Ethnic Adoption

online grocery businesses grow globally |

New York City isn’t the only major metropolitan area crowded with micromobility-powered grocery delivery companies promising the fastest order fulfillment. Big Russian tech company Yandex has now launched its 15-minute grocery delivery service in London, according to a Moscow Times article on Thursday (October 14). The service, dubbed Yango Deli, …

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Relationship between control loci and health-promoting behaviors in Pakistani women with polycystic ovary syndrome: coping strategies as mediators | BMC Women’s Health

Table 1 shows the results of Pearson’s correlations and it can be seen that the other internal and potent HLOCs had significant positive correlations with HPLB, while random HLOC had significant negative correlations with HPLB and its aspects. Among the dimensions of coping strategies, active practical adaptation had significant positive …

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