Mom shares surprising differences between her cloned cat and her original cat

There is one in particular that is freaking people out.

Animal cloning has become more common in recent years. Simply put, the process involves transferring DNA from an animal into an egg from which the DNA and nucleus have been removed. This relatively new practice leaves many wondering, so one woman who cloned her cat has shared some of her experience.

TikTok user @clonekitty recently shared a video of his cloned Ragdoll cat named Belle. This kitten was created with DNA from this woman’s previous cat, Chai, who had passed away, and in the video, she shares some of the differences between Chai and Belle. Watch the video to see what sets this clone apart from its DNA donor!

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Wow, that’s so interesting! Usually people think that when you create a clone it will be exactly the same as the original. However, these differences prove that this is not the case! Many of these things, like their personality, can be attributed to the different way Belle was socialized as a kitten compared to Chai.

People in the comments explained how the kittens share DNA, but Belle’s soul is entirely hers. @puplover1979 said: “You can clone the cat but not the soul. Beautiful kitty, though!” and @sojournsmitten commented, “They have two different souls so they definitely won’t have the same personality.” Everyone, even cloned cats, has a unique soul!

Others made comparisons to explain how they viewed the cloning process. @whatsthatfacts commented, “It’s just the same DNA, not the same animal. Sort of like identical twins!” Another user, @unofficialhannahtaylor, said, “So is it almost like your original cat had a baby without having to give birth? That’s how I see it.” It looks like DNA transmission, so there are similarities while having a cat with its own unique quirks!

We loved learning more about how animal cloning works. This user has shared various other videos about the cloning process that give a deeper insight into the process and its reasoning, so check out his account if you’re still curious about cloning!

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