“Euthanasia could become a shortcut” “MercatorNet

Last weekend, the color magazine of Australian weekend featured a front page feature, “Final wishWhich deals with assisted dying laws sweeping the country. Author Kathy Marks has sensitively interviewed a number of people who have taken advantage of these new laws. She also interviewed long-time relatives and well-known advocates of …

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Record number of deaths from euthanasia in the Netherlands

Almost 7,000 people were euthanized or legally committed suicide in the Netherlands in 2020, a marked increase compared to the drop recorded in neighboring Belgium. The regional euthanasia oversight committees, responsible for monitoring these deaths and verifying whether the eligibility criteria for this procedure are met, recorded 6,938 deaths last …

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Standardizing euthanasia can be dangerous »MercatorNet

Euthanasia: Seeking the Full Story: Experiences and Perspectives of Belgian Doctors and Nurses would be a good deal at any cost, but it’s free downloadable from the website of Springer, the publisher of many medical journals. Euthanasia, although legal in Belgium, is contested by some health professionals. This collection of …

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