The Pope denounces euthanasia in 3 sentences

“Let the animals kill…”

On his return trip from Kazakhstan, the pope was asked about the moral situation in the West. The questioner specifically mentioned euthanasia as an example of questioning the moral status of Western culture.

The pope replied jokingly:

It is true that the West, in general, is not at the highest level of exemplarity at the moment. He is not at all a child on his first communion.

He went on to discuss various issues – political and social – emphasizing at length the problem of responding to refugees, both in Europe and elsewhere.

The questioner returned to the specific question of euthanasia, and to this the Pope had a brief but categorical answer:

Killing is not human, period. If you kill with motivation, you will end up killing more and more. Let the beasts be killed.

Pope Francis speaks to reporters aboard the plane flying from Nur-Sultan to Rome after his three-day visit to Kazakhstan on September 15, 2022.

Frequent denunciation

In fact, Pope Francis regularly speaks out against euthanasia.

Life is a right, not death – which must be welcomed and not administered. (See here)

If the person [in palliative care] feels loved, respected and accepted, the dark shadow of euthanasia disappears or becomes almost non-existent… (See here)

The practice of euthanasia, already legalized in several states, is only ostensibly aimed at encouraging individual freedom; in reality it is based on a utilitarian vision of the person, which becomes useless or can be assimilated to a cost… (See here)

In 2020, the Vatican also released a new statement on euthanasia:

Citing Gaudium and spesthe document recalls that “abortion, euthanasia and voluntary self-destruction poison human society” and “are a supreme dishonor to the Creator” (no. 27).


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