan to kill her when she was emotionally most vulnerable. His plan would have succeeded if not for the dozens of skilled Devil Fruit users in the area, determined to thwart the assassination at every turn.

2 Nami stole Zeus from Big Mom

When Nami first met Zeus, she quickly realized how much he loved thunder bubbles. As a result, it became easy to bribe him into serving the Straw Hats, allowing them to better escape the island. Since then, Nami has effectively abducted Zeus and used him as a personal weapon.

It was especially humbling for Big Mom considering that Zeus was formed by a piece of his own soul. When she confronted Nami at Onigashima, Big Mom was especially furious and even nearly killed her with an army of pals.

1 Big Mom has a score to settle with Luffy.

Of all those who have crossed paths with Big Mom, she harbors the greatest resentment towards Luffy. He doesn’t care to offend her personally and will even do so in territories she controls, such as Fish-Man Island and even Whole Cake Island itself.

Plus, Luffy was directly responsible for destroying Big Mom’s wedding cake and ruining her plans to betray Germa 66. Considering Big News Morgan was here to report it all, that was perhaps the biggest humiliation. she had ever endured. Big Mom personally arrived in Wano in order to kill Luffy and save face from her previous disgrace.

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