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This year has seen the release of many long-awaited sci-fi TV series, but which of them are the best sci-fi TV series of 2021?

This year has seen a slew of science fiction shows released, with the best sci-fi TV of 2021 made up of both new and returning options to thrill genre fans. 2021 has been a busy year for sci-fi television, even by modern standards, with a large number of projects being delayed in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and ultimately being released on a crowded schedule. . Long-awaited series like the anime Star wars spin off The bad lot and the MCU branch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier rocked their respective COVID-19 setbacks and made their critically acclaimed debut, with plenty of other 2021 sci-fi TV titles similarly proving to be worth the wait of audiences.


In addition to these well-established IPs receiving new canon series, 2021 has overseen a slew of sci-fi adaptations to come to the fore. by netflix The silent sea is a prime example here, with Choi Hang-Yong’s mysterious sci-fi drama, a direct continuation of his short film of the same name. 2021 was also a big year for translations of the novel on screen, with Isaac Asimov Foundation and Emily St. John Mandel’s Eleven station both receiving their adaptations via the original Apple TV + and HBO Max shows, respectively.

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While it can’t be said that there was a dearth of content for sci-fi fans in 2021, there are still several sci-fi TV titles that are simply a cut above the rest. While the best sci-fi TV of 2021 is mostly dominated by serious, expansive storytelling, shows like Syfy’s alien comedy Foreign resident also prove that there is still an appetite for the wackier side of science fiction. Here’s an exploration of the top five sci-fi TV shows of 2021, with each series ranked.

# 5 – Invasion

Featured Invasion

Apple TV + ‘s flagship sci-fi drama certainly continues to divide opinion, with some critics remaining unconvinced by InvasionIt’s the slow, methodical approach to an alien takeover of Earth. Apple TV + Invasion focuses on several disparate groups of civilians across the planet, who are forced to deal with the social and psychological fallout of the alien threat that befalls them. While this premise is by no means original, the true beauty of Invasion lies in the narrative approach of the series, with the Simon Kinberg show choosing to dispense with alien theater in favor of imbuing Invasion with an omnipresent sense of dread. Invasion, put simply, feels as close as it gets to how an alien attack on Earth would present itself to the masses, with the original Apple TV + capturing the likely confusion and lack of clarity the vast majority of Earth would experience in a similar situation. Easter eggs Invasion Perhaps something of an acquired taste, but it’s still a dazzling homage to classics of the sci-fi genre and a daring slice of original streaming content from 2021.

# 4 – Resident alien

It is perhaps not surprising that Syfy Foreign resident has become an instant cult classic given its core premise, which sees an alien sent to annihilate humanity struggling with its mission as it becomes more attached to the people around it. Alan Tudyk is an inspired choice as the titular, confrontational alien in the series, with his singular comedic skills very much at home with a glut of genuinely hilarious alien gags. Yet perhaps the best feather in Foreign residentThe considerable cap is that it dares to be light unlike the vast majority of the grainy, dystopian sci-fi offerings of 2021, with Foreign resident thus proving a breath of fresh air for the genre. Foreign residentUndoubtedly, s story hinges on the highest stake (Earth’s survival), but it’s the human notes struck as the eponymous resident alien tries to assimilate into society that makes the difference. from the Syfy series a staple of television.

# 3 – Arcane

Vi and Jinx kiss as they reunite in Arcane

by netflix Esoteric Quickly proves to be a groundbreaking series, not least because it serves to dispel the perception that animated video game adaptations often struggle to keep up in a modern television arena. Located in the League of Legends fictional universe, Esoteric follows sisters Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell), who find themselves on opposite sides of a war over twisted ideologies and sought-after technologies as the utopian town of Piltover and the sordid city of Zaunalthough clash . The beauty of Esoteric, despite its video game origins, is that the Netflix series does not require any prior knowledge of League of Legends“The Champions story is to be enjoyed, with its compelling character stories eclipsing all the Easter Eggs from the original games. On top of that, EsotericThe animation of is simply breathtaking, with critics comparing the series favorably to other award-winning animated titles such as Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and Invincible. A mix of fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi elements conspire to make Esoteric a unique spectacle that not only rivals the top echelons of other video game adaptations, but also some of the best that sci-fi television has to offer.

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# 2 – Foundation

The vault in the foundation show

While 2021 saw Denis Villeneuve Dune distinguished adaptation for wholesale praise for the breathtaking translation of its source material, Apple TV + Foundation arguably presented an even more refined novel adaptation on a larger scope. Based on Isaac Asimov’s seminal book of the same name, Foundation tells the millennial saga of its titular group, a band of exiles who discover that the only way to save the Galactic Empire from destruction is to speak out against it. Foundation masterfully tackles many complex and disparate themes, weaving allegorical examples of witch hunts and contemporary fears of cloning in its first ten episodes. As with many examples on this list, Foundation is also breathtaking, with Asimov’s world masterfully staged by creators David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman as the series recalls the golden age of science fiction in which every frame is a spectacle. galactic similar to the original Star wars trilogy.

# 1 – Loki

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Season 1

The best sci-fi TV series of 2021 is the one a few saw coming, with the MCU spin-off Loki steeped in time travel, alternate realities and a dystopia, Clockwork Orange-a style institution that makes the Disney + series a love letter to the sci-fi genre itself. Audiences hoping for an MCU-style streak in numbers were quickly dissolved from this notion, with LokiThe plot twists from the familiar power of the Tesseract to a time-consuming crime thriller centered on Tom Hiddleston’s inexorably charming portrayal of a Norse demigod. Loki is such a departure from its Marvel source material that it feels daring by its very existence, while the introduction of actors who were not previously related to Marvel, such as Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius , plays more in the sense that Loki is truly the anti-hero of his own Marvel universe. In this way, the best sci-fi TV entry of 2021 is a series worthy of being a stand-alone entity despite the familiar MCU presence towering above it, confirming that Loki is an essential and unique proposition within the science fiction kind to date.

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Joe Gatto's Impassable Jokers

Imppractical Jokers star Joe Gatto announces his release from comedy show

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Naomie Harris can’t understand Swan Song’s grief and wants more, Entertainment News Fri, 31 Dec 2021 05:57:33 +0000

They say art and life imitate each other, and if that rings true for Swan Song director Ben Cleary, the same can’t be said for actress Naomie Harris.

Almost anyone would have experienced grief in their lifetime, whether it was the loss of a grandparent, parent, or even a pet, but luckily for Harris, it’s something that ‘she has not yet lived and treated fully in the past 45 years.

Some might say she’s lucky because, for people who are like her Swan Song character, Poppy, grief can take its toll.

“I’m very lucky and really haven’t had a lot of heartache in my life. The only person I’ve lost is my grandfather and that was when I was very young, and I can’t even remember how I treated him because I was too young to really understand what it meant. really deal with grief, ”Harris explained in an interview with Geek Culture.

“And yes, Poppy has a lot of grief and she deals with it by excluding Cameron and going inside so that she can deal with the grief.” I don’t think she taught me anything about how to deal with grief, but I think the only way to deal with group grief is to go through it, right? ”

A sci-fi drama, Swan Song, is the latest Apple TV + film from director Cleary and stars Harris and Mahershala Ali.

The film centers on Cameron (Ali), who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Not wanting to hurt his family, he makes the controversial decision to replace himself with an identical clone, Jack, despite knowing that his wife Poppy (Harris) opposes the cloning.

Although Poppy never found out about the Cameron clone, Harris can only imagine how upset her character would be if she had learned the truth, no matter how well-meaning Cameron was about it.

“It was definitely an act of love because he put Poppy’s needs ahead of his own, but I think she would be devastated if she found out what Cameron was up to.

“I think it would be his idea to hell if she wasn’t with him during those final moments to take care of him, hold his hand and love him during his transition. I felt incredibly bad about that. “said Harris.

“He was never able to be with his son and his wife during his last days. I mean, even saying that, it really makes me cheer up and get really emotional.

“I can’t even imagine going through something like this alone because all you want right now is spend as much time as possible with the people you love and he sacrifices that so that Poppy doesn’t feel. not pain and suffering. “


Much like Poppy, Harris herself is not a fan of cloning. For many reasons but mainly because the actress believes that being human is more than the experiences that one has had.

“We are more than the sum total of our memories. We also have our soul, don’t we? And I think it’s something that is impossible to create because we don’t understand it, none of us understand what this soul thing is, do we?

“But it’s a part of all of us. Animals have souls too, like everything has soul. And so I know you can’t really replicate that,” Harris explained.

The possibility of cloning was a topic she often engaged in when debating with Cleary, but one thing they both agree on is that a sequel focused on the implications of Cameron’s decision would be interesting to see. to follow.


“I think that would be fascinating to see – when Poppy found out that Jack was Jack and not Cameron, and that she was living with a clone. Oh, my God, that would be wow. It might be so fascinating to see An excited Harris shared.

“And then there’s Jack, who doesn’t even get it because they erased his memory so he didn’t even understand that he’s a clone, so he would be rejected by whoever he thinks is his wife. There is so much drama in there.

As well as revisiting the premise, the actress would absolutely love to work with co-star Ali again. Swan Song is not their first rodeo, as the two have also appeared together in Moonlight and have very similar working styles.

“Working with Mahershala was just a dream. He’s just an amazing actor. One of the things that I discovered and really loved is that we like to work in a very similar way, which is really unusual actually, because neither of us like rehearsals. We do our preparation separately and then get into the work the same day, ”Harris said with a smile.

“We were very lucky to have a director like Ben. He trusted us enough to do that. But it was also very unusual that we both felt the same about rehearsals because most actors like to rehearse. I find it very interesting that neither of us likes to rehearse at all.


Swan Song is a film that many moviegoers will rate as emotionally heavy. Harris’ most recent films of 2021 – No Time To Die and Venom: Let There Be Carnage – lean towards action and required less emotional production in his role.

In the latest James Bond film, the actress was analytical and straightforward, while her turn as villainous Shriek saw her wreak havoc with her equally unstable partner.

Meanwhile, Swan Song demanded a lot of emotions and hearts from the actress and Harris admitted to crying several times on set and although grief was something she hadn’t known it was the overall vulnerability that was all too familiar for the incredibly independent actress.

“In one scene is when I come to Cameron and I have a poem that my brother really liked, and I say to him, ‘Look, we really have to work on our marriage, and we have to start communicating.’ , that scene was a lot longer and oh my god this is the first time that Poppy has been really vulnerable and really honest about how she feels about this marriage – it was really devastating for the movie, “recalls Harris.


“I just remember coming home afterwards and not being able to stop crying because it’s like that emotional tap and it’s really hard to turn it off again after that. And I was all alone in Vancouver during times of COVID. Normally my family goes with me on every set I’m on, but they couldn’t come this time around so I felt very vulnerable after filming that.

A sequel to Swan Song may or may not happen, but one thing is for sure: the actress will continue to take on roles that will challenge her and allow her to explore the intricacies of life that is foreign to her.

“I think what defines me is being a researcher. I have never been satisfied. I always say to myself ‘There must be more!’ I’m still trying to figure out, like why are we here? What is all this? This has led me into many types of dead ends, but it means I’m constantly on the lookout for answers.

Swan Song is currently streaming on Apple TV +.

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Man-ape hybrids, sex freaks and COVID potato: the weirdest stories of 2021 Mon, 27 Dec 2021 17:13:54 +0000

By most metrics, 2021 was another bleak year for the world.

But all was not gloomy, with idiots and geniuses giving us reason to smile, laugh, and silently say “WTF” as we went through another 12 months of closings, rising house prices and falling prices. Daily talk radio hosts accounts.

Here are some of the weirder stories released by Newshub in 2021 – saving the best for last.

Viral humor

You’d think a pandemic wouldn’t be a place to find comedy, but the amount of idiocy featured in 2021 made it easier to capture Delta without a mask.

In January, doctors urged men not to inject COVID-19 vaccines into their penises. While clearly stupid, at least they were ready to get the vaccine – others making absurd claims like the vaccine will turn us into “human-viral chimeras” (debunked in an actual legitimate scientific study).

Misunderstandings and straightforward misinformation about vaccines were rife throughout 2021, with most of them just plain harmful. But in May, anti-vaccines began wearing masks to avoid catching the vaccine, which they said could be spread from person to person. A win is a win I guess?

However, it’s not just the morons who are making the headlines for their thoughts on COVID-19 – scientists have given us a lot to laugh about as well. In July, doctors reported accidentally curing two COVID-19 patients via fecal transplants.

In May, Japanese doctors wanted to see if there was another way to get oxygen to patients that didn’t involve the mouth or nose – you can guess which alternative orifice they tried.

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Love is nature’s masterpiece Sat, 25 Dec 2021 19:17:54 +0000

“Except that we liked,” writes Mary Oliver, “all the news comes as from a distant land.

We can only know what we liked, in other words. The meaning of this – that without the act of opening we know nothing – is transcendent and true.

Love is then seen as a path to the sacred, the one true thing that we can all come to terms with, when we can’t agree on much else.

Since ancient times, philosophers have suggested that love is an elemental force of nature, like gravity or electromagnetism. The power that animates the stars, they say, is the same force that compels the human heart. John Dewey, inventor of the Dewey decimal system, said it in the 1880s:

Spiritual life [gets] its surest and most sufficient guarantees when one learns that the laws and conditions of righteousness are involved in the working processes of the universe; when we see that man in his conscious struggles, in his doubts, his temptations and his defeats, in his aspirations and his successes, is pushed and supported by the forces which have developed nature.

When we see ourselves through this cosmic lens, like relics of nature obeying harmonious laws, something radiates inside the brain. The eye of the heart is illuminated.

As Saint Exupéry reminds us: “It is with the heart that we see well. What is essential is invisible to the eyes. “

Knowing that love is a force of nature, infinitely greater than the little self, we see that heart-to-heart electrical resonance is the very pulse of what makes us human.

We are humbled before this higher power, capable of channeling love but not of creating it, of cultivating love without being able to kill it. If you block the growth of love in your life, it just finds another way to get where it’s going. Love is never hurt, but we are. We constantly suffer from his absence. “The love you hold is the pain you carry,” as Emerson knew. We lose everything when we close our hearts

Love is a verb not a noun, after all. It is recognized through its evidence, its empirical impacts on our life and the way it changes us. These impacts include:

Tenderness, which softens the heart and makes us permeable, connectable, available, empathetic, intimate

Transparency, because love needs truth to be real. “The truth is more beautiful than the affectation of love,” Emerson reminds us. Love has nothing to hide and there is no point in pretending.

The desire for love is to share; its nature is to bind, to join, to unify. The root of the word yoga is harness together. The action of love is attraction.

Love does not to blame or victimize. It makes us vulnerable without making us victims. It’s not tit for tat or transactional; love is not withheld when it is not reciprocal. It just changes shape, changes channels, finds a more suitable vehicle.

Love wears no expectations. Expectations are always related to the future and love is only and always in the present. Of course, relationships cannot survive without plans, but these have more to do with administration, logistics, practicality, than with love itself. Think of relationship as a mode of transportation and love as the essence. Both are necessary but they are not the same.

To like don’t try to own. It is a complex area because possessiveness has its roots in biology. We are programmed to hold on to things (including people) for our survival, but love has little to do with it. You don’t like food that keeps you alive no matter how much you need it. You cannot love with your survival instinct.

Love provides a lot of space, which only happens when we stop trying to own others. The nature of love is expansion, not contraction. As Rilke said, “Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other.”

To like frees, he does not bind. She leans towards freedom and renounces confinement, allowing the other to be herself, to grow, to change, to change direction; follow what is true in its nature. The love that seems to bind is not love. They are the shadows of love: jealousy, fear, insecurity, control, aggressiveness, narcissism. Confusing the shadows of love with love itself is a path to destruction.

Love is beyond reason. Even though we must apply rational thinking to the choices we make in love, love itself transcends rationalization. Reason applies to what we can analyze with the mind, including our own behavior; it does not apply to the sanctity of affections of the heart, which arise and disappear of themselves. “The heart has its reasons which reason ignores,” said Pascal. Just try to talk to yourself about love, or because of it, if you don’t believe it.

To like transcends form. The battery is not electricity. The form of the relationship is not love. They are related but not equivalent. Love also transcends fear because its nature is to be uncontrollable.

To like understands and accepts differences. He knows that relationships are deepened and enriched by diversity. There’s a reason opposites attract. Love wants balance, not cloning, and leads to feelings of integrity. Our crisis of belonging, in which many feel fragmented, disconnected, cut off, is nothing less than a crisis of love.

Love makes you feel good, not bad. He uplifts and blesses what he touches. It heals divisions, gives meaning, reminds us that we are already whole.

Finally love finds meaning in action. If we are not changed by love, it is not real. If loving does not alter the way we treat others, ourselves and the planet, if it does not reveal the web between us, the electric charge at the heart of things, the need to row together, the hard part of heart that resists connection and must be melted by exposure – this is not love.

We need to open up, push our limits and integrate the natural power of love into a new way of living. See love in its elemental greatness. The French paleontologist-priest Teilhard de Chardin beautifully expressed this:

One day, after having mastered the winds, waves, tides and gravity, we will harness the energies of love for God, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire. .

It could be a new start.

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Laboratory-grown embryo research poised to transform medicine Thu, 23 Dec 2021 12:00:00 +0000

According to several studies, one in three pregnancies results in a miscarriage and one in 33 babies born will have a birth defect, due to the improper formation of the embryo in the womb. Studying the development of the embryo can help us find ways to reduce these numbers. In 2022, we will see progress in this research through embryo-like structures made from stem cells that can be grown in the lab.

Stem cells offer a powerful way to study the early development of the embryo. They can be grown in the lab in large numbers and can be tricked into making a wide assortment of cell types including brain, blood, bone, and muscle.

Recently, several researchers have found ways to join stem cells together into small balls of 3D cells, which makes it easier to create tiny structures resembling embryos. These are currently rudimentary – structures can be variable, they are inefficient to create, and cannot expand much further. Next year we’ll likely see improvements, with more advanced embryonic-like structures made from stem cells. And we’re also likely to see scientists using these models to study specific issues, such as how the embryo implants in the uterus, how organs start to develop, or how the embryo makes sure that the cells are in the correct positions.

Such research has traditionally been difficult to perform with human embryos. Parents using in vitro fertilization can donate their excess embryos, but regulations (confirmed internationally and made into law in the UK) prevent researchers from growing them beyond 14 days. This makes it impossible to directly study the evolution of the human embryo when it passes from a cluster of cells to a structure with the organization of a rudimentary body, when it is between two and four weeks old. The International Society for Stem Cell Research, which represents researchers in this field, called for a public dialogue on whether this limit should be changed. He suggests expanding the culture of human embryos on a case-by-case basis. It remains to be seen how regulators will react to this.

In the meantime, embryo-type stem cell models may alleviate some of the need to use “real” human embryos. They will allow researchers to carry out precise studies of embryonic development, to see how they react when a gene is mutated, for example, or when they are exposed to dangerous chemicals. Because they are made from stem cells, they could even be generated by taking blood or skin samples from patients who themselves have a birth defect and going back in time to a state similar to that of an embryo. This could help us understand how the defect happened, and perhaps even take steps to reduce the incidence of such disorders in the future.

The development of embryonic-type models will raise many new ethical questions. Along with the possibility of moving down a slippery slope towards cloning, stem cell-based embryo models are starting to blur the line between what we consider human and what not. An early stage human embryo, when it is only a small group of 16 cells, is it more valuable if it comes from the union of sperm and egg? Or is it the same as if it were derived in the laboratory from stem cells? Should the moral status often applied to human embryos also apply to groups of cells, even in arrangements that might only vaguely reflect elements of actual embryonic development?

As we move more towards role models that could alleviate the devastating conditions encountered early in life, we will also find ourselves challenged as a society to ask big questions, including the fundamental question of what it means to be. human.

Get more expert forecasts for the coming year. The WIRED World in 2022 features much-needed insight and insight from the smartest minds in the WIRED network. Available now on newsstands, as a digital download, or you can order your copy online.

More great WIRED stories

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Most Exciting Character In Years Needs A Spin-Off ASAP Tue, 21 Dec 2021 14:00:25 +0000

Every child remembers the majestic awe of seeing Star Wars for the first time. For the characters, the shooting stars of hyperspace are just another day in the galaxy. But in the Disney + pilot The bad lot, Omega, a young girl experiences it for the first time, just like us. It’s more of something that evokes the fan experience. It’s a symbol of Omega opening its own way, which would otherwise be used as the base code for clones.

The clones of the old Star Wars: The Clone Wars were a masterpiece of television. Through ingenious character and voiceover design, countless identical beings have miraculously developed their own unique personalities, even when you couldn’t always tell them apart.

In the Star Wars myth, there is a group of “faulty” clones, known as “The Bad Batch”. Because it’s Star Wars, they’re now directing their own streaming series spin-off. Exempted from the mass Order 66 Jedi genocide, these five clone troopers negotiate new life after a galaxy-wide war crime. Along the way, they find a sister. In their first adventure, the Batch meets a “medical assistant” Kaminoan, a young blonde human clone named Omega, voiced by Michelle Ang.

STAGE THIEVES is a countdown that salutes the unforgettable characters of the small screen of the year. Omega is # 15.

In the vast lore of Star Wars, children are unknown on Kamino. Clones artificially age faster; they are mass-produced soldiers, after all. But our heroes learn that Omega is not just another clone. He is a pure and unchanged clone of Jango Fett. Like Jango’s “son”, Boba, Omega is a perfect copy that will age naturally. With the blood of a bounty hunter literally flowing through her veins, she embarks on the ship of the Bad Batch, and together they set out to forge their own destiny.

Who is Omega?

  • Best quote: “You are still their brother, Crosshair. You are also my brother.
  • Famous for: Optimism, perception, being the ultimate little sister
  • The scene robbery episode: Season 1, Episode 16, “Kamino Lost” (Star Wars: The Wrong Lot)
  • Super power : Forging your own destiny
  • Their scientific element: Hydrogen. Lightweight, fiery, extremely abundant, but can be handled in a lot of things.
  • Walking song: “Not Written” by Natasha Bedingfield

In the Disney + Star Wars series The bad lot, Michelle Ang lends her voice for “Omega”, a brave and pure clone of bounty hunter Jango Fett who seeks his own path.Lucasfilm

While most of the Star Wars clones are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, Omega’s voice belongs to New Zealand actress Michelle Ang, known elsewhere for her role in another spinoff franchise, Fear the living dead. Unlike Baker, Ang’s Kiwi accent is native, a trait common to Jango / Boba Fett actor Temuera Morrison, whose resemblance is given to all of the Clone Troopers. Ang’s shared experience with Morrison gives him a level of authenticity that you can’t just craft.

For her part, Ang knows there is an authenticity in Omega, even though she was not naturally born with traits but chose them for herself. “The character had this real innocence and naivety, but also the core of someone who was strong in his internal compass and who had morality,” Ang said. “What resonated was this push and pull for someone who has not experienced anything and yet wants to defend everything.”

“AT no point is his identity questioned “

Omega adds a wrinkle to the “Chosen One” tropes that Star Wars is so famous for. Unlike Luke, Anakin, or Rey, she is not a child pulled out of obscurity by the Force. She was established important, as the source code for a new generation of clones. But she refuses to let this be her lot in life. Like her “brother” and “father”, she seeks her own path in the universe. If this spinoff had a spinoff, an Omega-led series would likely be a kid-focused adventure series, like the failed Youngling series which had a backdoor pilot in it. Clone wars. With Star Wars TV maturing as it is now, Omega could be the key to a new generation of fans.

Omega’s impact on Star Wars runs deeper than most fans realize. As a clone of Jango Fett, she should, hypothetically, look like him. Instead, she’s blonde, and most importantly, a girl. Its existence as a “clone” that does not resemble the original article raises good questions about the fundamental philosophy of its visual design. As a fluid gender person, Omega represents to me the ideal of a gender non-conforming life. Not only is she free to express herself as she wishes, but at no time is her identity questioned. She was created to be the Ultimate Soldier, but what she has become instead is an emotionally intelligent, insightful, yet naïve young girl.

Even if you don’t think of Omega as a trans character (valid, given that a full understanding of Star Wars cloning science is mystifying), Omega is a feminist icon. From a certain point of view, this is a person created for literal reproduction only to challenge that purpose. Her story is about reproductive justice, as a young girl forging a life outside of breeding animals.

Delicious in her challenge, Omega is # 15 in the 2021 Inverse Scene Stealers.Lucasfilm

In defiance of the male-centric narratives that prevail in the Star Wars universe, Omega strikes a delicate balance between “girl power” and girl power. Just like every clone in the batch has a “bad” mutation, it is a “bummer”. But she doesn’t let anything stop her. Defying the tales of many “chosen ones” in Star Wars before her, she does not allow herself to be defined by a purpose for which she was born. She lives to find out who she wants to be.

Star Wars: The Wrong Lot is now streaming on Disney +.

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]]> OpenAI’s WebGPT Explores Text-Based Web Environment to Achieve Human-Level Performance on Long QA Mon, 20 Dec 2021 15:57:02 +0000

Anyone taking an exam understands the language and other challenges associated with providing paragraph answers to open-ended questions versus simple yes / no or multiple choice questions. Such a long question-answer (LFQA) presents similar challenges in the field of natural language processing (NLP) research, where existing approaches tend to focus on two main task elements: retrieval and synthesis. information.

In the new journal WebGPT: browser-assisted question answer with human feedback, an OpenAI research team combines these existing approaches with improved training goals. They use the Microsoft Bing Web Search API for document retrieval and unsupervised pre-training and fine-tuning on the GPT-3 Large Language Model for high-quality synthesis. They then use human feedback to directly optimize the quality of responses, allowing their method to achieve human-level performance on LFQA tasks.

The team summarizes its main contributions as follows:

  1. We create a text-based web browsing environment that a refined language model can interact with. This allows us to improve both recovery and end-to-end synthesis using general methods such as imitation learning and reinforcement learning.
  2. We generate responses with references: passages extracted by the model from web pages during navigation. This is crucial to enable labellers to judge the factual accuracy of responses without engaging in a difficult and subjective process of independent research.

Contemporary search engines are powerful, fast, and can provide up-to-date knowledge. This has led humans to increasingly rely on search engines when looking for answers to questions – our total daily web search estimates run into the billions. OpenAI researchers therefore set out to design a text-based web browsing environment that would allow pre-trained language models to mimic such human web search behavior.

Prompted for a question and contextual and additional information, the proposed WebGPT template performs web actions such as performing a Bing search, clicking on links, scrolling through documents, and retrieving references and citations. . Navigation continues until the model issues a command to end navigation, the maximum number of actions is reached, or the maximum total length of references is reached. Finally, if at least one relevant reference has been detected, the model will compose a long answer to the question.

The team also designed a graphical interface for their text-based web browsing environment to allow users to provide ancillary annotations and comparison ratings to further enhance understanding of the question model.

The team refined the GPT-3 models in sizes 760M, 13B and 175B and used four main training methods: Behavior Cloning (BC), Reward Modeling (RM), Reinforcement Learning (RL) and reject sampling (best-of-n). They evaluated the proposed WebGPT on questions from the ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5) subreddit, with human reviewer judgments based on the criteria that answers should be relevant, consistent, and supported by reliable references.

In evaluations, the best-of-64 WebGPT 175B model responses were preferred over those written by human demonstrators 56% of the time and preferred over the reference responses from the ELI5 dataset 69% of the time.

Overall, the work demonstrates that a refined pre-trained language model leveraging a text-based web browsing environment can achieve high response quality on LFQA tasks, outperforming even humans on the ELI5 dataset.

The paper WebGPT: browser-assisted question answer with human feedback is on

Author: Hecate He | Editor: Michael Sarazen

We know you don’t want to miss any news or research breakthroughs. Subscribe to our popular newsletter Weekly Synchronized Global AI for weekly AI updates.

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‘Swan Song’ review: Dying Mahershala Ali wonders whether to send the clone Fri, 17 Dec 2021 01:09:01 +0000

Looks like it was yesterday, but it was actually seven months ago when an episode of Amazon Studios’ “Solos” series starred Anthony Mackie as a dying family man who concludes a difficult alliance with a clone that will soon take its place.

Now comes the Apple TV + theatrical / streaming release “Swan Song,” starring Mahershala Ali as a dying family man who makes a difficult alliance with a clone who will take his place. Both productions feature actors who manage to create two identical yet different characters, and both productions are warm, intermittently comical but mostly emotional, delving deep into heavy existential territory. But “Swan Song” is the most impactful work in large part because talented writer-director Benjamin Cleary has the largest canvas in a feature film, allowing him to add more nuances of color and nuance. .

Set for the near future with mandatory vehicle and smart device upgrades as fashion remains true to today, “Swan Song” is a beautifully shot film, oscillating between “current” events and the history of love between Cameron (Ali) and his wife Poppy (Naomie Harris), who meet cute on a train, eventually get married and have a son (Dex Rey) and go through tough times including the death of the well- twin brother Poppy’s beloved, Andre (Nyasha Hatendi). But everything is beautiful these days, especially since Poppy is pregnant.

A problem. A tragic problem that changes life. Cameron is terminally ill with a rapidly spreading disease that causes him to collapse without warning. He has managed to keep his state a secret, but time is running out – so Cameron takes a secret trip to Arra Labs, a remote facility where pioneer Dr Jo Scott (Glenn Close) has developed a treatment whereby she can clone a human. to be and transfer not only their physical characteristics but their personalities, their memories, their subconscious, all of that. Once Cameron is dead, Cameron 2.0 will take over, unaware that he is a clone. He’s just going to believe he’s Cameron because he’s Cameron.

Of course, it’s never so transparent and straightforward in the cloning movies. Cameron is reluctant to undertake the procedure, which will result in a double lie: first, not telling Poppy he is dying, then allowing this new Cameron, who is the same as the old Cameron but l it’s really, to spend the next few decades as Poppy’s husband and father of her children. Heavy thing!

“Swan Song” plunges into mind-blowing territory when Cameron is allowed to meet his clone, who so far knows he’s a clone but won’t know he’s a clone once Cameron is dead. Cameron also befriends another patient, Kate (Awkwafina), who is spending her final days at the facility after her clone has already taken her life. Watching all of this, you can’t help but wonder what YOU would do if you were Cameron or Kate. Thanks to the brilliant and nuanced work of the great Mahershala Ali, our thoughts are with both Cameron.

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Memo Therapeutics AG to clinically develop SARS-CoV-2 antibody Mon, 13 Dec 2021 15:25:53 +0000

COVAB 36 is a potent all-human monoclonal antibody for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infections, which can be administered by inhalation, improving patient acceptance. It was found to neutralize all major variants known before the Omicron emergency; and tests against Omicron are currently underway.

Following the CHF 10.5 million grant from the Swiss Federal Funding Program for COVID-19 Drugs, the Swiss government has the right to acquire doses of the treatment after marketing authorization.

Inhaled monoclonal antibodies

Therapeutic antibodies are generally administered systemically, either directly intravenously, or indirectly by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

However, inhalation could offer a promising non-invasive strategy for treating respiratory disease, as it delivers higher concentrations of antibodies to the airways.

“The support of the Swiss government to advance the clinical development of our SARS-CoV-2 antibody is an important step as we rapidly build on our excellent preclinical data”Said Karsten Fischer, CEO of Memo Therapeutics AG, headquartered in Zurich.

“We were able to confirm exceptional activity in a relevant in vivo model supporting the significant potential of COVAB 36 in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 infection.

“These new therapies will be essential tools in dealing with the rapidly evolving global COVID-19 pandemic. “

Christoph Esslinger, Scientific Director of Memo Therapeutics AG, added: “This funding represents a new external validation of our main antibody discovery platform, as we have passed a thorough review process where only projects with significant potential for clinical innovation and a high level of scientific quality have been selected.