11 Popular Star Wars Fan Theories Debunked

The theory: The Ewoks planned to roast and eat Luke, Chewbacca, Han, and R2-D2 in “Return of the Jedi”, and were only stopped when they came to believe that C-3PO was a god. Later, they are seen using stormtrooper helmets as xylophones – did they belong to previous Ewoks victims? And where did they find that human-sized dress for Leia to wear, anyway?

Reality: WTF, Nope. Well, ok. Most likely not.

Sometimes cute family moments filmed in 1983 take on a different cast in the modern age of it’s all irony. Lucas originally envisioned the Ewoks as Wookiees, but scaled the creatures down to emphasize the “little guy”‘s triumph over the big, mean, and technologically advanced Empire. Casting Ewoks as evil carnivores undermines his deliberate conceptualization of them as trusted allies.

Plus, consider the Rebels enjoying a feast with the Ewoks in the “Return of the Jedi” finale. If stormtroopers were on the menu, chances are humans wouldn’t be smiling. It’s far more likely that the Ewoks were grooming Luke and Han as an offering to Threepio, and the helmets as instruments were just a playful Lucasfilm moment.

We also have an answer to the mystery of Leia’s dress. According to “Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy”, the Ewoks created the dress for her, likely from the skin of a non-humanoid victim. The costume was even deliberately constructed to look like little tabs were responsible for the stitching. Perhaps fast fashion was a particular talent of the Ewok.

Anyway, a “Star Wars” fan movie titled “Alone” popped up on YouTube in 2020. It’s not canon, but it Is show an Ewok eating a stormtrooper, so if you need that imagery in your life, go ahead and watch.

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