10 Memes That Sum Up The Jurassic Park Movies Perfectly

It seems like the worst thing that happened to the dinosaurs after the asteroid disappeared Jurassic World: Dominion given its terrible reviews, many fans of the franchise have expressed how deeply disappointed they are with the film. But despite the poor ratings and the public divided on jurassic parkmany fans still enjoy going to the movies to see their beloved dinosaurs once again be a threat to humanity due to irresponsible scientists, computer programmers, investors and politicians.

Dinosaurs are amazing creatures and it’s fascinating to see them on the big screen. With seven films about their adventures, it’s hard to keep track of their actions, but luckily there are some hilarious memes that can sum it all up.


ten Mosquitoes with Dinasour’s DNA got trapped in amber

A very educational video at first jurassic park The film explains that blood contains enough DNA to retrieve all the necessary information about an organism and clone it. Thus, the park’s geneticists, guided by John Hammond, remembered mosquitoes that had been trapped in amber for centuries – which looked quite like Aladdin and Abu – and therefore sucked the blood of dinosaurs.

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The missing code in the dinosaur’s DNA was supplemented with the genetic code of the frogs, which was quite a creative solution. Luckily, none of the dinosaurs acquired the frog’s exceptionally large and sticky tongues, because if they did, Rexy would have grabbed more than a few people.

9 John Hammond brought the Dinasours back to life

There are seven movies that have followed Jurassic Park’s legacy, and it all started with John Hammond, the CEO of InGen who founded and funded the park. Thanks to him, the public was left speechless when they first saw amazing dinosaurs in the cinema.

jurassic park is considered one of the old movies to see in theaters because seeing towering dinosaurs on the big screen is an experience like no other. If the audience was impressed watching them from afar, no one can imagine how Hammond must have felt being there. He was blinded by their beauty, and as a result, he put his own grandchildren in danger and ate comforting ice cream because of his failures.

8 Nublar is the start of everything

Although Hammond made some questionable decisions, no one can deny that he at least thought about isolating the park on an island to keep the dinosaurs away from the human population. He started his project on Isla Nublar, and although he failed in his attempt to open Jurassic Park, Jurassic World was successful for a decade.

However, nature seemed to really dislike the idea of ​​humans playing God and bringing back to life creatures that died out millions of years ago, and the island’s volcano became active. The dinosaurs’ behavioral reaction to the eruption is something Jurassic Park gets wrong about them, but the humans’ reactions are accurate and quite similar to Gru’s.

seven life finds a way

“Life finds a way” is one of the most used everyday movie quotes by fans of the franchise, and it was first used by Ian Malcolm, who despite being a mathematician , seemed to have more common sense about dinosaurs and nature than anyone. other scientist in the movies.

In Jurassic Park, they only clone female dinosaurs to avoid reproduction, however, they become sequential hermaphrodites. In a depiction of Noah’s Ark – where female and male animals were supposed to board to replenish the stock – two male lions can be seen boarding, and who knows, maybe they are doing something similar to their predecessors dinosaurs that didn’t have the opposite sex to breed with.

6 Dinosaurs get out of control and roar…a lot

In all the movies, whenever the dinosaurs make an entrance, they make their distinctive roar to let everyone know they’ve arrived. This is especially true for every fan’s favorite dinosaur: the T-Rex. It’s hard to imagine them without it, and it could be considered their signature.

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However, scientists suggest it is more likely that the dinosaurs were more like a crocodile or a goose. Since these animals are the closest living descendants of dinosaurs, their theory is understandable, although jurassic park would feel very different without their signature roars, like the movies were slaughtered.

5 Herbivores are friendly… most of the time

Hervibore dinosaurs are significantly friendlier than their carnivorous brethren, which attack anything they consider their next meal. Nevertheless, herbivores can become aggressive if they feel threatened, and some characters in the films have felt their rage, notably Claire.

In the last film, Claire was chased by the terrifying herbivore Therizinosaurus, which proved to be just as ferocious, scary, and violent as a velociraptor and a T-Rex. jurassic world the characters could only wish that every herbivore was like the Brachiosaurus.

4 Rex is slow

The T-Rex in jurassic park and jurassic world is seen as one of the film’s characters with absurd weaknesses due to their lack of good eyesight, which caused Rexy to miss more than one meal in all of the films.

Yes, they are terrifying to watch, however, beyond their blindness, their main problem is that they are slow. Even in the movies, they’re faster than they were in real life, and even then, unforgettable, Claire was able to outrun one in her high heels.

3 Raptors enjoy the art of opening doors

Being reborn millions of years before their time may have surprised them at first when they had to deal with technologically advanced machinery such as electric fences and doors with handles, however, velociraptors are intelligent creatures and they always find their way.

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Their sheer intelligence has been consistently proven in every movie, but no one can forget the iconic scene when Lex and Tim Murphy were trapped in the kitchen and a velociraptor learned to open the doorknob and smash its way through. path to chase the children.

2 Humans never learn

No matter how many times the characters see the devastating effects of cloning dinosaurs and capitalize on their existence for entertainment, there’s always another movie where humans want to preserve and control them for their own benefit.

But for jurassic park and jurassic world characters, there aren’t enough lessons in the movies to stop the cloning, breeding and genetic modification of dinosaurs, because apparently there aren’t enough jurassic park movies that might stop real scientists from trying to do the same thing.

1 Latest Movies Have Divided Audiences

Jurassic World: Dominion received poor reviews from film critics and its own fanbase, but regardless of the film’s terrible reputation, some fans loved it. The first one jurassic park the film was critically acclaimed, but the sequels weren’t as well-received by most.

While fans may agree that the first film is a masterpiece, there’s constant debate over the quality of the remaining six films that have been released over the past few years. Differing opinions on the latest movies are highly unlikely to prevent future movies from being made, after all, everyone still wants to see dinosaurs come to life.

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