Human Cloning

Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market 2021-2028 with Amazon, AmplifyReach, Aristech GmbH, Artificial Solutions, AT&T, Avaamo, Baidu, CandyVoice, Cepstral, CereProc, Clinc, Cognigy, Conversica

Conversational AI is the technology that makes this possible. It enables artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like chatbots to interact with people in a human way. By bridging the gap between human and computer language, it makes communication between the two easy and natural. Voice cloning is a highly desired feature …

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Why it took 20 years to “finish” the human genome

Through Melissa Southey, Monash University and Tu Nguyen-Dumont, Monash University The release of human genome sequence project in 2001 was an important moment in our understanding of the human genome and paved the way for advancements in our understanding of the genomic basis of human biology and disease. But the …

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NEET 2021: Biology Preparation Tips

Image source: PTI / FILE Here are preparation tips by topic for biology NEET 2021: Biology is the study of living things and their life processes. This is important because it helps us understand how living things work and how they work and interact on many levels. Biology is subdivided …

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