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Given the importance of horses in Utah’s history and development, we should keep them from becoming food.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Wild horses from the Onaqui Wild Horse Herd frolic near Dugway, Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

Last summer, when the Bureau of Land Management rounded up and removed hundreds of horses belonging to the beloved Onaqui herd from their western desert haul, many advocates feared some of the horses would end up at their destination. meat factories in Canada and Mexico, and served to foreign diners in places where horse flesh is considered a delicacy. It was a scenario that sparked concern across the country from people appalled that proud American mustangs were doomed to such a horrific fate.

No Onaqui horse has faced this terrible scenario, thanks in large part to the efforts of Red Bird Trust, a Utah nonprofit dedicated to making sure none of the horses fall into the wrong hands. But too many American horses, both wild and domesticated, are not so lucky.

In 2021 alone, more than 23,000 American equines, including once feral BLM mustangs, retired race and show horses, and abandoned pet ponies, were shipped across the border to slaughterhouses.

Americans feel a deep revulsion at the idea of ​​eating horses, with polls showing that more than 80% of us strongly oppose the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

The horse plays a central role in the history and culture of the United States. We relied on horses to pull our plows, wagons, and cannons; Indigenous peoples became expert horsemen and rode their trusted mounts into battle and buffalo hunting. Americans have elevated horses to iconic status, featuring them in our literature, movies, and television, even using them as namesakes for cars and sports teams.

We don’t eat dogs and cats in America, thanks to the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Ban Act enacted in 2018, and because they arguably hold an even higher status in terms of food. importance to who we are as a people, Americans don’t eat our horses either.

The vast majority of owners choose humane euthanasia for old, sick, or lame horses, but few entrust their animals to buyers, notoriously unscrupulous profiteers who don’t care about animal welfare. Proponents of horse slaughter like to call it a “necessary evil,” as if horse owners have no other choice when they are no longer able or willing to care for their horse.

A 2017 study, however, found that 2.3 million Americans are both willing and currently have the resources to save a horse. Hundreds of nonprofit programs exist across the country to help people provide good care for their animals, including hay banks, gelding and euthanasia clinics, and training incentives. Many horse rescue organizations and sanctuaries use foster home networks to help place transitioning horses.

While most of us would agree that slaughter buyers and foreign meat companies are irrelevant on the subject of how we treat our horses, unfortunately they have the ear of a core group of members of Congress who consistently block legislation to protect American horses from the horrors of foreign slaughterhouses.

This week, the Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee will consider the Save America’s Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act, a bill to ban the slaughter, sale for l slaughter and transportation for the slaughter of American horses for human purposes. consumption. About half of the House of Representatives co-sponsored the bill, a sign that large numbers of Americans have reached out to their lawmakers.

The bill enjoys bipartisan sponsorship, but unfortunately the Utah delegation either came out in favor of the horse slaughter or remained silent. Considering the role horses have played in Utah’s history, especially for the native tribes and early Mormon settlers, you would think state leaders would lead the effort to protect horses. Instead, they have chosen to be among the loudest voices to rid our public lands of feral horses to make room for more livestock and to send horses to the slaughterhouse.

Horses and the people who love them deserve better. If you agree that sending our beloved equines to Canadian or Mexican meat plants for the benefit of foreign diners amounts to a betrayal of a good trusted friend, please take the time to call on your members of Congress to pass the law. SAFE.

Scott Beckstead, Sutherlin, Oregon, is director of campaigns for Animal Wellness Action and adjunct professor of law at Willamette University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in pre-law and philosophy from Utah State University and a law degree from the University of Utah.

Lori Vallow’s son reveals his response to the death of his siblings Tue, 24 May 2022 12:50:00 +0000

The surviving son of doomsday-obsessed mum Lori Vallow has revealed she gave him a chilling response when he pressed her to find out the whereabouts of his missing younger siblings.

“I asked him 100 times, ‘What’s going on?'” Colby Ryan, 26, told the US Sun of Vallow, 48, who faces murder with her husband, Chad Daybell , 52, in the deaths of Tyree Ryan, 17, and Joshua “JJ” Vallow, 7.

“And the only response I ever got was, ‘It’s all going to be revealed soon,'” Ryan told the outlet. “So I just left. It was always a question mark – you couldn’t get a straight answer.

He added: “It was hard enough to reach out and be the one chasing her, but that’s how it went.”

If Vallow and Daybell are found guilty on any of the first-degree charges against them, prosecutors will seek capital punishment as a sentencing option, according to court documents.

When Vallow’s children went missing in 2019, the couple never reported them missing, police said. They also refused to help detectives trying to find them.

Ryan told the US Sun he was overwhelmed with anger when he learned of his mother’s alleged crimes.
Facebook / Colby J Ryan
Lori Vallow
Lori Vallow pleaded not guilty in this case.

Vallow and Daybell fled Idaho and traveled to Hawaii, where they were arrested when the children disappeared, police said.

The burned bodies of the two children were eventually discovered in a makeshift cemetery near Daybell’s home several months after their disappearance.

Lawyers for Vallow, who pleaded not guilty, had argued she was mentally unfit to stand trial – but she was found capable of understanding the charges against her after spending 11 months in a mental hospital.

Lori Vallow
Lori Vallow faces the death penalty if convicted.
Tony Blakeslee/ via AP, Pool

The couple at the time of the children’s disappearance were said to have been members of Preparing a People, a doomsday preparation group they joined in 2018.

A friend of the mother told investigators that Vallow believed her children were possessed by evil spirits and could eventually turn into zombies.

Ryan said he couldn’t get answers from his mom all along.

” Rather early [after his siblings’ disappearances] I reached out to my mum and she was really shady about it before cutting everyone off, including me,” Ryan told The Sun.

Joshua Vallow, left, and Tylee Ryan
Joshua Vallow (left) and Tylee Ryan disappeared in 2019.
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children via AP, file

“And then, obviously, you’re going to start thinking, ‘Is everyone alive? Are they OK? What if the worst had happened? But you can’t think like that,” he said.

He said he continued to pressure his mother, while remaining hopeful that his siblings were safe.

“There was a lot of back and forth and a lot of fear,” Colby continued. “But I also had to keep faith that there was a possibility that nothing happened because I couldn’t imagine anything happening, especially with my mum.

“In my mind, there was absolutely no way she would hurt them 100%,” added Ryan, who recently released a self-published book, “The God Over Odds,” in which he describes his faith in the midst of the traumas of his childhood.

Chad Tinker Bell
Chad Daybell also faces murder charges in this case.
Rexburg Police Department via AP, file

Ryan said he once shared a close bond with his mother, but the relationship was compromised in 2001 after she married her third husband, Joseph Ryan.

He said Tylee’s biological father was physically and sexually abusive towards him until the couple divorced about three years later.

In 2006, Ryan’s mother married Charles Vallow, who became her adoptive father.

Lori is separately charged in Arizona with conspiring to murder Charles, who was fatally shot by his brother, Alex Cox, in July 2019.

Cox, who claimed the shooting was in self-defense, died in December of an apparent blood clot in his lung.

Ryan told the US Sun he was overwhelmed with anger when he learned of his mother’s alleged crimes.

“They took my family away from me, they took it away from everyone who loved them,” he said. “It’s one of the most painful things to hear, to hear details of how your own people, who you grew up and loved with, killed your own family.”

HU science relic considered a ‘national treasure’ moves to Smithsonian Museum Mon, 23 May 2022 21:35:06 +0000
Ryuzo Yanagimachi watches teams pack Cumulina for the Smithsonian.

Nearly 24 years after her birth made international headlines, Cumulina, America’s first cloned mouse and first cloned mammal, recently made the journey to her new home in the famed Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. in Washington, CC

screen mouse
Photo credit: Richard Strauss, Smithsonian National Museum of American History

The most famous mouse in scientific history was named after the cumulus cells whose nuclei were used to clone it. Cumulina was created in a lab in 1997 using the distinctive “Honolulu Technique” developed by an international team led by Ryuzo Yanagimachi to uh Mānoa John A. Burns School of Medicine. Yanagimachi’s work helped lay the foundations for in vitro fertilization in the early 1960s. Although Yanagimachi officially retired in 2005, he continues to be an active researcher at uh Mānoa Institute for Biogenesis Research (IBR), which he founded.

“I see Cumulina as an ambassador to the world for the biomedical research that is done at the University of Hawaii. The University of Hawaii is a world-class 1 research university. The discovery that a mouse could be cloned over and over again happened here before it happened anywhere else in the world,” said W. Steven Warddirector of the IBR and JABOM teacher.

Cumulina lived to a mature age of 31 months, which is equivalent to 95 years in humans. She died of natural causes in 2001 and until she was donated to the museum she was kept at the uh IBRpart of JABOM.

cumulina on display
Cumulina before being carefully packaged for shipment to the Smithsonian Museum.

“The fact that the Smithsonian Institute accepted this gift so eagerly is confirmation of the discovery’s place in history. We are delighted that the University of Hawaii will now be recognized in the nation’s flagship history museum as having made a breakthrough in biomedical science,” Ward said.

In addition to Cumulina, the museum also acquired a sheet of paper streaked with the mouse’s footprints, made on its second birthday, which testifies to the research team’s enthusiasm for the normal aging process. of the mouse.

“Cumulina is a wonderful addition to our collection,” said curator Kristen Frederick-Frost. “This little mouse will help our audience explore complex topics, from the science of copying organisms to the ethics of doing so. When Cumulina was born, people wondered what or who was next. We still wonder It is part of the past that pushes us to consider the possibilities of the future.

Smithsonian magazine projector

Like a celebrity, Cumulina was welcomed to her new hometown with a special photo shoot courtesy of Smithsonian magazine. It will be featured in the National Treasure column of the June 2022 issue of Smithsonian Magazine. In CCit will be kept in the Medicine and Science Division of the museum.

“I’m glad more people can see it than here at IBR… It’s very good for us and for Cumulina too,” Yanagimachi said.

As the museum explores future exhibit possibilities, details about Cumulina will be available on the museum’s website and in the American Treasures column of the Smithsonian Magazine. Cumulina was the first mammal to be cloned more than once and over multiple generations. In fact, the Yanagimachi lab produced over 50 carbon copy mice using what was thought to be a more reliable cloning technique than that used to create Dolly the Sheep. The clear reproducibility of the Honolulu technique for cloning mammals convinced the world that the cloning was real.

This work is an example of uh Mānoa’s goal of research excellence: to advance the enterprise of research and creative work (PDF), one of the four objectives defined in the Strategic Plan 2015-2025 (PDF), updated December 2020.

Women of the world call for peace – Mon, 23 May 2022 21:02:04 +0000 These women are all leading in new ways, showing us a path to peace and disarmament. They call on us to wake up and unite to remove nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth.

Presented May 10, 2022 by Women Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy, a coalition of women leaders and activists from around the world calls for peace in Ukraine and an end to the threat of nuclear war.

Born out of a US-Russian women’s dialogue and peacebuilding initiative founded just over a year ago, the group began with the goal of improving US-Russian relations, reducing tensions, to avoid nuclear war and to work together for disarmament and the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Over the past year, they have written several open letters published in both countries calling for peace. Their last open letter, published a week before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, was related to Ukraine’s call for peace. They issued an appeal for peace in Ukraine calling for an immediate ceasefire “to end the killings, bloodshed and immense human suffering”.



Mairead Corrigan Maguire is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and co-founder of Peace People, Northern Ireland. Mairead was the aunt of three Maguire children who died after being hit by an Irish Republican Army getaway car after its driver was shot dead by a British soldier. She responded to the violence her family and community faced by organizing massive peace protests calling for an end to the bloodshed and a non-violent solution to the conflict. Mairead was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 for his courageous efforts in co-founding a movement to bring peace and end the violence resulting from ethnic political conflict in Northern Ireland. Since receiving the award, she has dedicated her life to promoting peace and disarmament, both in Northern Ireland and around the world.

Dr. Paula Garb is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Peacemaking Practice at George Mason University. For the past twenty-eight years, Dr. Garb has facilitated citizen dialogues and taught peaceful problem-solving skills in conflict zones in the South Caucasus and to gang intervention workers in Southern California. She also taught mediation and conflict resolution at the University of California at Irvine for twenty-five years. Dr. Garb sits on the board of the UCI Center for Citizen Peacebuilding which she co-founded and co-directed for twenty years. She has also published numerous books and journal articles on peacebuilding.

Ambassador Elayne Whyte Gomez is a diplomat and academic who previously served as Costa Rica’s Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva. In 2017, Ambassador Whyte chaired the United Nations Conference that negotiated and adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Faced with extraordinary time pressure and, at times, contentious debate, Ambassador Whyte facilitated passage of this historic agreement by a vote of 122 nations in favour, one against and one abstention. Among her many accomplishments, she is also the first woman and youngest person to serve as Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs in Costa Rica.

Cynthia Lazaroff is the lead creative producer of US-Russia Relations: The Quest for Stability, a seven-part multimedia documentary produced with philanthropic support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. For the past forty years, Cynthia has been engaged in Track II and 1.5 diplomacy with Russia and the former Soviet Union. Cynthia is the founder and director of Women are transforming our nuclear heritage & NuclearWakeUpCall.Earth.

Norfolk Greyhound Rescue: 5 dogs looking for a new home Mon, 23 May 2022 05:00:00 +0000

06:00 23 May 2022

A greyhound who nearly fell asleep because her owner didn’t want her anymore, has been given a second chance at life and is looking for a new home.

Terri is one of five dogs currently in the care of Norfolk Greyhound Rescue.

The voluntary organization was founded by Hayley and Richard Pattrick, from Norwich, seven years ago after falling in love with the breed.

They have since housed over 1,500 dogs and have foster homes across the UK.

Here are five dogs currently up for adoption:


Terri is currently looking for a new home.
– Credit: Norfolk Greyhound Rescue

Age: Three

“This lovely female greyhound is called Terri.

“She is a white and fawn girl, who was handed over to a vet in Ireland along with three other girls to be put to sleep.

“They were all healthy females, surplus to requirements and unfortunately the product of overproduction in the racing industry. But luckily the vet contacted a rescue and then they came into our care.

“Terri is a little girl, who hasn’t raced. She is very affectionate, confident and happy.

“She is a lively girl with character and gets along well with other dogs.

“Terri would probably like another dog to show her the ropes of life outside of kennels.”


Dan is currently looking for a new home.

Dan is currently looking for a new home.
– Credit: Norfolk Greyhound Rescue

Age: Three

“Dan is an absolute stunner and we can’t understand how this lovely lad is always available.

“He’s a friendly little dog. He loves to play ball in the paddock and he loves his humans.

“Dan is currently in a foster home in King’s Lynn with several other types of dogs.”


Pip is looking for a new home.

Pip is looking for a new home.
– Credit: Norfolk Greyhound Rescue

Age: Three

“Pip is a very easy-going boy. He is used to other dogs and is good with small dogs.

“Pip is a happy, friendly boy and he’s been looking for his couch forever.

“He is currently in one of our foster homes in Bristol. But he is traveling well so can be moved to a new home.

“Pip is sociable and likes to meet and greet everyone who comes to say hello.

“He’s also good with children and will make a great family companion.”


George is looking for a new home.

George is looking for a new home.
– Credit: Norfolk Greyhound Rescue

Age: Three

“George arrived about four weeks ago with his litter brother and sister, who have already been captured.

“George is a happy young dog who would be great for a first owner.

“He is currently being cared for with a foster family in Milton Keynes.

“He is happy to play in the field with the other dogs and is easy to walk on a leash.”


Joker is looking for a new home.

Joker is looking for a new home.
– Credit: Norfolk Greyhound Rescue

Age: Three

Its former owners said: “Joker is a delight. We didn’t take the decision lightly, and our loss will be another family’s gain. He is truly a wonderful and affectionate dog.

“We will miss him more than I can say, but we want him to have a home where he is loved without too many temptations for him.

“He has a high prey drive and is not friendly with cats. He is usually walked with a muzzle.

“We have other smaller animals and he is incompatible with them.

“Joker is wonderful with people. He will spend the whole evening cuddled up on the couch with you.

Joker is currently looking for a new home.

Joker is currently looking for a new home.
– Credit: Norfolk Greyhound Rescue

All dogs are placed with foster families across the UK, but reunions can be arranged.

For more dog information, contact Norfolk Greyhound Rescue on their Facebook page or visit his website here.

10 Craziest Pieces Of Halo Lore You Never Knew Sun, 22 May 2022 01:30:00 +0000

The recent debut and conclusion of the first season of the Halo The TV show had a mixed reception with significant ups and downs. One of the most recent episodes aired, episode 8, had many questionable decisions. However, with fans protesting many recent decisions made by the show’s creators, many seem to forget just how Halo lore really is and has been for a long time.

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Since Halo the series started with Halo: Combat Evolved’s released in 2001, it has had a checkered history. An initially isolated video game series was quickly expanded with books, comics, augmented reality events, and later even small-screen projects. While the main line Halo The lore has remained fairly tame, the extended lore is actually quite complex and really wild.

ten The Marine who proved himself equal to the Master Chief

The library is a Halo: EC level burned in any Halo the player’s memory. Fighting knee-deep in Flood through massive corridors, praying for a reprieve is almost a rite of passage. In the video game, Master Chief fights through this level entirely unaided. However, in the accompanying novelization, the Chief actually finds a sailor deep within the library.

Unlike the superhuman Master Chief, this Marine managed to make his way to the deepest depths of the Library without any of the Master Chief’s augmentations. Unfortunately, the Marine is long dead when the Chief finds him. Considering how many players struggle at this level, this unknown marine should have the respect of all players.

9 Halsey not only kidnapped the Spartans, but cloned them

It is well known that Dr. Catherine Halsey is the creator of the Spartans and that she kidnapped them as children in order to make them the soldiers they are today. However, a lesser known fact is that the children were replaced by rapidly produced clones.

In a rather dark part of Halo lore, flash clones quickly depreciated due to their rapid cloning, and all died within months of being replaced. The brutality of the Spartan’s creation shines a light on a part of the UNSC that is rarely talked about: the dark measures they would have taken to maintain power, even before the Covenant attack.

8 The Forerunner Saga Was So Weird

100,000 years before John-117 discovered the first Halo, there was the Forerunner. The builders of the many megastructures that form the heart of Halo plot, they are entirely wiped out before the events of the Halo series. The precursor saga is a trilogy of books set in the twilight years of the Forerunner Empire. Despite the fact that this saga was an incredible read and very much world-building, many Halo fans haven’t read the trilogy. As a result, many missed the wilder aspects of the story.

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For example, one of the base plots of The precursor saga involves the protagonist, Bornstellar, being taken under the Didact’s wing. The Didact later becomes the villain of Halo 4. Throughout their journey together, the Didact and Bornstellar witness the fall of the Forerunner Empire, the corruption of their ideals in a desperate bid for survival, and near ultimate victory over the Flood and Extinction. of the Forerunner. Throughout this, the Didact would slowly turn Bornstellar into his successor.

7 The events of Halo 4 are 100,000 years in the making

All along The precursor saga, the Didact experiments on Bornstellar, altering his genetics, imprinting his own memories on Bornstellar, and augmenting him to become the Iso-Didact. The Iso-Didact would later fire the Halo Rings, killing the Flood and Forerunner and obliterating them.

The Iso-Didact would also clash heavily with the original Didact as they pursued different ways to save the Forerunner and defeat the Flood. Ultimately, through the actions of the Iso-Didact, Librarian, and other notable Forerunner characters that recur throughout the video games, the Didact is imprisoned on Requiem. Master Chief would go on to find Requiem in Halo 4 and release the Didact over 100,000 years later, the last of his race.

6 The Precursors are the gods of the Halo universe and its plague

The Precursors were the closest thing Halo never had to divine beings. They created the Forerunner, mankind and all other races within the Halo universe. Long before the events of The precursor sagathe Precursor almost completely annihilates the Precursors.

The remnants of the Precursors fled the galaxy and after millennia in the vacuum of space crumbled into dust. This dust would reenter the galaxy and become the Flood, one of the most iconic threats to Halo. Thus, these ancient gods would return as a vengeful plague, ultimately leading to the extinction of the Forerunner.

5 The Primordial is a power beyond comprehension

A Precursor survived the fall of his race and returned to the galaxy alongside his former brethren. Imprisoned by humanity, this being was named The Captive, The Timeless One, The Primordial, and a whole host of other names to reflect the fear he inspired in his captors. Being of incomprehensible power and intelligence, the humans who discovered the Primordial imprisoned it deep beneath the surface of a distant planet.

When the Flood arrived, humanity interrogated the Primordial to find a way to defeat them. The Primal’s response drove them mad, and most of those who heard it died soon after. The Primordial then escaped and led the Flood to defeat the Forerunner before the Halo Rings were finally sent back. Being of formidable power, almost nothing is known of this enigmatic and all-powerful being who brought about the downfall of the Forerunner.

4 The Corruption of Mendicant Prejudice

The Primordial was, for a time, imprisoned by Forerunner. An incredibly advanced AI, Mendicant Bias, has been tasked with studying the Primordial and figuring out how to beat the Flood. After conversing with the being for 43 years, Mendicant Bias has gone completely insane.

The consequences were far-reaching, with Mendicant Bias attacking the Forerunner capital, leading a Flood assault on the Ark, and arguably bringing about the end of the species that created it. The craziest part is that the Primordial drove Beggar Bias completely frantic with nothing but a conversation.

3 There were two arches and we only saw the small

Half way through Halo 3, Master Chief lands on The Ark, a gigantic Forerunner space structure that builds new Halo rings. Players are sure to remember its impressive scale, as even the titanic rings of Halo are completely eclipsed by this arch.

However, many would be shocked to discover that this space station is actually the smaller of the two arks. In the final days of the Forerunner Empire, the Ark featured in Halo 3 was known as the Lesser Ark, used as a back-up station for a Grand Ark that was several times larger than even already titanic Ark players see in Halo.

2 This time Halsey kidnapped a Spartan and hid inside a planet

Dr. Halsey, the creator of the Spartans, goes to great lengths to protect them because she considers them her children. This single-minded will eventually leads him to make more than one questionable decision, and many of those decisions are evident in the larger Halo lore.

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At the end of the Human-Covenant War, the Halos are discovered and Halsey is convinced that they indicate humanity has lost. As a result, she chooses to drug and kidnap Spartan Kelly in hopes of saving her from Halos’ shooting. She takes the Spartan to the heart of a shield world, a Forerunner fortress, where they await the final days of war.

In a lighter part of Halo lore, a sect of Sangheili, better known as the Elites, fled the Covenant in their early years and eventually founded a colony on a distant shield world. In a desperate attempt to survive the vengeful Covenant attack that follows soon after, these elites shatter their shield worlds and are deemed dead.

In truth, this sect of Sangheili survives and lives to develop a unique and fascinating culture that functions very differently from the traditional elite culture. They would remain unknown for a very long time, only reconnecting with the wider galaxy after the fall of the Alliance and the rebuilding of the shield world.

Goldeneye 007 and the perfectly dark sleeve

10 Best FPS Games Of All Time, According To Metacritic

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The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra continues to delight audiences. Sat, 21 May 2022 01:13:08 +0000 In response to academic “expert” opinions that Melissa Lucio’s capital murder and death sentence conviction resulted from a coerced confession and insufficient evidence of the cause of death, Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz, would have replied: “It is up to the courts of appeal to weigh such cases.

Subsequently, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed the enforcement and sent the case back to the trial court to resolve four arguments raised by Lucio’s attorneys. Even though Saenz has the discretion to withdraw the warrant of execution and accept a new trial, he was right to defer to the courts and observe that “our system of criminal jurisprudence . . . work.”

Regardless of his principled stance on the merits of capital punishment or the validity of its imposition in the Lucio case, Saenz should be commended for his loyalty to the system and his allegiance to the rule of law despite the harassment he he endured in his office, publicly opposed by politicians and celebrities, and received critical media coverage.

Bob Barton

Well done, Lang Lessing

In April, my son and I attended the San Antonio Symphony’s first string quartet at the Josephine Theater. It was exceptional and inspiring. On May 13, my other son and I attended a performance by the full symphony orchestra conducted by Sebastian Lang-Lessing at the First Baptist Church in San Antonio. I can’t tell you how amazing it was. The audience response was overwhelming! Maestro Lang-Lessing was brilliant, as was the special performance by Ukrainian clarinetist Ilya Shterenberg. Our great city absolutely needs to showcase the incredible musicians and strive to keep them as a jewel in our crown.

Judy Rector

Fear and Loathing on Fox

Tucker Carlson, one of Fox News’ biggest stars and biggest money-makers, gives us doses of fear and loathing five nights a week. On several occasions, it presents an image of whites from the United States being overwhelmed by a tide of non-whites from other countries. It promotes racism, fear and hatred. In 2021, he had the largest audience of any television commentator. If millions of Carlons viewers agree with him and practice fear and loathing, where will our nation end up?

Leslie E. Ellison, Presbyterian minister, retired

Black students and teachers say Buffalo attacks show need to teach about race Fri, 20 May 2022 14:45:00 +0000
Placeholder while loading article actions

Ever since 10 black people were massacred in her hometown of Buffalo simply for being black, Sophia Howard-Johnson can’t stop thinking about this quote from author Rachel Cargle: “White feelings should never be held in held in higher esteem than black lives.

Howard-Johnson, a black teacher in Buffalo Public Schools, observed that efforts to talk about race and racism in schools have come under scrutiny and, in many states, been limited by the law. Opponents object to, among other things, conversations that seem to blame modern-day white people for the sins of the past.

But last weekend in Buffalo, racism was not a policy to be debated. Authorities allege this was the stated motivation of a gunman who went to a supermarket looking for black people to kill because he believed, according to the racist “great replacement” conspiracy theory, that White Americans are overrun by people of color. For Howard-Johnson and many other black educators and students, teaching about race has never seemed more important.

“They have to take seasoned teachers, activists and hire these people and have us come in and teach this every day,” said Howard-Johnson, who is on sick leave from her job as an early childhood educator. “I wonder if the school he went to had cultural sensitivities, where he learned about different ethnic backgrounds and the contributions people have made to America.”

Following the killing of George Floyd by a police officer two years ago, another death that sparked a conversation about the racism faced by black Americans, many school districts have adopted racial equity programs and curricula. aimed at addressing systemic biases.

A backlash followed, with conservatives accusing schools of indoctrinating children and trying to turn them into ‘social justice warriors’. More than a dozen states have passed laws restricting how schools can talk and teach about race, affecting how educators nationwide approach these topics.

New Critical Race Theory Laws Scare, Confuse and Self-Censor Teachers

Conservative activist Christopher Rufo regularly obtains internal documents from trainings and programs regarding “critical race theory,” a decades-old intellectual movement that has become a catch-all term Republicans use to describe teachings about race and racism. In 2021, his targets included Buffalo Public Schools. He sued the district for adopting “culturally appropriate teaching” and “equity-based teaching strategies,” among other things.

He quoted a district official as saying the United States is “built on racism,” and he cited details of a program that included Black Lives Matter principles. His criticism was repeated on Fox News, online and on the popular Tucker Carlson show. Carlson has also used his show to repeatedly promote versions of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory that authorities say the alleged Buffalo shooter embraced in a 180-page document released two days before Saturday’s shooting.

A Buffalo Schools spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment. Fatima Morrell, the district’s associate superintendent for culturally and language-appropriate initiatives, told WTGZ, a local television station, last year that the district wanted to address systemic racism and implicit bias in the district.

“We all have the power … to create opportunities for honest conversations and to create a landscape of fairness if we want to,” Morrell said.

In the aftermath of the mass shooting, some black students and teachers in Buffalo and elsewhere are making connections between the views of the alleged shooter and school restrictions across the country. They say the failure to confront systemic racism — in schools and elsewhere — fuels horrific events like last weekend’s shooting and shows why it’s important to teach these subjects.

“It just proves that this is a current issue, not just something of the past,” said Zion Alexander, a high school student from Missouri City, Texas. “I think a lot of people see talking about race as, say, something that doesn’t necessarily paint America in a positive light, and they’d rather live in ignorance than admit what the problem is.

He said his history teacher made it clear that there were hot topics he was not supposed to address, including those dealing with race. If he raises something, Alexander said, the teacher must give both sides, even if – as in Buffalo – “there are evils that just need to be called out for what they are.”

Just before the Buffalo shooting, 15 users logged into the suspect’s chat room, according to a person familiar with the review

Daphne McNab, a Buffalo teacher who works with English language learners, was deeply shaken by the attack. Her best friend was at the supermarket, hiding in one of the freezers. “Seeing her so shaken upsets my soul because she was always the strongest,” she said.

In the days since, McNab has pondered how to dismantle the systems that breed racism and is acutely aware of criticism of Buffalo schools for including culturally appropriate teaching and lessons about the Black Lives Matter movement.

“It was very difficult to integrate these lessons into the classroom,” she said. “A lot of parents called the school angry because they didn’t want their kids learning those lessons.” Furthermore, she said, “many Caucasian teachers don’t feel ‘comfortable’ teaching these lessons. However, these lessons are of great importance.

In the wake of the murders, she said, there is an urgent need to put this unease aside. “People of color have been uncomfortable for hundreds of years. But now we must come together, comfortable, uncomfortable or not, to dismantle and deconstruct these structures that hold us all together.

These connections are also made by some national figures.

“Critical Race Theory literally explains why the Great Replacement Theory exists, but now just days after a massacre of white supremacists, the same people who created a whole hysteria banning books around CRT are justifying and promoting GRT”, writer Nikole Hannah-Jones said on Twitter. “Absolutely shameless. Absolutely shameful.

Conservative media know of Buffalo suspect’s alleged ‘theory’

Jerquila Slaughter, a high school teacher in Dallas, said her first thoughts after the Buffalo tragedy were that it could have happened in any neighborhood.

“It could have been me. It could have been one of my students. It’s a big thing that we have to put up with as black people, not being able to feel free in your own country where you were born [in]said Slaughter, who teaches history at Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy.

His thoughts also went to the restrictions that Texas and other states have placed on discussions of race.

“As a history teacher, it’s even more difficult for me because I feel like I’m very limited in the truth about history, and so you always have to have this, ‘Oh, I don’t want to get in trouble, ‘you know. “Oh, I better not say that, I have to say it this way. But I’m trying to teach him exactly how it happened. But we are always limited. That’s how we feel as African Americans. We always feel limited,” she said.

One of his students, Kiara Green, 17, added that teaching about race in schools could have prevented the attacker’s actions in Buffalo:

“If more people are educated about it and more people are educated about how wrong it is or how it affects people and how it affects families and they are taught that it doesn’t matter what color you are , you’re human, I feel like if he was taught that and he grew up in that, then he would have been less susceptible or he probably wouldn’t have done it at all.

Desiree Breckenridge, a veteran Buffalo Public Schools teacher, said students and other members of the black community need to heal first. She thinks about the importance of culturally relevant lessons that meet children where they are, but points out that schools do not teach critical race theory, as some conservatives claim. They teach diversity.

“This tragedy has put more emphasis on the need to teach about diversity,” she said. “It just shows you how much there is still to learn.”

]]> Must-see games abound for three NFL teams in New York Thu, 19 May 2022 23:13:14 +0000

Spring is drawing to a close. Summer is waiting. Vacations, barbecues, baseball, blockbuster movies and the liquidation of the NFL season.

For decades, the summer months have featured some of the most memorable movies released. Of course, there were also a lot of bombs. But every film – or at least the majority of them – has hit theaters with optimism that it will crush the box office and potentially win a host of awards.

Likewise, it is at this time of year that, theoretically, the 32 teams of the NFL have superbowl aspirations. That this will be the year they lift the Lombardi Trophy within nine months.

This includes the Buffalo Tickets, NFL betting favorites to win the Super Bowl. But what about the New York Giants and New York Jetstwo teams that sportsbooks say face unlikely chances of even reaching the playoffs?

With the three New York franchises now in possession of their 2022 NFL schedule, we take a look at the three must-watch games for each team and compare them to past summer blockbusters.

Buffalo Bills enter 2022 NFL season as Super Bowl favorites

Hard to believe the Bills are only four years away from a sub-.500 season. In 2018, Josh Allen was a rookie quarterback trying to stay afloat as Buffalo opened the season with seven losses in nine games.

Since then the bills have disappeared 38-18won two AFC East division titles, appeared in the conference championship game and are now favorites to win the Super Bowl with a schedule that is tied for 12th in the league.

Week 1: Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

The original Star Wars burst onto the scene. Surely no one thought he would take the world by storm the way he did. Which made Empire’s hype as high as one could imagine. And, boy, did he live up to that hype. That’s the situation we find ourselves in for the first game of the entire 2022 NFL season as Buffalo visits the defending Super Bowl champion Rams. This game will set the tone of the year. Are the invoices real? Will Los Angeles get off to a good start as they look to become the first team since the Patriots in 2005 to successfully defend the league title?

Week 6: Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Rocky IV (1985)

In terms of initial reviews, Rocky IV won’t be one of the greatest sequels of all time. Over time, however, he arguably became that (despite the previous film). And the box office showed it, becoming the highest-grossing film in the Rocky franchise. What’s not to like? Rocky is back. Ivan Drago is a monster athlete and fighter. “If he dies, he dies.” An epic 12-round fight ending with Rocky knocking out Drago to avenge Apollo’s death. Well, we are entering an epic battle of our victory between the Bills and the Chiefs. Kansas City ran the AFC for four years, basically. The Chiefs beat Buffalo in a legendary overtime playoff in the Divisional Round last year, which led to an overtime rule change this offseason. They dispatched Buffalo in the AFC Championship Game two years ago. Let’s see if Allen and the Bills can start their revenge tour here.

Week 8: Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills

Gladiator (2000)

“Once upon a time there was a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Nothing more than a whisper, and he would be gone. It was so fragile. Marcus Aurelius said it best in this Oscar-winning film. Maybe the Bills should embrace it, with Rome representing Super Bowl glory. Russell Crowe depicts Maximus, who rises through the ranks in the arena as a means of leading an uprising against an empire and its emperor. Ultimately, Maximus kills the ruler Commodus, leading to political reform within the empire. In heavyweight battle and potentially Super Bowl LVII preview, Bills host Green Bay and reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers with a chance to establish himself as the NFL’s heavy hitter.

New York Giants hope to bounce back in 2022

Last season, the Giants tied the franchise record for most losses in a single season. Now the G-Men must regroup, potentially one last chance for Daniel Jones to earn his spot at QB, which he could achieve if he could lead New York to its first year of double-digit wins since 2016. 7.5 wins.)

Week 3: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

Caddyshack (1980)

It’s snobs versus slobs, a one-sided affair on paper that somehow sees Danny Noonan help take down Judge Smails as the Bushwood Country Club explodes around them. The Giants are looking to do the same against Dallas early in the season. This Monday night game will be New York prime time solitaire game this season, the franchise’s fewest in nearly 20 years.

Week 5: New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers

National Lampoon’s European Vacation (1985)

Sequel to the original hit National Lampoon’s Vacation, this European adaptation sees the Griswolds win an all-expenses-paid trip overseas on the game show Pig in a Poke. Whether it’s driving on the wrong side of the road in London or knocking over a stone monolith at Stonehenge, plenty of diversions happen. Ultimately, however, there wasn’t enough to replicate Vacation’s success. The Giants are heading towards Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to London to face the Packers, representing New York’s third trip to the NFL International Series, tying the G-Men with the Patriots for most in the league. The Giants are 2-0 on the road, but securing a third win seems like a tall order.

Week 12: New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

Hard for Daniel Craig, an outlaw in 1873 who leads an attack on aliens arriving to take over Earth. Relatively interesting plot. Lots of action, despite its absurdity that leaves you wondering, “But…why?” You want to turn it off, but you keep watching for some reason, only to come away with the realization that you’re not going to get those two hours of your life back. Speaking of which, the Giants will be playing on thanksgiving day for the first time since 1992. It’s been 30 years since that 30-3 loss to the Cowboys, and 40 years since New York had one on Thanksgiving.

Reconstruction continues for the New York Jets

Few teams have as good a chance of making the playoffs as the Jets. In fact, sports betting heavily favors Gang Green for not making the playoffs. At what point ? Try -1000against +700 to beat the odds and qualify for the playoffs.

It’s been a tough decade for the Jets. New York hasn’t made the playoffs since losing the AFC Championship in the 2010 season, averaging barely 5.7 wins. The Jets have eclipsed five wins just once in the last six years. The Cincinnati Bengals went to the Super Bowl last season after going 6-25-1 the previous two years – the best turnaround in NFL history. Could the Jets, who have gone 6-27 the past two seasons, do the same? Very doubtful. But we all thought that of the Bengals.

Week 1: Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Jets

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

About 30 years ago, the world was anxiously awaiting the release of a movie bringing the beloved video game to the big screen. Only disappointment followed. Considered a critical and financial failure, grossing just over $38 million against a budget of nearly $50 million, Super Mario Bros. was described as confusing and inconsistent. The same could be said for the Jets in September. New York lost 12 consecutive games that month, which dates back to 2018. We’ll see if the Jets can stop that slippage in their season opener against Baltimore.

Week 8: New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

Godzilla (1998)

Considered the first American production, Godzilla followed 22 previous adaptations. The Godzilla franchise is legendary, to be fair. But let’s face it, few are actually great. So when the 1998 film came out, the hope was to make it epic and revive the franchise. In fact, the hope was that it would trigger a trilogy. Despite making a profit of nearly $250 million, Godzilla opened to negative reviews and was considered a box office disappointment, and the sequels were cancelled. The Jets have hopes for Godzilla 1998: breaking a long streak of disappointments against the Patriots. In this game, New York will have its first chance to break a 12 consecutive games without defeat against New England which goes back six years.

Week 16: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

Have you ever seen a movie but would never admit to doing it? It’s that game. The Adventures of Pluto Nash, arguably the biggest box office bombshell in movie history with a $7 million take after investing $100 million in production, stars Eddie Murphy as a club owner in a colony on the moon in the 2080s, amidst human cloning and gangsters. Almost more exciting than a Jets-Jaguars showdown at the end of the season, huh? At least it’s a primetime game…on a Thursday…the Amazon Prime Video.

Euthanasia attendants in modern practice Thu, 19 May 2022 15:28:02 +0000 Provide more compassionate support by having 1 person guide grieving clients through the appointment from start to finish

In times of sadness, we need someone we can count on to support us. During a euthanasia appointment, various staff members routinely interact with the client and patient, but there is rarely a consistent person who will be there for the entire duration. Yet a trusted and dependable friend can help navigate the
appointment and make the experience safer. In modern veterinary practices, that “friend” can be a dedicated euthanasia attendant, who clients can count on to help them through one of the most difficult days of their lives.

In servitude to protect the human-animal bond, a euthanasia attendant is an appointed member of the team who will chaperone the meeting from start to finish. This person can be a nurse, an assistant, a social worker or even the veterinarian. They are the client’s point person, there to answer questions and provide emotional support as the appointment progresses. The attendant is also the liaison between all the other team members, making sure everything runs smoothly. Ideally, this person understands the magnitude of the loss of a pet and naturally conveys love and compassion.

Without a companion, the appointment will be managed by many members of the team. In this author’s experience, it is common for front desk staff to escort the guest and patient to the room. While the client completes the paperwork, a nurse enters and takes the patient to the treatment area for placement of the intravenous (IV) catheter. The patient returns to the room with the nurse or with the veterinarian who will perform the euthanasia procedure. After the patient dies, either of them – the reception staff, the nurse or the veterinarian – can come back to check on the family and help them out of the building.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, many conversations are taking place among staff about client and patient needs, which can lead to miscommunication and missed opportunities to meet expectations. Having 1 person, an attendant, hearing all the details increases efficiency while reducing errors.

This procedure offers no change, so getting it right the first time is a game-changer.

Modern euthanasia involves providing patients with sedation or anesthetic drugs prior to euthanasia and keeping the client and animal together without separation. Medical personnel can administer sedatives, place intravenous catheters and, in some states, facilitate euthanasia. Nurses are often responsible for acquiring necessary medications and preparing bodies for aftercare services, such as cremation or aquamation. For these reasons, nurses may be best suited for the attendant position. In hospitals employing veterinary social workers, they are also ideal for this role.

Euthanasia attendants do not need to be euthanasia experts, although understanding the complexities is beneficial. However, they must be good communicators, empathetic and organized. Of course, if the veterinarian is the euthanasia attendant, as is often the case in small practices with only a few team members, then he must be highly skilled in the procedure itself.

The direct duties of an attendant may include the following:

  • prepare the room and supplies;
  • review client and patient notes, such as emotional record and planned requests;
  • greet the client and patient at the entrance and direct them to the room;
  • providing water and similar amenities;
  • listen to needs and requests and relay them to the necessary personnel;
  • remain present during the procedure;
  • provide privacy before and after;
  • ensure that all requests are fulfilled; and
  • prepare the animal’s body for follow-up.

An attendant’s indirect duties may include the following:

  • create a condolence card and memorial items, if appropriate;
  • update medical records;
  • notify veterinarians and paraprofessionals of the death;
  • respond to end-of-life phone calls;
  • include topics on euthanasia in meetings/tours; and
  • plead for self-care.

Attendants are not expected to be with the client/patient every step of the way. Privacy and time alone are always strongly encouraged to provide space for clients to reflect on the loss of a dear friend. This means that between appointments and during client privacy time, the attendant has time to handle more indirect tasks. If end-of-life phone calls can be triaged back to the attendant, the burden of switching between life and death calls at reception is greatly reduced.

Regardless of their professional position in a hospital or practice, not everyone is well suited to the role of euthanasia attendant. Those to whom this work appeals are already gravitating toward euthanasia. They are often the first to sign condolence cards or make commemorative items. They may talk about end-of-life cases more than others and want to take care of follow-up arrangements. On the other hand, those who avoid euthanasia or prefer not to be part of more than necessary appointments should not be coerced, although proper euthanasia training can improve morale around the procedure.

It is advisable to have a staff meeting to discuss the attendant position and ask who is interested in helping. From there, management will need to monitor euthanasia stress workers, as they should for all personnel involved in death care. Veterinarians have been shown to benefit from having co-workers discuss cases and support each other during and after euthanasia.1

The goal is to leverage the team as it is without adding more personnel to an already stretched workforce. Some hospitals have a high euthanasia volume and may need more than one designated attendant per day.

Euthanasia attendants can also facilitate personal care for themselves and the team on the designated day, ordering comfort food and snacks for the team, playing soothing music in the afternoon, making sure everyone gets their breaks, providing soothing scents, and more.

Euthanasia attendants, first advocated by the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy, can fulfill an essential team role in supporting grieving clients, managing appointment logistics and ensuring the workday charged always emphasizes kindness and compassion, where they belong. Equally important, they are masterful listeners.

A euthanasia attendant can enhance client, patient, and team support. Discussing euthanasia services can also stimulate dialogue within the team about boundaries and preferences towards death – who wants to do more, who wants to do less – and find balance for the team. This includes identifying strengths and gaps in emotional intelligence and resilience, both of which are so important in end-of-life work.

Kathleen Cooney, DVM, CHPV, CCFP is the founder and director of education of the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy and the chief medical officer of Caring Pathways USA. She is a strong advocate for best practices in all aspects of animal end-of-life. Cooney can be reached at


Knesl O, Hart BL, Fine AH, et al. Veterinarians and human purposes: when is the right time to euthanize a pet?. Before Vet Sci. 2017;4:45. doi:10.3389/fvets.2017.00045