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The final episodes of Attack on Titan are just around the corner, and here’s what fans can expect to see when the series makes its triumphant return.

The attack of the TitansThe long-awaited final Season of: Part Two is only a few weeks away as the historic epic saga draws to a close. After the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers, the series will pick up where it left off with Marley’s invasion of Paradise Island to stop (the villain?) Eren Jaeger from unleashing the founding Titan’s power. For Marley, it’s not a good sign when an entire army is brought in to defeat a man and that man says, “Go on.” Soon the second half of AOTThe farewell season will reveal whether Eren has the muscles to support the bravado.

The first half of the final season left things rather bleak; the Survey Corps is in ruins with most of its members imprisoned, and Paradis Island has been conquered by Eren’s supporters, the Jaegerists. Levi is fatally injured, Zeke Jaeger is MIA while most of the Eldian military are infected with his cerebrospinal fluid, and Marley has ambushed Shiganshina. The attack of the Titans has plenty of plot threads to tie in its final episodes, so here are some of the main story beats fans can expect to see when they tune in for the final season: part two.

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The final showdown between Eren and Reiner

Eren vs. Reiner in Attack on Titan

Eren Jaeger and Reiner Braun have one of the most complex relationships on the show. Reiner was once someone Eren yearned for, then a mortal foe Eren swore to kill in the most painful way possible, and now someone Eren can relate to and even almost forgive. Currently, Eren seeks to use the Founding Titan to save Eldia, while Reiner intends to stop Eren in order to save the world. These two characters were forced to slaughter people in order to protect their homes, and their impending fight will be their most intense yet, as they are no longer a predator and a prey, but simply equal to opposing beliefs.

The Survey Corps will have to choose its side

Mikasa and Armin in prison in Attack on Titan

Eren spent much of the first half of the final season pushing his friends away, even going so far as to reduce Armin to mush and tell Mikasa that he had always hated her. After forcing his hand by attacking Marley alone, the Survey Corps lost confidence in Eren and worked to prevent him from carrying out their plan and Zeke’s. After overthrowing the army on Paradise Island and imprisoning members of the Survey Corps who opposed the Jaegerists, Eren firmly established himself as the enemy of his closest friends.

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However, Marley’s surprise attack on Shiganshina turned things upside down, as the Survey Corps must now choose whether they want to help Eren fight or help Marley stop him. Yelena, a staunch follower of Zeke, explained the euthanasia plan to them, and while Armin was moved to tears, others like Jean and Connie were unimpressed. Ultimately, it will depend on how strong their bond with Eren is on whether or not they join him in ending the war he has started.

Eren and Zeke’s euthanasia plan to take center stage

Eren and Zeke agree to euthanasia plan in Attack on Titan

The driving force behind the final season was Eren and Zeke’s plan to sterilize the Eldian people so that they would peacefully extinguish themselves and rid the world of the Titans. If Eren, who owns the Founding Titan, and Zeke, who has the royal blood to use it, come into contact, they will take full control of the Eldians and Titans. Eren’s intention to free the Colossus Titans inside the walls of Paradise Island to keep his people safe long enough for the Eldians to die will drown the world in blood, and preventing that from happening is exactly the reason Marley invaded. When the series returns, the battle for the fate of the world will begin, and it’s all because of the Jaeger brothers.

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Spiral in Uzumaki

Uzumaki anime update reveals Junji Ito cameo

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Governments and media among modern-day Herods, Archbishop says in pro-life homily – BC Catholic Thu, 30 Dec 2021 22:47:37 +0000

Amid the gloomy culture of death that debases modern society, Catholics can find hope in the zealous and relentless commitment of life advocates who work “to foster in our country a culture of life. Says Archbishop J. Michael Miller. “It really is a blessing.” ‘a

Archbishop Miller’s celebration of the pro-life work of Catholics was a key part of a powerful homily delivered on December 28 at his annual Mass for Life, marking the feast of the Holy Innocents.

But while commending those who “promote and encourage the sacred dignity of human life,” Archbishop Miller also had harsh words for the advocates of abortion and euthanasia.

He drew a direct line between Herod’s slaughter of innocent people two millennia ago and “governments, professions, [and] the media ”which supports“ crimes against life in Canada ”.

“In Herod we see the darkness of a tyrant who wants to control life and death,” Archbishop Miller said. “Insecure, ruthless and power-hungry, he reacts to news that the sages have deceived him into ordering the slaughter of all Bethlehem children under the age of two. In our fallen world, then and now, even the innocent can to be ruthlessly eliminated in order to satisfy the will of the powerful. “

Yet “even though there are bloody Herods these days,” he continued, “there are still choirs of happy angels singing the majesty of our Savior and our God.”

Pro-life mass program

This theme – supporting Christian engagement in life amidst a dark, anti-life landscape – was also brought forward before Mass when Michele Smillie of the Archdiocese’s Office of Life, Marriage and Family s ‘is addressed to the congregation of the Cathedral of the Holy Rosary. Noting that the feasts of the martyrs of St. Stephen and St. John the Apostle were also commemorated that week, Smillie said, “We are reminded that being Christians and standing up for life comes at a price.

She said she hoped that “with prayers and a public witness, we can change hearts and minds. [to] make every life precious and meaningful, whether it is a crisis pregnancy early in life or loneliness or fear at the end of life ”that can lead to assisted suicide.

Archbishop Miller said in his homily that such a witness is at the heart of the Christian faith, explaining, “To be a Christian is to choose life against the rule of death.”

He quoted Bishop Robert Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, who said earlier this year: “The radical reluctance of the old Christian community to tolerate assaults on life has been a key factor in attract people to the new movement. That is why, even today, the Church opposes any attempt to attack human life at any stage of its development.

Archbishop Miller also noted that when Pope Francis was asked in September about “a woman’s right to choose” abortion, he said: “Abortion is more than a problem, abortion is murder… anyone who performs an abortion kills ”.

In the same interview, Pope Francis said that science clearly shows that the embryo is fully human. “And this human life must be respected,” Pope Francis said. “This principle is clear, and to those who cannot understand it, I would ask two questions: Is it right to kill a human life to solve a problem? Scientifically, it is a human life. Second question: is it okay to hire a hitman to solve a problem? “

The “moral tragedy of abortion” is particularly distressing when considered at Christmas, Archbishop Miller said. “In the midst of the joy and wonder of birth, we must open our eyes and ears to what is going on around us and be attentive to the muffled cries of the unborn child.

“And that requires us to work to persuade others to face the truth, to face the truth about the social and, of course, moral tragedy of abortion. The Christmas season is a time that challenges us to protect life. “

This Catholic commitment to life includes ministry to women who have abortions, Archbishop Miller said. He quoted the encyclical “Gospel of Life” of Pope John Paul II, which addressed these women, declaring: “The Father of mercies is ready to give you his forgiveness and his peace in the sacrament of reconciliation. You will understand that nothing is definitely lost, and you will also be able to ask forgiveness from your child who now lives in the Lord.

Monica Roddis, of St. James Parish in Abbotsford, was among dozens of pro-life volunteers who attended mass. She said in an interview that she was especially happy to hear Archbishop Miller’s intervention with women with previous abortions.

“Too often pro-life people are accused of only caring for babies,” said Roddis, who, along with her husband, Malcolm, received the Benemerenti Medal in 2010 for their service to family and to the cause. pro-life. “But these words of our Holy Father show that our movement of love has always been concerned with women as well and that in fact we have always strived to“ love them both ”.

She also said she was encouraged by Archbishop Miller’s exhortation on Catholics to become true evangelizers of life. “These words from him are what we all need to listen to at this time in our country’s history,” Roddis said. “Face the culture, be courageous, make our voices heard. “

Indeed, in concluding his homily, Bishop Miller encouraged Catholics to defend life, whether by action or prayer, so that “the minds and hearts of our fellow citizens and the laws of our country [can] to be converted to support a culture of life.

“With the grace of God, and only by the grace of God, we can still end the scourge of abortion in our country by making it unnecessary no matter what the law says.

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Review of the year: fight against the “throwaway culture” Tue, 28 Dec 2021 23:10:00 +0000

A new pro-abortion White House administration in early 2021 ended four years of simple but important executive-level advances for the pro-life movement. President Joe Biden quickly overturned many of the pro-life policies of former President Donald Trump. But the lasting victory of Trump’s conservative Supreme Court choices has raised hopes for the end of Roe vs. Wade. Tensions have grown at the state level as pro-life lawmakers reacted to a domestic political climate hostile to unborn babies. Meanwhile, abortion and euthanasia have progressed internationally.

Biden administration advances abortion

Two days after his inauguration, President Biden issued a statement pledging to codify a woman’s right to abortion into law. This promise has yet to be kept, but its administration has done a lot to reduce protections for babies.

In January, Biden signed a presidential memorandum revoking the Mexico City policy, which had blocked federal funds from going to international health groups that offer abortions. That same memorandum also withdrew the United States from the Geneva Consensus, an international pro-life declaration, and initiated the process of overturning Trump’s Title X rule that prevented abortion providers from obtaining dollars. federal authorities for family planning.

In April, Biden’s Food and Drug Administration dealt another blow, announcing it would not impose a requirement for providers to dispense the abortion pill in person. This opened the floodgates for pro-abortion websites to continue mailing abortion drugs to women. Over the next several months, the Biden administration continued to make its stance on abortion known, releasing a $ 6 trillion budget proposal in June without the Hyde Amendment, a long-standing measure blocking money. of taxpayers to fund the abortion industry.

Abortion advocates were not satisfied with these advances. Advocacy group We Testify complained that it took the Biden administration 224 days to use the word Abortion in a notable public statement. “We don’t need more evasive White House statements that further stigmatize abortion,” the group said. noted on its website.

A fight at the state level

Effectively excluded at the federal level but simultaneously empowered by Trump’s conservative judicial candidates, pro-life activists have shifted their tack and focused their attention on state law.

The pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute called the 2021 legislative session the most “damaging” to the pro-abortion cause in decades. As of April 29, states had introduced 536 pro-life bills, and 61 had become law. At the same time, in 2011, the previous record year, states had enacted just 42 pro-life laws.

Arkansas passed one of the toughest bills in March, even protecting babies conceived through rape or incest, with one exception if a pregnancy threatens a woman’s life. Gov. Asa Hutchinson acknowledged that the law challenged Supreme Court precedents, but said: “It is the intention of the legislation to pave the way for the Supreme Court to overturn current case law.”

The biggest wave pro-life law passed in Texas two months later. Using a controversial delivery mechanism, it protects babies from abortions once they have a detectable heartbeat, usually around six weeks gestation. The law entered into force in September and would have halved
the number of abortions in the state. This prompted an influx of clients to some of the state’s pregnancy centers, where staff saw women who were sometimes angry, sometimes relieved that they couldn’t get an abortion after the first few weeks of pregnancy. The Supreme Court has allowed the law to remain in force as legal battles continue in the lower courts. South Carolina lawmakers also passed a heartbeat law in February, but it has not come into force due to an ongoing litigation.

Abortion at the Supreme Court

In the fall, lawsuits over the Texas heartbeat law raced through the Supreme Court, which held oral arguments exactly two months after the rule came into effect. But the hearings focused on technical details – just a sideshow of the main abortion-related event in the High Court this year.

The Supreme Court shocked pro-life and pro-abortion activists when it announced in May that it would take charge Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the case of a Mississippi law protecting babies from abortion after 15 weeks of gestation. The judges agreed to determine “whether all pre-viability bans on elective abortions are unconstitutional.” Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s July brief called on Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade and give back to states the power to regulate abortion before the stage of pregnancy when a baby can survive outside the womb.

Pro-life activists saw the court’s agreement to hear the case as a signal of a potential desire to end its decades-old messy abortion precedent. Pro-abortion activists thought the same, but with trepidation: Organizers of the 2021 Women’s March renamed the October nationwide protests as “abortion justice,” a response to Texas’ law on abortion. heartbeats and arguments in Dobbs.

In the pleadings of December 1, the more moderate judges implied a desire to go against Roe deer‘s and allow Mississippi law to stand. At the very least, a pro-abortion advocate’s reference to a “baby” has demonstrated the effect ultrasound technology has had on national consciousness.

The pro-abortion wave in Latin America

In an amicus brief submitted to Dobbs case, South African Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng for the United Nations warned that the overthrow Roe deer
could have “catastrophic implications” for so-called abortion rights around the world. “We know that politically, what happens in the United States … has an impact on precedents elsewhere in the world”, Mofokeng Recount
The Guardian.

Pro-life groups in Latin America have felt the reality of this statement over the past year, but not in the way that Mofokeng was concerned with. In the last days of 2020, Argentina became the largest country in Latin America to legalize abortion. The pro-lifers blamed the change on “international monetary pressure and political pressure.” Some have speculated that the timing of the bill’s passage matched the results of the U.S. election when it became clear that the new Biden administration would financially support international abortion groups.

In September, Mexico’s Supreme Court released rulings that will prevent Mexican states from enforcing pro-life laws and make it easier to pass pro-abortion laws. The timing of this case coincided with meetings between Mexican government officials and US pro-abortion Vice President Kamala Harris.

But at least one pro-life victory has come to Latin America in 2021: Honduras passed a bipartisan constitutional amendment to prevent lawmakers from legalizing abortion in the future. The pro-lifers there expect pressure from the United States to overthrow the country’s position, but it would take a tough three-quarters majority in the National Congress.

Euthanasia in the world

In a radio interview in September, Pope Francis coupled
abortion with euthanasia as a sign of “throwaway culture”, describing the growing legalization of euthanasia as “one of the tragedies of European culture today”.

This year, Portugal’s parliament twice passed a law that would legalize euthanasia in the country, but the bill has been blocked for months by presidential vetoes and concerns from the country’s Constitutional Court. The practice proceeded more easily elsewhere. Between March and September, three of Australia’s six states legalized euthanasia for people with terminal illnesses. The country expects a vote on a bill in New South Wales, the only state remaining without legal euthanasia, in early 2022.

In March, Spain also legalized euthanasia, but jumped on the slippery slope, allowing the procedure even for people who are not about to die but who suffer from “serious chronic illness”. In Canada, where euthanasia has been legal for terminally ill people since 2016, a new bill has been passed that removes the requirement that a patient’s death be “reasonably foreseeable”. People with disabilities across the country fear that this change in the law will make it easier for culture to throw them away when they become troublesome.

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The Unique Way Dr Dani McVety Finds Balance Mon, 27 Dec 2021 07:29:34 +0000

Meet the incredible Dr Dani McVety, founder of Lap of Love

End-of-life care can be a sad topic for many, but Dr. Dani is not afraid of difficult conversations.

In fact, her mission is to provide palliative care to animals in need. As founder and CEO of Lap of Love Vet Hospice McVety lives by his vet’s oath to bring “the relief and prevention of pain and suffering” to all animals in his care. Whether it’s comforting a family facing a new terminal diagnosis and explaining their options, or offering gentle in-home euthanasia in the last moments, Dr. Dani McVety’s compassion runs deeper than most.

Lap of Love has worked with over 250,000 patients and is quickly filling a gaping hole that exists in the world of veterinary medicine.

Changing the Way Pet Owners Perceive Hospice Palliative Care, One Family at a Time

How do you choose this career path?

For Dr. McVety, palliative care was an early calling. Prior to attending University of Florida Veterinary School, she volunteered in the hospice field. From there, her love of animals and dedication to raising the bar for end-of-life care was a natural step. After earning his doctorate in veterinary medicine, Dr. McVety practiced emergency medicine in Tampa, Florida. for a period of time. It was here that she witnessed the unhappy suffering, physical discomfort, and emotional pain that families (and their four-legged companions) often experience in these final moments.

But that was about to change!

The name “Lap of Love” was inspired by an actual interaction of Dr. McVety. Just three months away from school, she was approached one night at the emergency vet clinic where she worked in 2009. A woman had brought her little elderly dog ​​to sleep. During the euthanasia procedure, the owner asked Dr McVety if she could please keep her dog on her lap. Realizing that this simple act would be heartwarming for both the patient and the pet owner, she of course agreed.

Then, slowly and one family at a time, the demand for home euthanasia services increased. The phone began to ring. Emails flooded his inbox. Dr. McVety recognized how much compassionate end-of-life care is essential for the companion animal community. A year later, in 2010, she recruited a fellow veterinarian, Dr. Mary Gardner to join her.

The rest, as they say, is history. The Tour d’Amour was born!

What makes Lap of Love so special?

“It is an honor and a privilege to ensure a peaceful death.”

These are the words Dr Dani McVety and his team of 200 national professionals adhere to. The decision to euthanize a pet is never easy. If you’ve ever endured the heartache of losing a pet, you are definitely okay with it. This is why Lap of Love prioritizes palliative care and euthanasia at home. Unlike veterinary clinics, the home is the most comfortable place for your cat or dog. It smells great, is calm, and best of all is where pets can be surrounded by their most loved person – you.

By addressing the 2 most common concerns: 1) pain and suffering 2) animal happiness, Dr. McVety ensures that pets have a good quality of life, right through to the end. Humans also benefit; owners can schedule consultation appointments to discuss options. There are even bereavement counseling services.

We are so grateful to the hospice vets – like the amazing Dr. McVety – who help us say ‘goodbye’ to our beloved pets, until we can meet them again.

To find out more, visit Love tower

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Dairy Days return to Iowa in 2022 | Livestock Sat, 25 Dec 2021 15:30:00 +0000

Iowa dairy farmers will have the opportunity to hear outreach and outreach specialists from Iowa State University share information on emerging issues in the dairy industry during Dairy Days 2022, scheduled in four sites in eastern Iowa and one site in northwest Iowa.

On the program for this year, producers will learn about euthanasia methods, composting mortalities, farm personalities, nutrition for cows in transition, milk marketing, industry updates and more. .

“The Iowa State Extension dairy team is excited to bring our annual Dairy Days program back in person this year,” said Jenn Bentley, dairy specialist at ISU Extension and Outreach. “This program gives producers a chance to learn more about a variety of topics and to be able to network with other producers and industry representatives.

Dairy Days will be offered at the following locations in January and February: Elma, Calmar, New Vienna, Kalona and Orange City. Registration begins at 9:30 am and the program will end at 2:30 pm The registration fee of $ 15 includes meal and procedural fees. Pre-registration is requested before the Friday before each event to reserve a meal. Vouchers may be available from local agricultural service providers or veterinarians.

After registration, the event begins with a presentation from Jan Shearer, Iowa State Extension Veterinarian, on methods of euthanasia and their effects on carcass disposal.

Mid-morning presentations include Composing Moralities, by Brian Dougherty and Kris Kohl, agricultural engineers with ISU Extension and Outreach; How Personalities Affect Your Farm and Your Family, by Larry Tranel, Dairy Specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach; and Care and Feeding of the Cow in Transition, by Gail Carpenter, assistant professor of dairy production at Iowa State.

Lunch is at noon, followed by Lightning Talks presented by dairy experts Fred Hall, Jennifer Bentley and Gail Carpenter, on the topics of milk marketing, the Iowa Dairy Survey and Milker Training Resources.

The event ends around 2 p.m. with closing comments. For more information, contact the ISU Outreach and Outreach office in your participating county.

Dates and locations include the following:

• January 25, Elma, Howard County, call 563-547-3001 to register;

• January 26, Calmar, Winneshiek County, call 563-382-2949 to register;

• January 27, New Vienna, Dubuqe County, call 563-583-6496 to register;

• February 1, Kalona, ​​Washington County, call 877-435-7322 to register; and

• February 8, Orange City, Sioux County, call 712-737-4230 to register.

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“An Incredible Boy and a Remarkable Man” by Ronald Stepp is an inspiring story of overcoming incredible obstacles Thu, 23 Dec 2021 05:00:00 +0000

MEADVILLE, Pennsylvania., 23 December 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – “An Amazing Boy and a Great Man”: A powerful reminder of the power of faith and the love of a family. “An amazing boy and a remarkable man” is the creation of the published author Ronald stepp, a loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather who served in the United States Army and devoted a career to the field of computer information systems development providing software and basics of data to geologists, geophysicists, drilling engineers and production engineers. Stepp completed seven semesters at Texas A&M towards a five-year double major in geological and petroleum engineering before joining the army. He then obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Midwestern State University in 1966.

Stepp shares, “In an amazing boy and a remarkable man, author Ronald stepp tells for the first time the story of the life of his older brother, Shelby ray stepp. It begins with Shelby’s tragic physical condition at birth – he had no mouth, he had no hands, he had no feet, and his eyes were crossed.

“The reader will follow the immediate reaction of the doctor who gave birth and of her parents, in particular her mother, and their responses after a period of consultation and deliberation. Then the reader will follow chronologically the miraculous events that took place. who denied euthanasia, provided a pseudo-mouth for feeding but discovered a one-inch tongue, which prevented speech and eating disorders, equipped a godly mother to give continued loving care, and help from an extended family (as effective as a US Special Forces platoon).

“The reader of An Incredible Boy and a Remarkable Man will learn how God used the love and care of a mother to raise a child who at birth was more paralyzed than any newborn who has ever lived. into adulthood.In addition, the reader will be excited by what the “little boy who could” would achieve in the world of public school and the world of music with the brilliant teaching of a Christian teacher. special education.

“As an adult, Shelby’s speech impairment became his biggest handicap. It kept him from getting a well-paying job. But the reader will learn how a negative situation has become an important part of his life. inspiring.

“Just as everyone of all ages who knew Shelby was inspired by her life, the reader who reads An Amazing Boy and a Remarkable Man throughout will surely be inspired by how Shelby overcame obstacles. from early childhood to late adulthood with the grace of God. “

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Ronald Stepp’s This new book is a thoughtful and emotional examination of a life lived with significant physical disability.

Stepp provides readers with powerfully inspiring and thoughtful feedback on lessons learned, key memories, and a life filled with love and faith.

Consumers can purchase “An Amazing Boy and a Remarkable Man” in traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes Store, or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries about “An Amazing Boy & A Great Man”, contact Christian Faith Publishing Media Department at 866-554-0919.

Media contact

Christian Faith Publishing Media Department, Christian Faith Publishing, 8665540919,

SOURCE Christian Faith Publishing

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Attack on Titan releases new trailer for final season Tue, 21 Dec 2021 17:16:59 +0000

The release of last half of season 4 of Attack on Titan is fast approaching and a new trailer has been released to prove it. With the Scout Regiment now facing not only Marley’s forces, but also the forces created by their old friend, Eren Jaeger, this last half of the final season looks like one of the darkest and bloodiest seasons yet. With this new clip, Attack on Titan fans see great moments about how the battle unfolded that was already teased the previous season.

Click to enlarge

Here’s a quick recap of the history of Survey Corp’s fourth season, here’s a quick recap. The previous episodes ended with the nation of Marley stripped bare on the Isle of Paradise. With Eren Jaeger trying to implement a plan known as the “Euthanasia Plan”, the entire Scout Regiment was sidelined as Eren jailed his friends to make sure they couldn’t prevent his plans to sterilize anyone with the ability to inherit the power of the Titans. The last and final season took the opportunity to shake things up when it comes to alliances and the show’s final episode will do so even more as all of the players in the battle come together for a massive assault.

The new trailer released by Studio MAPPA gives Attack on Titan fans a feel for the battle that will unfold between now and the end of the series, which is sure to result in a lot of destruction and death during the battle.

The Attack on Titan manga series wrapped up earlier this year, bringing the mature story to an end, and although series creator Hajime Isayama has not touched on the idea of ​​returning to the popular world he created, rumors are circulating. Internet that there might be new anime projects going on. Before the animated series ends, there will be plenty of wild moments in the history of Armin, Mikasa, and Eren Jaeger, and that has been the case throughout the series. Fans must expect a large number of casualties before the story of our beloved Boy Scout Regiment comes to an end.

Also read: Demon Slayer Studio and its founder convicted of tax evasion

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Cat adoptions in Canada at highest rate ever during pandemic Mon, 20 Dec 2021 08:24:18 +0000

“Humanitarian companies and SPCAs are increasingly implementing best practices that optimize good outcomes for cats, such as higher adoption and lower euthanasia.”

Content of the article

One of the few bright spots of the COVID-19 pandemic has been its impact on stray cats.

Content of the article

The number of cats adopted in Canada in 2020 was the highest on record, with almost 70% of cats adopted in shelters. Cat euthanasia rates were also falling, according to Cruelty-free Canada .

Shelter intake for cats and dogs were also at historically low levels, with intake 25% lower than in 2019.

The results are contained in Humane Canada’s Annual Report , which examined activity at 83 shelters operated by humane societies and SPCAs across Canada.

Report author Toolika Rastogi, senior director of policy and research at Humane Canada, noted that the trend began even before COVID reached North America.

“While there have certainly been more people interested in adopting cats during the pandemic, humanitarian companies and SPCAs have increasingly implemented best practices that optimize good outcomes for cats, such as higher adoption and lower euthanasia, “Rastogi told the Toronto sun.

Content of the article

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

“Humanitarian companies and SPCAs were doing this before the pandemic; However, public health restrictions, including the closure of animal shelters and reduced person-to-person contact, created a situation that prompted shelters to implement these approaches further, ”Rastogi added. “Some of these approaches involve moving adoptable animals from shelter to foster homes, being more inclusive in approving adoption applications, and helping families find solutions to keep their pets. cats, rather than abandoning them. “

The return rate of stray felines returned to their owners was at an all-time high in 2020: 17%.

“Healthy stray cats may not be lost at all and can return home on their own. Cats are much more likely to return to their owners by means other than admission to a shelter. “

Rastogi said humanitarian companies and SPCAs are focused on supporting animals and people in their homes, as they did during the pandemic.

“This includes increasing the number of foster homes, taking a more inclusive approach to adoption applications, and finding new ways to help families keep their pets. “

For example, Humane Canada, with funding from PetSmart Charities of Canada, distributed $ 80,000 in grants for the development and implementation of pet food bank programs across Canada “that help people. to keep their beloved pets in difficult times ”.

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Mourn the Loss of 63 Million Babies to Abortion | News, Sports, Jobs Sat, 18 Dec 2021 06:34:29 +0000

We are all saddened by the loss of an innocent young life at school in Oxford, Michigan earlier this month. These four students will never know a future of joys and challenges.

Millions of Americans also mourned the loss of nearly 63 million innocent babies from 1973 to 2019 due to chemical and crushing late abortions. This is according to the Guttmacher Institute favorable to family planning.

President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and many other well-known politicians strongly support and defend the killing of unborn babies through abortion, some even until hours before birth. Hollywood, universities, and the media all degrade life, so why are we so shocked and fucked up that a teenager went to school and killed other students? How many people support taking daily life in the womb?

And now, people with dementia, disabled people of all ages and the elderly are becoming the next targets for disposal in European countries and Canada. We’re not far behind with eight states allowing “physician-assisted suicide,” a euphemism for illegal euthanasia. So, until society truly considers all life to be worthy, society will continue to degrade life.

And to the AP reporter on Dec. 10 (“Diocese of Michigan: Transgender people must ‘repent’ to be baptized”) who reported that the Roman Catholic Church “illustrates this trend” of not supporting abortion. – it has been our belief for more than two thousand years that life begins at conception. It is not a trend.



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Austria approves legalization of assisted suicide – News Thu, 16 Dec 2021 20:50:19 +0000

Adults who are terminally ill or with a permanent, debilitating illness will be able to access help to end their life

Photo file


Posted: Fri 17 Dec 2021, 00:50

Austria’s parliament on Thursday approved the legalization of assisted suicide from January in response to a court ruling that the current ban violates fundamental rights.

A year ago, the Constitutional Court ordered the government to lift the current ban on physician-assisted dying, which carries a sentence of up to five years in prison.

Under legislation approved by all parties except the far right, adults who are terminally ill or with a permanent and debilitating illness will be able to access help to end their life.

Two doctors will have to assess each case, one of whom will have to be qualified in palliative medicine.

One of their tasks will be to determine whether the patient is able to make the decision independently.


In addition, at least 12 weeks must pass before access is granted to ensure that euthanasia is not requested due to a temporary crisis.

This period will be reduced to two weeks for patients in the “terminal phase” of an illness.

The proposals were submitted for expert review before reaching parliament, where MPs had to approve them.

The government has also allocated funds to further develop palliative care to ensure that “no one chooses the path of death when there are other possibilities”, said Justice Minister Alma Zadic, reported the APA news agency.

If no new regulations were in place by the end of the year, the current ban on physician-assisted dying would simply have lapsed, leaving the practice unregulated.

Critics had called the 12-week cooling-off period too short, among other concerns voiced by the Catholic Church, among others, which opposes the legalization of assisted suicide.

Elsewhere in Europe, assisted suicide has been decriminalized in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain.

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