Marvel Snap’s Agatha Harkness Card Plays For You And It’s Mayhem

Agatha Harkness, who many know from Disney Plus' recent WandaVision show, in Marvel Snap.

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As many of us go our way through the pool system hidden in marvel snap, I’m willing to bet that many new players have yet to reach the third and final level, which unlocks the final set of cards in Second Dinner’s popular new deck-building game. So chances are you haven’t come across the Agatha Harkness map yet, which might house the most entertaining game mechanic I’ve seen in this game yet.

Get this: Agatha will play all your cards for you. She just takes over and you have to watch her do it. It’s a particularly fun prospect, not only because you suddenly have to let fate decide if you’re going to win the game, but also because of how often do people play marvel snap are paranoid about that they could fight against bots. What if the reality was that you were competing against both a bot and a human? Dun dun dun.

As a YouTuber MegaMogwai reviews in her video below, Agatha has a variety of quirks that aren’t listed in her description. Not only will it always start in your hand, but it will also always be an additional card on top of what you initially draw. Most of the time, this quality might seem useless, given that Agatha costs five energy, which is usually a late-game thing. Recently, however, marvel snapit is had a 40% increased chance of with areas that gave you five extra energy upon revealing itself, so an Agatha deck has been viable lately.


Another thing the game doesn’t tell you is that Agatha is also selfish. Not only will she prioritize herself and try to play her own card as soon as she can, but she always seems to draw the energy rewards that are normally given to a given random card at the end of a match. Disadvantages. But the moment Agatha touches the board, you regain control. With smart deckbuilding, you could potentially make plays that take advantage of his massive 14 power without getting too hurt while his bot AI controls.

You would still be playing with fire, of course. Hilarious, the Agatha deck featured on is aptly called “Chaos Deck”. MegaMogwai doesn’t run the exact same deck, but there are some similarities between them. The big things to note about Mega’s particular deck are that it has cards like Lady Sif to try and get rid of Agatha early, if that’s possible, but also cards like Ghost Rider, which brings discarded cards back to any given location, potentially granting you that 14 power boost without risking Agatha taking over. It’s a dense, high-energy deck that doesn’t allow you to play too many cards at once. But that’s okay, because it also runs Devil Dinosaur, which powers +2 for each card in your hand.

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In theory, it’s an immensely smart deck. But the crispy thing about marvel snapbeyond small matchesit’s that you never know what’s going to happen next. Instantaneous is a game where the only deities are crooks who laugh at your silly little deadly plans, blowing them up just to see the reaction on your face. You feel like a god when it goes your way. And when it’s not, you can just tell yourself it was bullshit, the cards were literally stacked against you.

I was once playing a game that I was winning at the very beginning, only for an area called “Ego” to appear. Get this: Ego makes the AI ​​play for both players, not one. Do you know what this bot did? He played Mantis and Sentinel on my sixth turn, two low-energy cards usually reserved for the early game. I lost. Then I lined up for another match. Madness, video games.

So, yes, MegaMogwai’s acting is great on paper, but things go awry the moment he starts showing it off on camera. During the first game, the initial area immediately discards Agatha. The centerpiece of the bridge has disappeared. lol. lmao. It continues to win, as the deck was built around the idea of ​​throwing it away, but I’m eternally amused by how quickly marvel snap just gonna look you in the eye and say Nope. The most fun is figuring out how to make things work after everything goes wrong.

The second game in the video didn’t go much better, spiritually. MegaMogwai can play Agatha, which is awesome, until a clone vat is revealed, and suddenly Agatha actually decides that he’s not getting rid of her at all like he planned. Immediately, he retreats so as not to lose too many cubes, the currency of the game.

I won’t spoil the rest of the video, which is nearly an hour long, but it’s a great look at one of the most unusual ways to play. Marvel Snap. Funny too, because despite all this uncertainty and chaos? I want to go build an Agatha deck as soon as possible. Here again, I’m a known first round marvel snap snapper.

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