455 whales got trapped after coming out of the sea, it was difficult to put them back in the water, they had to give ‘euthanasia’

Wellington: Nearly 240 pilot whales, trapped on remote Pitt Island in the Pacific Ocean, are now dead. A few days earlier, 215 whales had died after being trapped by the sea on neighboring Chatham Island. The New Zealand Office of Conservation provided this information. The department said on Tuesday that two pilot whale “super pods” were stuck on two islands that could not be reinserted into the water. He was therefore euthanized. The Department of Conservation said 215 pilot whales were found stranded on Chatham Island on Saturday. After that, on Monday, another 240 fish were found on Pitt Island.

Dave Lundquist, a marine technical adviser to the New Zealand Department of Conservation, said a technical team assessed the condition of the trapped whales and the decision was made to “euthanize” the creatures, Al Jazeera reported. He said this decision is never made in a hurry but is the most compassionate option in such cases. The department did not try to reintroduce the fish because it feared dangerous sharks would attack whales and humans.

“Troubling Incidents of Fish Entrapment”
Darren Grover, chief executive of Project Jonah, a charity that deals with stranded whales, said there were not enough people in the area to help bring them back to the water. After the discovery of 215 whales on Chatham Island, the organization said on Facebook that the large-scale trapping of fish is a worrying incident. Whenever we expected live whales to be put back into the water, that was not an option.

More than 1000 creatures were trapped and died in 1918
Pitt and Chatham Islands are the largest islands of the Chatham Islands, located approximately 840 km off the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. About 800 people live on Bada Chatham Island and 40 on Pitt Island. Scientists have not yet been able to figure out how massive fish are trapped on the shore. The largest number of fish ever caught was caught on the Chatham Islands in 1918. Over 1000 animals were killed in this incident.

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