Father-daughter team races to find long-lost parents on national television

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-A man who grew up in Bowling Green with adoptive parents is on a mission to find his birth mother.

“It was a young woman who gave me up for adoption and I just didn’t know if there were any regrets she might have had,” Scott Bradley said.

And his mission will be broadcast on national television.

“You’re gone, you’re running across the country, I’ve got my daughter Hannah next to me, we’re trying to find all these different people that we’ve never met before in all these different cities across the United States “, says Bradley.

Scott is joined by his daughter Hannah, on a 10 day trip to meet parents on ‘Relative Race’.

“I always knew my dad was adopted and there’s always a half of me biologically that I didn’t know anything about. So my natural curiosity, everyone wants to know who he looks like, where my family is from,” Hannah Bradley said.

After meeting brothers, cousins, uncles and more, he hopes to reunite with his mother at the end of the trip.

He was born in Saint Louis. Once adopted, his family moved to Bowling Green and he grew up in our community. He hopes the show will shed more light on those who have been adopted

“As long as I can remember my mum and dad said they chose me, they chose me, and that had a huge impact on my life and I would encourage others who have embraced being so open and communicative,” Bradley said. .

What if you’re wondering if he found his biological mother?

“You’ll have to watch until the end to find out,” Bradley said.

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