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Modeling by scientists suggests that the virus that causes equine infectious anemia could be eliminated from horses through repeated vaccination with antibodies.

Equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV) primarily infects horses. It shares many characteristics with HIV in humans, including its viral structure, genome, life cycle, and blood transmission.

The virus establishes a persistent infection and is transmitted between horses by biting flies. There is currently no vaccine or treatment, and infected horses enter a lifelong carrier state if they survive the acute phase of infection.

The disease is widespread around the world, with many jurisdictions requiring the euthanasia of infected horses.

Researchers Elissa Schwartz, Christian Costris-Vas and Stacey Smith described the infection as a major concern for equine health worldwide, being one of 11 equine infections requiring notification to the World Organization for Animal Health.

Recent outbreaks have been reported in North America, South America, Asia and throughout Europe.

Genetically diverse strains of the virus have been found. The infection usually has three stages: an acute stage characterized by high fever and low platelet count; a chronic stage with high viral loads, recurring fevers and weight loss; and a symptom-free phase with a reduced viral load and an absence of apparent clinical signs.

“One of the reasons these viruses are difficult to control is that the mutation allows them to evade therapy and immune responses,” the trio said. “We need to better understand how antibodies can control EIAV infection when the virus mutates.”

The study team, writing in the diary Virus, this research has shown that protection against the virus can be achieved in horses with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) by three infusions of treated plasma from long-term immunocompetent horses infected with the virus.

They noted that vaccination of horses by infusion of EIAV-specific antibodies containing plasma is not a treatment in development. In fact, work on plasma infusion in SCID horses has been undertaken to better understand the development of vaccines against HIV infection in humans.

The potential of antibody infusions to control EIAV holds great promise for the potential elimination of other lentiviruses, such as HIV, they said. However, the utility of this approach is limited by the escape potential of the mutants.

The study team applied mathematical modeling, taking into account the current mutation and the relationship between growth and antibody control, to determine whether multiple infusions had the potential to completely clear the virus in patients. horses.

Work has shown that seven infusions of an antibody vaccine, provided they are properly timed, are sufficient to eradicate both wild-type and mutant strains of the virus in a horse.

“This suggests a way forward for viral control not only of EIAV but for other viral infections in which escape by mutants resistant to neutralization is a concern,” they said.

Schwartz is at Washington State University; Costris-Vas and Stacey Smith are at the University of Ottawa.

Schwartz, EJ; Costris-Vas, C .; Smith ?, SR Modeling of the mutation in equine infectious anemia virus infection suggests a pathway to viral clearance with repeated vaccination. Virus 2021, 13, 2450.

The study, published under a Creative Commons license, can be read here.

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Touching mural by Arthur Labinjo-Hughes appears in Birmingham as tragic body of six-year-old can finally be buried Mon, 06 Dec 2021 09:42:00 +0000

A TOUCHING mural in honor of the tragic Arthur Labinjo-Hughes has appeared after it was revealed he could finally be buried.

The poignant artwork shows the six-year-old in a blue Birmingham City jacket kicking a soccer ball.


A fresco appeared for ArthurCredit: Disney
His mother Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow can now let the youngster rest


His mother Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow can now let the youngster restCredit: PA

Disney graffiti artist spray painted the mural on the side of a restaurant in Birmingham after Arthur’s mother-in-law and father were jailed for killing the youngster.

Arthur was starved, poisoned with salt, and ultimately beaten to death after being tortured in his final months by Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes.

The killer father has now agreed to release Arthur’s body so that it can be buried 16 months after his murder.

His lawyer Bernard Richmond QC said Hughes left the matter of his remains to his family and Arthur’s mother, Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, who is in jail for killing her lover.

But due to an alleged family dispute, the youngster remains in a Midlands hospital.

Mr Richmond said: “I spoke to him and told him that this could not continue. He asked me to say that Arthur’s body, after a service with his family, must go to his family. mother to have a funeral and she must have control over her ashes.

“He hopes he can give Olivia a little piece of peace.”

Labinjo-Halcrow recounted in a victim impact statement how “heartbroken” she was about her son’s body being stored alone in a cooler.

She wants to bury him in a small, quiet funeral in a Birmingham cemetery.

It comes after football fans across the country cheered on Arthur over the weekend in a touching sixth-minute tribute – one minute in every year of his short life.

Tustin, 32, was jailed for life at Coventry Crown Court on Friday, with a minimum sentence of 29 years for murder.

Her “ruthless” father, 29, was jailed for 21 years after being convicted of manslaughter.

Both convictions were referred to the attorney general’s office, who confirmed they would be reviewed.

She now has 28 days to assess whether she falls under the abusive sentencing regime and decide whether to refer her to the Court of Appeal.

The judges could then decide to increase the sentences of the killer couple.


The move was supported by Arthur’s grandfather, Peter Halcrow, who told The Sun: “They must never see the light of day again. No punishment can ever be enough for this couple.

“I have never been in favor of the death penalty because I know the courts can make mistakes, but in my opinion they have lost their right to life.

“It will take a toll on taxpayers, but since we have no capital punishment they should certainly never be released from prison while they live for such cruelty and inhumanity.”

Hughes and Tustin waged a “campaign of cruelty” against Arthur during his tragic final months.

The youth was isolated for 14 hours a day and forced to sleep on the floor in a brutal struggle that met the “medical definition of child torture”.

He was also poisoned with so much salt that he was too weak to even fight the horrific abuse of his torturers.

On June 16 last year, Tustin repeatedly smashed the youngster’s head against a hard surface, causing him to collapse.

He died in hospital the next day from an “adult head injury” consistent with being “shaken vigorously and having his head repeatedly banged against a hard surface” .


Arthur’s frail, skeletal body was covered in 130 bruises and he suffered 93 different areas of injury, including to his head, arms, legs, feet and torso.

Even if only half of the 130 bruises on Arthur’s body were the result of abuse, it would still be a mark for every day he spent being “terrified” during the lockdown.

The injuries were so severe that they were compared to those seen in a high-speed car crash.

Creepily, Arthur’s final months on earth were captured in heart-wrenching audio clips and recordings made by Tustin and Hughes.

Arthur could be heard moaning in a 23 second recording of “no one loves me” and “no one is going to feed me”.

Video footage also showed Arthur hours before his death waking up on the living room floor.

The emaciated youth would be so frail that he could barely pick up his bedding.

The government has now announced a major review to determine what improvements are needed for the agencies that have come into contact with Arthur.

It will be led by the National Child Protection Practices Review Committee and will provide additional support to the Solihull Children’s Safeguarding Partnership to “improve” the existing local review.

Arthur's death has been investigated


Arthur’s death has been investigatedCredit: PA
The young was hungry, poisoned and isolated


The young was hungry, poisoned and isolatedCredit: PA
Tustin Ahd Hughes tortured the boy to death


Tustin Ahd Hughes tortured the boy to deathCredit: PA
She was imprisoned for life with a minimum of 29 years


She was imprisoned for life with a minimum of 29 years
Hughes was jailed for 21 years for manslaughter


Hughes was jailed for 21 years for manslaughterCredit: PA
Sweet video shows baby Arthur Labinjo-Hughes revealing soccer star’s dreams before being murdered by cruel mother
Metal Lee’s Parentage and Family Tree Theories Explained Sun, 05 Dec 2021 17:51:56 +0000

Family has been a major theme in both Boruto and Naruto, so knowing the family tree of each character, including Metal Lee, is important.

The mystery surrounding Metal Lee’s parentage has puzzled the Boruto fandom for years now. All other characters belonging to the next generation have a clear family tree. When the identity of both parents is known, it becomes easier to understand the source of that character’s personality or abilities. Even Mitsuki, a rather mysterious character, was ultimately revealed to be Orochimaru’s child through cloning and genetic engineering.

Metal Lee’s only confirmed parent is his father, Rock Lee. Metal’s mother is completely unknown to the fandom. Uncovering the identity of Metal’s mother would reveal not only more information about Metal, but Rock Lee as well. What kind of woman would Rock Lee have a child with and what would their relationship be like?

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Metal Lee Potential Ground Hunter

One Reddit user u / Pradeepk98 believes the identity of Metal’s mother could also explain why he’s so anxious. Rock Lee has always been a confident ninja and is never afraid to put on a show to impress the people around him, but his son is the exact opposite. Metal is extremely embarrassed and panics when he realizes people are watching him. Maybe it was a trait he inherited from his mother, or something he learned from watching her.

There have been many different theories proposed by the fandom about Metal’s lineage. Some of them are more credible than others, but all of them are worth considering. The most popular theory is that Tenten is the mother of Metal. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch; Tenten was the only female member of Rock Lee’s former team, so it’s likely romance could have blossomed between the two of them. Sasuke got married and had a child with his former teammate, so why not Rock Lee? Reddit user u / nyfilexs even cited a scene from one of the Boruto openings as proof. In the scene, all of the next-gen parents stand together – and Rock Lee is next to Tenten.

The problem with this theory is that the series has never shown Tenten and Metal to interact before. If Tenten is the mother, it would be strange if there was never a scene from her Metal training, or even talking to her, given that she is still present in the village. Unless Tenten is an extremely neglectful parent, it’s hard to imagine her as Metal’s mother.

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Tenten is sitting in the shop and doesn't look amused

Another Reddit user u / borutostan19 jokingly theorized that Metal doesn’t even have a mother. Much like Orochimaru, Rock Lee may have produced a child asexually, through the power of youth. Rock Lee and Might Guy are both known to claim that the power of youth can overcome anything. Maybe in this case he can even overcome human biology.

However, the most likely fan theory is that Rock Lee simply adopted Metal and his biological parents are unknown. Rock Lee could play a similar role for Metal that Might Guy served for him. Even though Rock Lee and Guy looked surprisingly similar, the two were not related. Despite this, Guy always acted as a father figure to Rock Lee and trained him in his fighting style. Other children of the next generation were also adopted; Gaara adopted Shinki and raised him to be his successor. The same situation could apply to Rock Lee and Metal.

The parental bond that exists between Rock Lee and Metal is extraordinarily strong, regardless of the true identity of Metal’s mother or if Rock Lee is her biological father. Rock Lee believes that anyone can become a powerful ninja, even if they were born without special abilities or not from a famous family. Metal Lee turns this belief into reality. With the teachings of Rock Lee and the hard work of Metal, he learns to overcome his anxiety and grow as a ninja.

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10 Naruto in Normal Sage Mode

Boruto confirms Naruto has upgraded a major weapon in his Shinobi arsenal

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Greg Wise’s ‘Death Box’ After His Sister’s Death Grief: ‘Act of Love’ | Celebrity News | Show biz & TV Sun, 05 Dec 2021 07:30:00 +0000

Strictly: Greg Wise once bleed from wrapping paper

Greg Wise is back on TV screens this morning as the Strictly Come Dancing star joins comedian Rob Brydon in “Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh.” Greg participated in this year’s dance performance series and was in partnership with Karen Hauer. They were eliminated in the fourth week after the judges voted to save Judi Love instead. Greg, 55, is best known for playing John Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility.

He met Emma Thompson on the set of the 1995 film, after which they started a relationship.

The A-list couple married in 2003 and have a daughter together.

They also informally adopted Tindyebwa Agaba, a Rwandan orphan, the same year they were married.

Greg’s spell on Strictly saw him dedicate one of the routines to his late sister.

His sister Clare, a big fan of disco music, died of cancer five years ago at the age of 51.

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Greg Wise and Emma Thompson. (Image: GETTY)

Greg Wise in Strictly

Greg was knocked out in week four of Strictly. (Image: BBC)

Greg and his dance partner Karen danced to If You Could Read My Mind, and he choked back tears afterward as he paid his respects to his sister.

His tragic death left a lasting impact on the actor and made him realize the importance of “talking” and “being honest about death”.

Speaking to the “Don’t Ignore The Elephant” podcast earlier this year, Greg recalled caring for her in her final weeks.

When she became too ill to write, he continued his blog for her, which later became a book.

He said: “One of the things I’ve been doing since Clare died is go around and tell everyone that we all need to talk about death and be honest about it.

Greg Wise and Emma Thompson with their daughter

Greg and Emma have a daughter together. (Image: GETTY)

“I set up a death box, which has advanced wish templates, showing where the spare car key set is, what the codes are, what is my password for things.

“All these things.”

He explained, “It’s an act of love.

“It’s cruel to withhold information, not to be able to share how you feel with others.”

Greg explained that his thoughts on death “changed completely” after taking care of Clare in her last days.

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Greg Wise and Emma Thompson

Greg and Emma met on the set of Sense & Sensibility. (Image: GETTY)

He said, “I’m really boring now. When my friends come to dinner, I tell them to take care of your business when you’re healthy.

“That’s what I told everyone.”

Death in itself doesn’t scare Greg, he said, it’s the little head start he doesn’t like.

He explained, “I think dying is a little bit af *** er, I think dying is alright.

“It’s to get there”.

Greg Wise and Emma Thompson

Greg and Emma married in 2003. (Image: GETTY)

If the UK changes its euthanasia laws, Greg has said he would like to choose how he dies.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal under English law.

Medically assisted suicide is permitted in certain countries under certain conditions, including Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and parts of the United States.

Greg said, “If I can or if the law has changed by then, I wish I could choose when and how.”

Greg told the Daily Mail in August that it was “essential” that the stigma surrounding speaking out about death be removed.

He told the newspaper: “It’s important. I try to get people to talk about death as much as they talk about the birth race.

Addressing the Big Issue last week, he added: “We need to get the ‘word’ out of the dark, that’s the point – we need to be able to sit with our friends in the pub and talk about the ending. of life. “

Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh airs Sundays at 9:30 a.m. It will also be available on ITV Hub.

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Poor critical communication | Coeur d’Alene Press Sat, 04 Dec 2021 09:17:50 +0000

The Idaho education official said there was a communication problem when she told local Republicans that the Coeur d’Alene school district was one of the “worst offenders” in the city. teaching of critical race theory.

State Superintendent of Education Sherri Ybarra made the comment during a 15-minute presentation Nov. 23 to the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee.

“My comment that the district is one of the worst offenders reflects the perception I have heard from parents and clients,” Ybarra told The Press on Friday. “I recognized that I had heard the multiple specific concerns of the Coeur d’Alene community members regarding critical race theory in their classes and programs in the schools in the district.”

Coeur d’Alene School District Superintendent Shon Hocker said he wanted to dispel this misinformation.

Hocker said Ybarra admitted that was not what she meant and accidentally left out the word “alleged”.

“I just don’t want our community to have any idea that (Ybarra) thinks we are a ‘worst offender’,” Hocker said on Friday. “She told us it wasn’t.

Scott Maben, director of communications, said critical breed theory is not taught in public schools in Coeur d’Alene, nor integrated into curricula, business plans or staff programs. .

“It didn’t find its way into our school district, and it wasn’t taken into account – period,” a statement from the district said.

In an interview with The Press, Ybarra said he heard from different members of the community and saw information at events that shows Critical Race Theory, as defined by some people, is being taught in the district. Ybarra said people saw the terminology in the curricula and showed him specific examples of what they believed to be critical race theory.

She said that when she asked community members to explain their concerns, they told her that the district teaches social-emotional learning.

Ybarra said that while the school district says it doesn’t teach Critical Race Theory, it teaches someone else’s definition of Critical Race Theory.

Ybarra said she believes part of the debate is that critical race theory is difficult to define and everyone has different definitions.

Debbie Critchfield, a Republican candidate for the 2022 Idaho state superintendent of public education race and former chairperson of the State Board of Education, said Ybarra was essentially bowing to her audience of the Central Committee – which turned on him when the video of his presentation was shared on social media.

Critchfield also said that Ybarra had done nothing to provide real leadership to districts to address concerns about critical race theory and other issues that affect parents, students and educators, other than doing contradictory statements.

Hocker said when community members have come to speak to the district or teachers to ask questions about critical race theory, the questions typically focus on equity and socio-emotional learning.

Keith Orchard, mental health specialist for the Coeur d’Alene School District, said socio-emotional learning is about giving children tools to learn to work through their emotional issues.

He said students learn to resolve conflict, be respectful and trustworthy, and other life skills that parents are already teaching and teachers are reinforcing in classrooms.

Maben said equity in education is about improving outcomes and experiences for every student, which includes removing barriers to learning.

“Achieving academic success means providing education and resources to students based on their individual needs, not on what works for the majority of students,” Maben said on Friday. “We truly believe that every student deserves to feel seen, valued, loved and challenged to learn when they enter our schools. “

In April, Idaho passed a “Dignity and Non-Discrimination in Public Education Act” that prohibits public schools from ordering or compelling a student to “personally affirm, adopt or adhere” to the law. one of the principles of the critical theory of race.

Maben said the district already had a non-discrimination policy before the new law was enacted.

Hocker said he believed part of the reason for the confusion was due to the COVID-19 shutdown of community members entering schools and participating in programs.

“I hope that in the future we will have more opportunities for community engagement,” said Hocker. “We are actively making plans to help create even more opportunities for community engagement, more community input, really helping us know what our community is thinking.”

Ybarra said the Cd’A School District’s actions by hosting community forums and being open to the public on the subject is a prime example of how school districts should approach the problem.

“I appreciate the efforts of the District Superintendent and Board of Directors to listen to the concerns of parents and other members of the community, no matter how lively those conversations may be,” Ybarra said. “All neighborhoods, like Coeur d’Alene, need to encourage parental involvement, and that was the underlying theme of my talk.

A committee of 34 parents and community members from the district began meeting this week to review the district’s equity framework.

“We had people, community members who showed up to the board meetings and really thanked us for this work and involvement,” Hocker said. “I think we have good success.




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COLUMN: “Roe” is dead. The “stench” of Roberts Court will live on forever. | Columns Sat, 04 Dec 2021 08:45:00 +0000

A deeply partisan majority at Roberts Court is poised to enshrine a new principle in American jurisprudence: Justice for the loudest shout.

The six GOP-appointed Supreme Court justices left no doubt in their pleadings that they would end the constitutional abortion right that American women have enjoyed for nearly half a century. The court will cancel either Roe vs. Wade outright or cripple the historic decision by eliminating the “fetal viability” standard at its core. Both would take us back to a time before most people knew it, when state legislatures controlled women’s reproductive decisions.

Public opinion has not changed. Science has not changed. No new legal theory has been promulgated. The only difference is that the tribunal now has a determined majority to settle its scores in the culture wars. “Will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the Constitution and its reading are political acts?” Judge Sonia Sotomayor asked her colleagues. “I don’t see how this is possible.”

There is a good reason, said Justice Elena Kagan, why the Supreme Court gave great weight to precedents – and in particular to “super precedents” such as the 1973 decision. Roe deer decision, confirmed by the 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision. This is “to prevent people from thinking that this tribunal is a political institution that comes and goes depending on which part of the public shouts the loudest.”

Before Kagan said those words, I had spent the morning outside the courtroom, watching the enemies of abortion literally scream from the other side. Police used metal barricades to divide First Street NE in court into equal sections for opposing parties, each with a soundstage. Not content with this arrangement, a group of anti-abortion protesters invaded the other side and took turns drowning the speakers there with a pole-mounted megaphone at breathtaking volume:, godless – I don’t even want to call you women! You are bloodthirsty animals! ”“ This is what happens when you allow women to emasculate men! God hate you! “” In the name of Jesus Christ, shut your vile sick mouth! “They heckled a black speaker:” Go to Chicago! The murder of blacks against blacks is out of the ordinary! … You don’t mind not take the white man’s dollar when he wants to kill babies!

It was the abortion debate in a nutshell. There were at least as many abortion rights activists in the crowd. They carried balloons saying “Bans Off Our Bodies” and fake People magazine covers calling Judge Brett Kavanaugh “the sexist man alive.” Some have organized a sit-in on Constitution Avenue. Some chanted “Ho-ho, hey-hey, abortion rights are here to stay.” Lawmakers and other speakers have expressed their sincere views: “Abortion is essential … Fair and equitable treatment … Oppression has no place in America.” But the other side was louder, full of rage. They displayed posters showing larger-than-life bloody fetuses and body parts. They are facing each other. They screamed. “You deserve capital punishment!… You are a vile anti-God, anti-Christ patient!” This is what the Roberts Court chose to reward.

reversal Roe deer will complete the decline of the tribunal in the political hacking that began with Bush vs. Gore, continued with United citizens (societies are people!), accelerated with the gutting of the civil rights law in Shelby County v. Holder, and reached terminal speed with the theft of a court seat by Senate Republicans in 2016. Now, after Conservatives have complained for years about the “arbitrary” standard of fetal viability, judges are considering a standard more arbitrary than 15 weeks. Is it any wonder that public confidence in the Supreme Court has reached a new low?

Judge Stephen Breyer, the court’s top liberal, spoke of the damage. “We have to have the support of the public,” he said, “and that comes mainly from the people who believe that we are doing our job.” Breyer said the Americans would conclude from the overthrow of Roe deer that judges are “just politicians. And that’s what kills us as an American institution.”

Conservative judges seemed indifferent. Judge Amy Coney Barrett said following precedent is “not an inexorable order”. Kavanaugh asserted that the right to abortion was a mere “interest” that states could ignore.

Scott Stewart, arguing for the Mississippi ban, urged judges to “stand strong and steadfast in whatever happens.”

Here’s “what’s going on”: About half of states would actually ban abortion once the Supreme Court rules, many without exception for rape or incest. Rich women could still travel to have abortions. Poor women, and disproportionately women of color, would go to the back streets or be forced to give birth, often risking their lives.

Here’s what’s going on: “The court has never revoked such a basic right for so many Americans,” argued Elizabeth Prelogar, solicitor general in the Biden administration, “and so essential to their ability to fully participate and fairly to society “.

So far, that is. Roe deer is dead. It’s over except the screams.

Dana Milbank writes for the Washington Post.

My brother shot our dad when he begged him to end his cancer pain Fri, 03 Dec 2021 15:52:00 +0000

A MAN has been hailed as a “hero” by his family after he shot his father when he begged him to end his cancer pain.

Colin Stratton, 80, has asked his devoted son Glenn Stratton, 53, to “do him a favor” and end his life at his home in Castlemaine, Australia.


Glenn Stratton pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting his father’s suicide
Colin Stratton phoned his son Glenn and asked him for a


Colin Stratton phoned his son Glenn and asked him for a “favor” – to kill him

Glenn faced Bendigo Supreme Court today after pleading guilty to aiding and abetting his father’s suicide.

Colin and his late wife, Sue, had spoken on several occasions with state medics about Victoria’s Voluntary Assistance in Dying Program, Australia Daily Mail reports.

The program means terminally ill adults with intolerable pain who have less than six months to live – or 12 months for neurodegenerative diseases – and who meet 68 guarantees can ask the doctor to help them die.

But Colin was deemed ineligible for the program despite having terminal cancer.

He soon realized his wish to die on a “peaceful pill” and “a cup of tea” would not happen and he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Colin reportedly decided “today is my day” after doctors repeatedly refused to give him medication so that he could die on his own terms.

He phoned his son Glenn and asked him for a “favor” – to shoot him.

He reportedly said at the time: “Don’t make me mess it up, I can’t do it myself.”

Father and son said their farewells before Glenn put an end to his father’s life.

Colin’s daughter, Donna, arrived at the house shortly after to find her brother sobbing in the garden.

She told the court that he had “sacrificed” himself to give his father the “dignified and painless end he deserved,” the Sun Herald reports.

Donna said her father’s battle with cancer had “robbed him of the things he loved in life.”

She said her brother was “sufficiently punished” by missing the funeral when he was initially charged with murder.

Glenn’s brother Searle has said his father is his hero – but the honor now goes to his brother after he “sacrificed his freedom in the greatest act of love”.

Glenn will be sentenced on December 9.

Assisted suicide – the law

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal in the UK.

Euthanasia, sometimes known as mercy killing, is the practice of intentionally ending a person’s life to relieve pain and suffering, while assisted suicide involves the person wishing to die playing a role. active role in the end of his own life.

Euthanasia carries a maximum sentence of life in prison and 14 years of assisted suicide.

The only exception is “passive euthanasia”, which is when a treatment that could prolong a person’s life is withdrawn – like a life machine that is turned off.

The only alternatives for terminally ill patients in the UK are palliative care or denial of treatment, which mentally capable patients have the right to do.

Patients can give an “early decision” to decline treatment or opt for terminal sedation, which means they will remain unconscious as death approaches.

As a result, some terminally ill people decide to travel abroad to die at clinics such as Dignitas in Switzerland.

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Oklahoma deadliest state for police violence against black Americans Fri, 03 Dec 2021 03:00:01 +0000

“Stop killing us” is a rallying cry that Reverend Sheri Amore Dickerson has used for years to call on the Oklahoma Police for their disproportionate rate of police violence against black and brown residents of Sooner State.

“Our law enforcement agencies are militarized and constantly use brute force and there is a disparity between blacks and browns who fall victim to these situations,” Dickerson said.

The Lancet found that between 1980 and 2019, Oklahoma had the highest rate of murderous police violence in the country, and the finding is particularly alarming for black residents of the state, who account for 6 homicide victims per in 10 police despite black Americans. 7 percent of the population of Sooner State.

Dickerson is the executive director of the Oklahoma City Black Lives Matter Chapter. She also provides spiritual counseling to black families who have lost loved ones to the Oklahoma police.

In recent years, the state has seen a spate of police-related killings, including a 2016 incident involving Terence Crutcher, 40, an unarmed black man who was killed by Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby after that his SUV stalled on a highway.

Crutcher’s murder drew national attention and protests, but Shelby was acquitted of manslaughter. In December 2020, Bennie Edwards, 60, was killed by police after allegedly indicting police with a knife before taking off and running away from the police, when Officer Clifford Holman shot Edwards in the back . Holman was then charged with manslaughter.

Dickerson says that a year before the murder of George Floyd took hold of the nation, in May 2019, a similar incident occurred in Oklahoma involving Derrick Scott, 42, who was arrested on the ground with his knee of an officer on the neck. “Sir. Scott said I can’t breathe, and he didn’t go to the hospital for treatment,” Dickerson said. The officers involved have not been charged with criminal charges.

In April 2019, 17-year-old Isaiah Lewis was killed by police after breaking into a house. As he fled from the police through a barren neighborhood, he was shot and killed. The subject officer has not been criminally charged.

While he’s not surprised to learn that Oklahoma has a proven and deadly reputation for getting into trouble with the police if you’re not white, Dickerson says that in addition to protesting, activists are trying other methods to create change. She is part of a task force made up of fellow activists, community members, clergy and law enforcement to tackle police violence in the state.

“We always try to get everyone involved, especially law enforcement, to recognize that there is a problem with police violence and some of the only times they even spoke was when the term violence has been used, they oppose it. saying it’s not violence, and I said that’s exactly what it is even if you look at the basic definition, ”she said.

Ending police violence and abolishing the death penalty has been the center of attention for Dickerson and the Black Lives Matter movement in this 74 percent white state. She knows it is essential to keep the issues that hurt Black, Brown and Indigenous communities at the forefront.

“Our main demand has been to stop killing ourselves and this is widespread in all forms of state-sanctioned violence, whether through interactions with law enforcement or the death penalty,” he said. she declared.

The Atlanta Black Star sought comment from the Oklahoma City Police Department, and the agency spokesperson said it was a municipality, and it would be “inappropriate to comment” on the report. Lancet and referred the ABS to the Oklahoma Association of Police Chiefs.

The ABS has solicited comments from the Oklahoma Association of Police Chiefs and the Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police and has not heard from either body at the time of writing.

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ASUN Endorses University of Nebraska Anti-Racial and Racial Equity Plan Thu, 02 Dec 2021 18:40:40 +0000
The students passed the bill unanimously

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The UNL student government has unanimously approved a bill that would support and pass the University’s new racial equity plan.

The plan was created to address the inequalities that Blacks, Browns and Indigenous people faced. The plan is an extension of the University’s N2025 strategic plan to focus on inclusive excellence, enhance the student experience, increase their research, creative activities and engagement, and provide professional development experiences and learning for faculty, staff and students.

ASUN Anti-Racism Plan Bill

The university’s plan has been criticized by some, including Governor Pete Ricketts and Regent Jim Pillen.

During the meeting, the students discussed why it was important for them to vote and approve. In the past, the student governing body has not shown support for racial issues when these issues have arisen on campus. They wanted to be firm now that they support racial equity.

They also talked about what is really in the plan and a student senator said: “There [the plan] isn’t saying we’re going to inject critical race theory into every corner of our campus like some people are saying. So I just want to keep this in the context of what we’re actually talking about rather than what people on the outside are trying to tell us what we’re talking about.

Some students have even gone so far as to say that the student government should not listen to what people in rural and less diverse areas have to say because these people are not going to university. The students wanted each other to know that it’s what they, the students, want to see at the University that matters.

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“Ice Cream Cats” rescued from house fire await new homes, but 5 euthanized at Chicago shelter Wed, 01 Dec 2021 23:47:15 +0000
The storefront at 1801 Dempster Street where 29 cats are temporarily housed. (Photo by Sam Stroozas)

The Evanston Animal Shelter is hoping someone picks up black walnut, hazelnut coconut and cotton candy. And these three “ice cream cats” have lots of company: dozens were rescued from a house fire in August.

Volunteer Kristi Bachmann and feline director Nancy Maize had to wear hazmat suits, sometimes standing ankle-deep in the water, as they took cat after cat out of the house for several days, from August 16 to the morning of August 20.

Kristi Bachmann and Nancy Maize save the cats. (Photo provided)

“We were told there were only six cats,” Bachmann said, “but he ended up being over 40.”