Eindhoven man sold suicide powder to six dead: prosecutors

A man from Eindhoven arrested this week reportedly delivered a lethal dose of the drug to at least six people, the public prosecutor’s office (OM) said on Friday. The 28-year-old was taken into custody Tuesday on charges of unlawful assisted suicide, money laundering and drug-related offenses. He was remanded in …

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Southbury officials warn residents after coyote attacks

Authorities ask people to stay with their pets outside, especially at night SOUTHBURY, Connecticut – Those with pets in Southbury will want to pay special attention following several attempted coyote attacks on Tuesday. Southbury Animal Control said on their Facebook page that one of the attacks injured a dog. The …

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India forms panel on euthanasia law

The Unity Government of India has formed a committee of experts to make suggestions for the creation of a law allowing the death of people in special circumstances on humanitarian grounds. The practice, called euthanasia or compassionate killing, is illegal in most countries. The Law Commission of India had in …

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