A famous rooster who thinks he’s a kitten has disappeared from the Funny Farm Rescue

Squiggy, a four-pound rooster who thinks he’s a kitten, is so cute that visitors to Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary in Mays Landing, NJ, regularly ask to take him home.

Now, with the world-famous Squiggy missing since election day, the question is: did anyone actually take Squiggy?

“We are so desperate,” volunteer Kim Myles said Sunday, when the reward for Squiggy’s return rose to $1,800. “He’s the cutest little white rooster. Everyone is fighting for him.

Myles thinks someone stuck Squiggy, who isn’t much bigger than a bag of Doritos, in a pocket or under a jacket and took off.

Squiggy was last seen on chilly November 8 with three bantam hens under founder Laurie Zaleski’s hot tub, near the house where she lives on the farm.

Zaleski offers the reward, “no questions asked,” promised by three donors for the return of Squiggy, who has been on the farm since his surrender about two years ago.

He lived happily among Zaleski’s 11 dogs, 20 goats, 15 horses, 2 llamas and around 600 other animals at the bucolic farm where the animals are mostly free to roam and many have unusual personalities, stories of love and life. oppressed and friendships crossed. .

With a following on social media around the world, animals have become celebrities, like Ricky the peacock, who had to be euthanized due to a spinal cord injury, or Cooper the alpaca, who hangs out with his best friend, Yogi, the 1,200 pound calf. Zaleski wrote of her unusual story in a memoir earlier this year.

Squiggy was mostly cute. He was abandoned because his owners thought he was a chicken. When he turned out to be a rooster, he was no longer allowed to be kept as a pet.

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“Everyone loves that rooster,” Zaleski said in a phone interview Sunday, with the phone held to her ear by a volunteer while she milked goats. “He is such a fan favorite. People always joke, ‘We can put it in our jacket, or in our purse.’ He is like a kitten. He is always there.

When Squiggy was last seen, Zaleski said, it was a very busy day visiting. “We don’t think a predator got him because he was mostly hanging out near the stage where there were a lot of people,” the farm said. wrote in a Facebook post, shared by around 1,300 people from Sunday. “We are reviewing all Funny Farm Rescue camera footage from that day.”

Although Zaleski had about 115 other roosters on the farm, Squiggy was the star and was not available for adoption (there are also concerns about bird flu currently). And while it’s a truism about the farm that anyone used to having dogs on leashes and pets fenced in can feel bewildered seeing all the animals roaming around unrestrained, Zaleski says they don’t have never scared an animal off the 25-acre farm.

“The door is open,” Zaleski said in an interview in March. “People are like, ‘Aren’t they leaving?’ And I said, ‘If you’re an animal, would you go? Who would go?'”

On Sunday, Zaleski reiterated that it’s highly unlikely that Squiggy chose to go it alone by heading out along Railroad Boulevard in Mays Landing.

“He’s not going anywhere,” she said. “He sings all the time. He hasn’t gone anywhere in the two years we’ve had him.

Anyone with information on Squiggy’s whereabouts is asked to call or text Zaleski at 609-742-9410.

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