Han Ji Min and Shin Ha Kyun experience a sad but beautiful reunion in bittersweet “Over There” Poster

“Yonder” unveiled its solemn main poster with Han Ji Min and Shin Ha Kyun!

TVING’s original series “Yonder” is based on an original work that revolves around future and virtual reality. It is about a man who lives in agony because he cannot forget his wife who died of cancer. One day, he receives a message from his late wife inviting him to an unknown space and he abandons his body to find her. The drama will depict a world where one can live forever without death and make viewers wonder about the meaning of eternal life, death, memory and oblivion, happiness and unhappiness.

Shin Ha Kyun will play Jae Hyun, a Science M reporter who lives an empty life after the death of his wife. Han Ji Min will play the role of Jae Hyun’s late wife, Yi Hu. She signs a mysterious contract just before choosing euthanasia, which leads her husband to a different world called Over There.

The main poster features the sad but beautiful reunion of Jae Hyun and Yi Hu as they simultaneously seem close yet distant from each other. The two seem close enough to touch, but they look way beyond each other. While Shin Ha Kyun looks crystal clear, Han Ji Min’s image is more hazy and blurry. However, their hands remain joined, capturing a love emotion deeper than words. The poster says “An unknown space where you can meet the person you love”.

The producers of “Yonder” shared, “Please watch for the reunion between Jae Hyun and Yi Hu that takes place in an unknown and mystical world. It will become a project that goes beyond deep emotions and sends questions and Endless messages. You will once again be able to confirm the value of actors Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min who have an unparalleled emotional depth.

“Là-bas” premieres on October 14 and you can check out a teaser here!

Start watching Han Ji Min in “Miss Baek” with captions below:

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