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Work stopped on the Radisson Red boutique hotel project in the city center.

The project includes the renovation of a building built in 1954 and located at 333 Union Street (recognized as the former home of the ground floor Wild Eggs restaurant). Now gutted, the four-story structure (pictured) will receive a six-story addition that will house the hotel.

Manek Management, owner of the building, declined to comment on the reasons why construction stopped. The Post was unable to determine when work stopped, but various sources said no activity had been observed at the site since at least November.

Nashville-based Southeast Venture is handling the design work (click View Gallery in the photo above to see a render), DAV Construction as a general contractor, and Epoch Design and Construction also participating in the effort.

Manek Holdings LLC paid $ 3.85 million for the property in June 2017, according to Metro records. The existing four-story structure – occupied at one time by the Metropolitan Federal Savings and Loan Company – spans approximately 29,600 square feet.

Several hotels operate near the site, including The Bobby, DoubleTree by Hilton, Dream, Indigo and Fairlane. Construction continues in a neighboring building to house a TownePlace Suites.

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PayPal News: PayPal Partners with FlexiLoans to Offer Unsecured Term Loans to MSMEs Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:09 +0000

MUMBAI: PayPal has partnered with FlexiLoans to provide freelancers, women entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and MSMEs with unsecured business loans. PayPal with FlexiLoans will aim to provide MSMEs with working capital for business expansion, purchase of inventory, inventory and other business related expenses.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widespread, causing economic strains on small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs who face a myriad of challenges to recover and sustain their businesses. The partnership aligns with PayPal’s mission to provide innovative lending solutions and will allow borrowers to access term loans ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10,000,000, which requires traders to minimum documentation of 1,500. towns and villages in India. Loans are currently available for 10,000 PayPal merchants.

In a statement, Anupam Pahuja, vice president – India, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa, PayPal said: “Economic activity in India has been deeply affected by the Corona virus pandemic, and it Now is that our MSMEs and our freelance community need the solutions to jumpstart business activity. Accessing capital through traditional channels has always been a challenge for most small businesses. Our partnership with FlexiLoans will allow us to close the existing credit access gap, while accelerating the growth of cross-border sales and accelerating the vision of Vocal for Local and Digital India. ”

“We are committed to delivering high quality lending solutions and experiences to Indian SME ecosystems and this partnership is a significant step forward. With our advanced data science models and deep expertise in assessing millions of MSMEs with a digital footprint, we are excited to partner with PayPal and bring Covid-affected MSMEs back to growth and leverage. new opportunities, ”said Abhishek Kothari, co-founder of FlexiLoans. com, in a statement.

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Masks, no, body armor, yes; CDC Nixes Trick-or-Treating; Pandemic loans worry rural hospitals Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:15:30 +0000

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The Pentagon took some of the money intended for spending on masks and swabs for the COVID-19 pandemic and instead spent on jet engine parts and bulletproof vests. (Washington post)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a 10 p.m. curfew for bars and restaurants, and urged people to work from home if they can, as the country’s chief medical officer has warned the number of infections is doubling every 7 days. (CNN)

A South Dakota healthcare organization is co-hosting – with South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) – a indoor country music event is expected to attract 5,000 people. (Daily beast)

Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. EDT, unofficial death toll from COVID-19 in the United States stood at 200,818, while cases reached 6,897,541 – up 928 and 39,403 from that time a day ago.

FDA will announce soon stricter standards for the emergency use authorization of any vaccine, making a COVID-19 vaccine unlikely before polling day. (Washington post)

Johnson & johnson started phase III testing its single-dose vaccine candidate, which uses a modified adenovirus; the company plans to register 60,000 people. (CNBC)

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants a stronger WHO to coordinate the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and also proposed a global conference on vaccine cooperation. (Reuters)

Walmart and Quest Diagnostics are COVID-19 home test kits drone delivery test, Walmart manager Tom Ward wrote in a blog post.

Do you hope to keep a holiday tradition – the sleight of hand – alive during the pandemic? Not so fast, says CDC. (NBC News)

If the Affordable Care Act is overturned by the Supreme Court, What does it mean for Americans in addition to the millions of people who lose their health insurance? (New York Times)

Jared Kushner’s task force to obtain personal protective equipment was “as a family office meets organized crime, merged with “ Lord of the Flies ”,“according to Max Kennedy Jr., grandson of Robert F. Kennedy. (The New Yorker)

The reopening of colleges may represent more than 3,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day in the United States, according to a study by researchers at four universities that has yet to be published or peer reviewed. (Reuters)

Government linked to the pandemic loans are due for rural hospitals, and hospital officials are not sure they can reimburse them. (NPR)

And now for some good news: Hollywood unions have made agreements with the big studios to resume production of films and TV shows, albeit with pandemic protections in place. (Associated press)

Coronavirus vaccine trials underway may not provide an answer to the most important question about vaccines, if they can prevent severe cases, Eric Topol, MD, and Peter Doshi, PhD, write in the New York Times.

In other news:

  • President Trump is should announce a number of health care decrees, possibly Thursday. (Politico)
  • FDA announced a voluntary recall Perrigo Pharmaceuticals albuterol inhalers for asthma due to possible inhaler blockage.
  • Timothy Ray Brown, aka the ‘Berlin patient’ who was cured of HIV in 2008, is now fighting for the return of his leukemia, the group defeated HIV said on twitter.
  • Georgia hospital where a number of hysterectomies were reportedly performed on ICE inmates said only two of these procedures were executed there. (Washington post)
  • Joyce Frieden oversees the coverage of MedPage Today in Washington, including articles on Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, health professional associations and federal agencies. She has 35 years of experience in health policy. To pursue

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Fisheries and Seafood Regime – GOV.UK Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:15:30 +0000

This page provides an overview of the Fisheries and Seafood Program (FaSS) and how to apply. For detailed information, including definitions, please read the general scheme guidance document.

About the fishery and seafood diet

The Fisheries and Seafood Program will provide financial support to projects in England that ensure sustainable growth in the catching, processing and aquaculture sectors, and that protect and enhance the marine environment.

Objectives of the Fisheries and Seafood Program

The Fisheries and Seafood Program will provide financial assistance to projects that support sustainable growth in the catching, processing and aquaculture sectors and improve the marine environment. The program is available to applicants whose companies and / or vessels are registered in England.

The program will finance a series of projects responding to the following seven strategic priorities:

  • promote a sustainable sector for future generations;
  • protection of the marine environment, by reducing the environmental impacts of the sector;
  • deliver world-class science and innovation;
  • support coastal communities to promote economic growth and social inclusion;
  • support the reform of the management of stocks and quotas to ensure a balance between fishing possibilities and capacity;
  • improving the value chain through marketing and transformation, opening up the potential for English companies at home and abroad;
  • develop an industrial infrastructure that is essential to support sustainable growth across the sector.

Not all areas of the program will always be open to support. Some areas will be opened later and for a defined period, through a funding cycle.

Who can apply for funding?

To be eligible for this program, you must be one of the following:

  • A person or company engaged in commercial / recreational marine fishing, aquaculture or processing
  • A public body / local authority in a local community that focuses on fishing / aquaculture activities (including trust ports and ports of local authorities, and public bodies, using funds for environmental improvement / fisheries management)
  • A university or research institute
  • A new entrant in the industry or an unemployed person who could benefit from knowledge / skills in fishing / aquaculture activities.

You will need to report whether you have received funding from other government financial support programs and, if so, for what.

If you are a business, you will need to declare whether you belong to the category of micro-entities, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or large enterprises.

Who cannot apply for funding?

You cannot apply for or receive funding if you have:

  • been found guilty of fraud in connection with any other fishing program;
  • has been convicted of an offense that the MMO considers to be a “serious offense” or fraud, within 12 months of the request.

Please read the Guide to Inadmissibility and Fraud here.

What activities can the Fisheries and Seafood Program support

You should consult the relevant guidance note for the project for which you are seeking funding. These describe what you can and cannot ask for. The guidance notes cover:

General advice

Tips for fishing activities

Tips for energy improvements

Aquaculture tips

Advice for shore installations

Guide to health and safety

Marketing Tips

Treatment tips

Tips for marine litter

Post-application advice

If we consider that you can afford your project without program support, your project will not be approved.

At a minimum, all projects will be evaluated for value for money, benefits to be provided, accessibility and deliverability.

It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • your project is technically viable and complies with all relevant health and safety laws, other project-specific safety requirements and all other legal requirements;
  • gear purchased with program funding meets all necessary legal requirements. If any equipment subsequently purchased becomes obsolete or illegal, it is at your own risk. There can be no refund or claim against the plan;
  • all relevant legal requirements of the project are met

What activities the Fisheries and Seafood Program cannot support

You cannot get funding for:

  • increasing the catching capacity of fishing vessels and / or activities that would have a negative effect on the exploitation of fish stocks;
  • increase your boat’s ability to find fish;
  • increase the capacity of fish holds;
  • build, buy or acquire fishing vessels or import them;
  • practice exploratory fishing;
  • pulse trawling;
  • the same type of equipment for the same vessel if you have already received assistance under the program;
  • transfer of ownership of a business;
  • direct restocking unless it is explicitly provided for as a conservation measure or in the event of experimental restocking;
  • the purchase or construction of inland fishing vessels;
  • statutory or mandatory commitments – items and services that are statutory or mandatory requirements of law and by-laws cannot be funded;
  • preventive or scheduled maintenance costs;
  • maintenance and compulsory costs for all vehicles;
  • the purchase or rental of vehicles which are not used exclusively to make a direct contribution to the project;
  • interest on a debt;
  • the purchase of land or housing worth more than 10% of the total expenses of your project;
  • the cost of running your business, unless otherwise specified by the MMO in your letter of offer
  • loan repayments on any item you have purchased;
  • the costs of any item purchased with a loan until loan repayment (this does not include items that are rented as long as your letter of offer is sufficient to fund them);
  • all costs that have been fully or partially funded by an alternative grant;
  • any costs that you could recover in part or in whole by making a claim on an insurance policy or by seeking compensation or damages.
  • Cost of any item purchased before the MMO receives acknowledgment of your funding request

Please contact the MMO if you are unsure whether or not your project is eligible for funding.

How to register

All applicants applying for the Fisheries and Seafood Regime should read the General Guidance Document (link) as well as the Project Specific Guidance (link) before applying.

You can apply for funding online using the Electronic support system for fisheries and seafood. You may need to complete more than one application if your project has different elements. You should read the associated instructions for each part of your application.

If your application is successful, you will need to be able to pay for your entire project up front – then you can claim the MMO fees.

You may be able to claim up to 10% of the total eligible project amount for costs incurred before the date of acknowledgment received from the MMO. These costs should relate to activities directly related to the project and the provision of professional services that helped the request move to the request stage, for example architectural plans. We will decide if you are eligible to recover these charges and our decision is final.

If you start working before you receive your confirmation email, your project may not be eligible for funding.

Expression of interest (EOI)

You may wish to submit an “expression of interest” form to see if a project is eligible before completing an application form or responding to a round of funding. This is not essential but can help you understand if your project is likely to meet the funding criteria.

Expression of interest

Declaration of interest form

Apply online

You must apply online using the Electronic system of fisheries and seafood regime.

You will need the following information to complete the application:

  • The appropriate guide for completing your application form;
  • Your business details such as your accounts, business registration number and VAT registration number.

More information on the necessary supporting documents can be found in the general scheme guidance document.

Start now

After applying

We will contact you within 5 business days to confirm receipt of your request. After that you can start working on the project, but it’s entirely at your own risk. Item, supplier and cost must be the same as in your application: any deviation will render costs ineligible.

We will assess your request within 8 weeks of receipt and notify you if further information is required. Once we have all the information we need to make a decision, we will contact you to tell you whether or not your application has been successful.

If approved, you must notify us of the progress of your project when you request payment, whichever comes first.

You can also find more details in the post-application guidance document.

More information

Grants team
Marine management organization
Lancaster House
Hampshire Court Newcastle upon Tyne

Phone: 020802 65539


Fishing and Seafood Program Poster featuring a boat and link to website

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Congress approves PPP extension until May 31 as body shops adopt 2021 forgivable loans Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:15:30 +0000

Congress overwhelmingly passed a bill extending the Paycheque Protection Program to May 31.

House Resolution 1799, the “PPP Extension Act of 2021” now goes to Democratic President Joe Biden for consideration. CNBC reported Thursday that Biden supports an extension.

Congress certainly liked the idea. The House passed HR 1799 415-3 March 16. The Senate accepted 92-7 Thursday.

“I congratulate the Senate for its swift and decisive action in adopting my bipartite law on the extension of PPPs”, House godmother, Representative Carolyn Bourdeaux, D-Ga., Said in a statement. “Small businesses are hurting. It’s not a Democratic problem or a Republican problem, it’s an American problem.

“This bill was initiated by local business owners in my district, who shared their concerns with me about the P3 application period scheduled to end in March and its impact on small businesses. This bill will extend that time frame, giving more of our small businesses access to much-needed funds. It also creates a one-month processing period to avoid bureaucratic delays in distributing funds.

“When I ran for office, I promised to work with good faith people on both sides of the aisle to get things done for Georgians. Today’s bipartisan adoption of the PPP Extension Law reflects this commitment. I thank President Velázquez, Ranking Member Luetkemeyer, Congressman Kim, President Cardin, Senator Collins, Senator Shaheen and everyone who voted to support small business in both the House and Senate in adopting this bill.

Without this extension, the deadline for auto body shops and other small businesses to take out a first or second PPP loan would be Wednesday, March 31.

“The PPP has been a huge success, supporting millions of small businesses and tens of millions of jobs,” Senate godfather Senator Susan Collins, of R-Maine, said in a statement. “Since last spring, when we created PfP, members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have taken steps on several occasions to increase funding and flexibility for the program. I am glad that Congress has come together once again today to help more small businesses access this lifeline by extending the deadline to apply for these forgivable loans. “

Collins said nearly 100 organizations approved the bill.

“Small business owners continue to assess their financial needs as they strive to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic,” National Federation of Independent Business vice chairman of federal relations Kevin Kuhlman said in a statement Thursday. “NFIB research indicates that economic conditions remain challenging and that economic recovery is uneven for small businesses, especially those that still manage national and local regulations and restrictions. Today’s move to extend P3 loan program authorization is good news for homeowners who can take advantage of the extra time. The legislation also provides an additional 30 days for the SBA to process open requests, ensuring that small businesses are not unfairly harmed by delays in processing the SBA. The NFIB strongly supports the PPP Extension Act of 2021. ”

Bodywork companies using the PPP 2021

A large segment of the accident repair industry adopted the original PPP, which ran from April 3 to August 8, 2020 (with a brief hiatus during this time). Congress resuscitated him by December 2020, this time offering a chance for a second loan, and it officially resumed on January 11, 2021.

Loans and their interest are fully forgivable as long as the store spends all or most of the money on employee salaries and the remainder on authorized critical expenses, such as utilities.

The PPP 2020 initiative has disseminated more than $ 520 billion, including more than $ 100 billion available unsolicited. So far, 2.1 million of the 5.2 million PPP 2020 loans have been canceled.

The 2021 version originally had $ 284.45 billion to lend; Congress recently invested an additional $ 7.25 billion and made more entities eligible with House Resolution 1319 the “American Rescue Plan Act”.

From March 21st, more than $ 195.8 billion of that money available for 2021 has been disbursed to more than 3.1 million “first-draw” or “second-draw” PPP borrowers, the SBA said.

The most current company-specific SBA data indicates 8,435 companies in the NAICS 811121 “Auto Body, Paint and Interior Repair and Maintenance” The sector has already collectively received nearly $ 660.4 million in PPP loans between January 14 and March 3.

The “auto body” industry’s smallest loan this year allocated $ 250 to a sole proprietorship in Minnesota, while four companies in the sector received approval for up to $ 2 million. The average loan in 2021 was 78,292.82

Together, the companies accounted for 62,974 jobs in the industry, with an average of nearly 7.47 employees per bodybuilder.

It appears that 1,562 of these companies received their first PPP loan this year. The other 6,873 6,873 “auto body” companies were stores that qualified for PPP “second draw” funds after receiving a loan during the initial period of April 3 to August. 8, 2020, PPP executed.

“ First draw ” and “ second draw ” PPP loans

The “first draw” PPP loans in 2021 lend up to $ 10 million to businesses with 500 or fewer employees that did not get a loan last year. These fully repayable loans mostly follow the same rules as the 2020 PPP, including qualifying by attesting to good faith: “The current economic uncertainty makes this loan request necessary to support the applicant’s ongoing operations.”

“Second Draw” PPP loans are up to a maximum of $ 2 million and are only available to businesses with 300 or fewer employees. This time around, the company must have seen a 25% drop in gross revenue for at least a quarter in 2020.

The SBA said companies could prove this reduction in gross revenue through quarterly financial statements, bank statements or tax returns.

A 25% drop in a quarter of 2020 is an extremely likely scenario for bodybuilders, even if the industry is allowed to remain open as core businesses.

On average, repairable auto claims – a key indicator of accident repair revenue – declined 35% nationally in the second quarter of 2020, according to CCC. Claims were still down nearly 20% in the third and fourth quarters of 2020.

Or to see it another way: Boyd Group Services – which derives 90% of its revenue from the United States, and the majority of that of the national collision chain Gerber – saw a 33% drop in sales in comparable stores in the second quarter of 2020.

No collateral or collateral is required for a PPP loan, and there are no fees to apply. Businesses can borrow the equivalent of 10 weeks’ pay capped at $ 100,000 per employee. Money can only be spent on “salary costs, including employee benefits, and can also be used to pay mortgage interest, rent, utilities, worker protection costs related to COVID-19,” the costs of uninsured property damage caused by looting or vandalism in 2020, and certain supplier operating costs and expenses. “

The “first draw” and “second draw” PPP loans and their 1 percent interest are fully repayable if the borrower complies with the necessary rules, including preserving jobs and wages and spending at least 60%. percent of the money on the payroll.

The SBA recently gave the country’s smallest businesses – those with fewer than 20 employees – an exclusive window from February 24 to March 9 in which only they would be considered for PPP loans.

The agency has also taken steps to make the program even more user-friendly.

In addition, on March 5, the SBA implemented the rest of the changes made by the president, including change the formula for Schedule C filers, remove exclusion restrictions on student loans and non-fraudulent felony convictions, and ensure access for immigrant business owners,” the SBA wrote in a press release on March 9. (Emphasis added by SBA.) “We’re also starting to see early momentum with these changes.”

Be heard: President Biden can be reached here.

More information:

Small Business Administration PPP Webpage

PPP SBA 2021 “first draw” web page

PPP SBA 2021 “second draw” web page

SBA Lender Match Tool for Borrowers

SBA Lender Map Tool for Borrowers

SBA data on PPP beneficiaries in the “Automotive body” sector 2021 until March 3, 2021

“Representative. Bourdeaux’s Bipartisan Small Business Bill Passed in the Senate; On the Road to the White House for a Signature in the Law”

Representative Carolyn Bourdeaux, March 25, 2021

“Collins, Cardin, Shaheen Bill to extend PPP deadline to May 31 to be signed into law”

Senator Susan Collins, March 25, 2021


The US Capitol is displayed. (ajansen / iStock)

United States Representative Carolyn Bourdeaux, D-Ga. (Provided by the Clerk of the House)

US Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine, is pictured. (Provided by Collins’ office)

The “auto body, paint and interior repair and maintenance” facilities received more than $ 2 billion in paycheck protection program loans in 2020. (treety / iStock)

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Nexo faces lawsuit for liquidation of $ 5 million customer guarantees amid XRP delisting Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:15:29 +0000

US-based crypto lending platform Nexo faces class action lawsuit for suspension of XRP services on December 23, 2020.

The main plaintiff, Junhan Jeong, a California resident, filed the complaint Thursday. The complaint accuses Nexo of violating its user agreement by suspending the use of XRP as a loan guarantee without notifying its customers first. The suspension followed the United States Securities and Exchange Commission legal action against Ripple Laboratories to lead unregistered securities offers December 22.

Nexo allows users to borrow fiat currency or stablecoins using oversized loans that are secured by crypto assets. If price fluctuations in the crypto markets cause loans to no longer meet the platform’s required loan-to-value ratio, the complaint cites Nexo’s terms of service as stating that “Nexo, after notifying the customer, will sell the collateral to bring the LTV ratio back online. “

Jeong alleges that Nexo reacted to the SEC announcement by suspending the use of XRP as collateral, to repay loans and for staking on December 23. the platform.

Further, the plaintiff alleges that Nexo “unjustifiably” sold its customers’ XRP and pocketed the proceeds, stating:

“Seeing the price of XRP drop significantly, on December 23, Nexo suspended the use of XRP by its customers to participate as collateral or repay loans and did so without notice of the suspension. Nexo did this because it didn’t want to end up holding XRP at its significantly reduced value, not because Nexo believed the SEC announcement advised against the use or sale of XRP. “

According to the lawsuit, Nexo’s suspension resulted in the liquidation of more than $ 5 million in customer assets. The complainant also alleges that Nexo’s XRP liquidations contradicted the company’s claim that it does not have any ownership rights over user collateral.

Jeong is seeking restitution for the alleged losses suffered by the suspension of XRP, as well as an order declaring Nexo’s contractual rights:

“A statement regarding the contractual rights of the parties is necessary because the rights and obligations at issue are essential to the very operation and use of Nexo crypto credit, and because Nexo’s public statements demonstrate that the parties have a fixed dispute. and real on these rights and obligations. “

In response to the allegations, Nexo Noted that it was one of many companies that, in response to regulatory uncertainty, suspended XRP lines of credit.

The firm said, “Actions taken by Nexo, on legal advice, complied with laws, regulations and company terms and conditions, and were aimed at protecting the company and its customers.”

Nexo maintains that XRP reloads and withdrawals remained available on the platform to all users.

The platform further claimed to have been the target of harassment “via various media and communication channels by several former clients liquidated following the XRP crash of December 2020”.

Nexo said it would respond to “unfounded prosecutions” with “the same gravity and through applicable legal instruments and mechanisms”.

Indeed, the platform recently deposit a libel lawsuit against a former client Lance Johansen about alleged “false and defamatory statements” the defendant posted on the Trustpilot review platform in early 2021.

In particular, Nexo is targeting Johansen’s comments claiming that the platform is operated by an ex-criminal, uses bot accounts to spread fake news, and has deliberately “robbed all XRP owners blindly.” By suspending the token.