Shin Ha Kyun Heads To A Mysterious Location To Find Han Ji Min In A Special Poster For “Yonder”

TVING has released a special poster for their new drama “Yonder”!

“Yonder” is based on an original work that revolves around the future and virtual reality. It is about a man who lives in agony because he cannot forget his wife who died of cancer. One day, he receives a letter and chooses to find her after having abandoned her body. The drama will depict a world where one can live forever without death and make viewers wonder about the meaning of eternal life, death, memory and oblivion, happiness and unhappiness.

Shin Ha Kyun will play Jae Hyun, a Science M reporter who lives an empty life after the death of his wife. Han Ji Min will play the role of Jae Hyun’s late wife, Yi Hu. She signs a mysterious contract just before choosing euthanasia, which leads her husband to a different world called Over There.

The special poster commemorates Yonder’s invitation to the 27th Busan International Film Festival. It introduces Jae Hyun, who is heading to the mysterious place called “Over There” where his wife Yi Hu is waiting for him. Yi Hu asked him to come to Yonder, and the poster shows Jae Hyun’s response as he exudes a sense of loneliness. Text on the poster reads, “I’ll go where you are,” sparking curiosity about what Yonder is really all about and how the couple will reunite there.

The drama’s producers teased, “A well-made human romance that unveils different topics and themes with lyrical sensibility will be born.” They asked viewers to look forward to the more than perfect synergy of director Lee Joon Ik, Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min.

“There” will premiere on October 14.

Check out Shin Ha Kyun in “Fix you” here!

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