Human Cloning

NEET 2021: Biology Preparation Tips

Image source: PTI / FILE Here are preparation tips by topic for biology NEET 2021: Biology is the study of living things and their life processes. This is important because it helps us understand how living things work and how they work and interact on many levels. Biology is subdivided …

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Scientists are finally sequencing the entire genome

Scientists say they finally have sequenced the complete human genome. This includes much of the missing 8 percent of the first “draft” of the genome. Two competing starter technologies helped fuel the newly sequenced portions. Twenty-one years ago, researchers announced the first “project” for the sequencing of the entire human …

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The 10 scariest creatures in the shared universe

The loved one What we do in the shadows created a cinematic universe that includes the TV series spin-off as well as Wellington Paranormal, based on the Wellington Police Department seen in the original film. Through all of these works there has been a range of disturbing and monstrous creatures. …

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